True Blood Season 3 Spoiler Videos: 6 New Clips

June 10, 2010 by  

We’ve found some amazing new spoiler clips! Each one is pretty short, but they’re all very interesting, especially since the wait to Season 3 is only a few more days!

The first clip is of Pam and Eric. In the clip, they discuss Bill Compton.

The next clip is of Sookie and Pam, and also discusses Bill and how to find him.

The third clip gives us a hint about Bill and where he is…

The fourth clip is of Sookie and Eric. It discusses werewolves.

Next on the clip list is a scene between Pam and Jessica.

Last but not least is a clip of Sookie and Alcide, deep in discussion.

(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)

  • annm

    Thankyou for posting and fixing the link. Those clips were great and gives us a bit more direction as to where the story is going. Never seen Eric so upset, I love the relationship Eric has with Pam and I am so glad Pam seems to be going to have more of a part this year. I hope we get to understand why the Queen wants to sell vamp blood, is it just greed? I also hope we get explainantion as to why the Queen has such a strong pull over Eric. If he is the oldest and most powerful vanp in her area, then why is it he seems afriad of her? Is she older? That is one story curve that just doesn’t fit with Eric’s character. I can see him doing things behind her back for his own gain, rather than being scared of her. Poor Jessica!! The poor thing has been left to her own devices and it doesn’t look to be going well for her.

  • lizzie

    Thank you Adore Bill for these insightful clips!

    Boy! Does Eric look and act worried! Good! Looks like he sent someone to do his dirty work for him and to grab Bill, but someone beat him to it! I wonder if this is before or after Sookie visited him? By the look of his clothing, it must have been after, which meant he may have lied to Sookie? I think Sookie said “did you take him” or something to that effect, and he said “I didn’t”. The point is, with that phone call and the rage, he had organised someone to grab Bill, so he would have thought his henchman had taken him? Does that make sense?? Anyhow, Eric is in deep pooh. Regardless.

    Doesn’t Bill look great with those wolves! He is our handsome Vamp again and we can see the bad a*se coming out irt dealing with the wolves! “I’ve fed” he says! Probably that old woman. Anyhow, he has strength now to deal with the wolves.

    Poor Jessica! She is upset that Sookie barged in! I think she has a body to dispose off!

    Sookie and Alcide having a cup of coffee. I think I like Alcide. They both don’t think highly of Northman!

    Thanks for posting. I feel like we are joining the dots and there won’t me much left to watch on the tele!

    • Yes, Ollie DOES rock for finding us the best stuff to share about True Blood! *huggles Ollie* I was so thrilled to be given the assignment for this one! 🙂

  • Melanie

    Thanks Ollie! It took like 5 times to get the page to load but I finally got to watch all 6 and I loved them. My birthday was yesterday and I got HBO back up and running today and now there are less than 3 days until Trueblood! Awesome!

  • Alison P

    Yeah, Ultimate Fan Experience was awesome, but not where this link was supposed to send us. Please fix it!!!

  • Lenny Jae

    The link sent me to the Trubie Ultimate Fan Expierance, which was awesome, but not the 6 clips I so desperatly wanted to see

    • The link is working and sends you to see the 6 clips. 🙂

      • val

        Boy was that link working!Eric in red silk and very little else-WHERE is my cold shower!THANKS Ollie