True Blood Season 3 Spoilers: Alan Ball and the Writers Reveal

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True-Blood-Season-FinaleAlan Ball, writers Raelle Tucker and Alexander Woo spoke with SciFiWire recently and revealed 12 major spoilers points for season 3 of True Blood.  So get ready True Blood fans for some major spoilers news. Remeber if you do not want to know DO NOT read any further.

Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer): Alan confirmed that the storyline of Bill‘s kidnapping will last for”about six episodes.” However we don’t know if that means that it will be back-to-back from episodes 1-6 or will be spread out throughout the season.  This is one fans are definitely going to be talking about.

Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell): As stated before, in season 3 Sam will be busy trying to find his family which Raelle Tucker will get to write their characters a lot in episode 2. She states that:

“I’m getting to write Sam‘s family, which is a lot of fun, and, really, I feel really satisfying as a character arc,” she said. “I really am glad that he’s taking this journey and he’s learning about himself. I find that interesting. They aren’t the brightest people, maybe. At least they appear that way. They’re fairly dysfunctional, but like anybody else, they have their good things about them and not so good things. They’re still getting to know each other. Sam‘s still getting to know them and so are we.”

WerewolvesAlan states that the werewolves in season 3 are going to be just wolves.  They will be people who can transforms into wolves who will be bigger and stronger with their eyes glowing orange a little bit.

Supernatural WorldAlexander Woo explains that season 3 is not only about the supernatural world of vampires, werewolves and shapshifters but he is also excited about the expanding world that will occur in the next season.

“The entire world is going to get a lot bigger,” Woo said. “Not only the human world, but in Sookie‘s eyes, she’s going to see the whole supernatural world. Luckily, since this show is through Sookie‘s eyes, as an audience we’ll get to see a much larger supernatural world.”

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin):  Raelle states that Sookie‘s powers will expand in season 3 to not only include her telepathy but her expanding powers such as her glowing hands.  “I think that Sookie is conscious of her abilities more this season than she’s been, and she’s questioning them more,” Tucker said. “We’re going to be exploring that more this season.”

Vampire King of Mississippi (Denis O’Hare):  Alan states that the Vampire King of Mississippi in season three will be a contrast to Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana (Evan Rachel Wood).

“He’s older,” Ball said. “He’s much more mature. He’s much more methodical and grounded. She’s kind of crazy. To me, she’s kind of like Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan, where she has a very short attention span and she’s very, very egomaniacal and very self-obsessed and doesn’t really think about her actions whereas the vampire king is very much an adult. He has an agenda. He has things he wants to achieve. I think he’s much more formidable than she is.”

Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten):  This season Jason seems to get a little break from all the mayhem he endured in season 2.  According to Raelle this season will focus on Jason NOT getting into trouble and staying out of trouble’s way.  This will be interesting to see how it plays out considering Jason was the one who shot Eggs at the end of season 3.

Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood):  Evan will be returning in season 3 in her role as Queen Sophie-Anne who is engaged in selling “V” which may get her in trouble in some way.

“Well, Sophie-Anne, when last we left her, she was sort of behind this selling of “V” as a recreational drug on the streets pretty much,” Ball said. “That’s not something a vampire authority figure should be doing. If higher-up vampire authority figures figure that out, they’re not going to be happy.”

Biker Gang:  In season three we will see the introduction of a biker gang called Coot’s F–k You Crew which Raelle states that the new characters are still evolving and won’t be what they appear to be.  As Raelle explains this biker gang is very mysterious and has been around much longer then alot of people think.  Raelle wouldn’t elaborate any further, simply stating that “I don’t want to say too much about them right now because I think that we are in the early stages of figuring that out.”

Tommy MickensAlexander Woo informed SciFiWire that he is writing the material for this new character which he states “will make a huge impact on our favorite characters.” Without giving too much away Woo states that Tommy Mickens will play a “very prominently in the emotional life of at first one, and then later several other of our characters. He’ll be the first domino to push the rest.”

Headgear:  Now this one I must admit has me wondering what the writers are referring to. Whether they are referring to actual headgear to be wore by the characters or a metaphor for a protective shell that the characters will place around themselves. Raelle explains helmets became a joke in the writer’s room with the writers becoming aware they were relying too much on protective headgear.

“There’ve been several moments that we’ve been pitching things and thought, ‘Oh, well, maybe she could be wearing a helmet and that would protect her. Maybe he could wear a helmet in that scene,'” Tucker recalled. “Suddenly we realized we had a whole bunch of characters wearing helmets for no particular reason. So we thought oh, that’s the theme of the season.”

Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard):  With the Eric fans demanding more screen time for him and a big romantic link between Eric and Sookie, the writers state that does not occur until much later in Charlaine Harris‘ books .   As Raelle states:

“You know what’s funny is that he’s in the first two books, he’s a fairly minor character in Sookie‘s universe,” Tucker said. “There’s a lot of fan pressure that they’re supposed to be this big romantic thing, which actually in Charlaine [Harris]’s books doesn’t happen until much, much further down. I think if we did that, we’d probably bore them all to death. I think part of the magic of Eric is some of the mystery of Eric and the inaccessibility of Eric. I think you don’t want to turn them into the nice romantic love interest who’s in every scene. I think his danger is important so not just throwing him up whenever somebody wants to see his bare chest is actually a more disciplined approach.”

So there you have it, the latest spoilers.  So now lets start speculating as we wait for the return of Season 3 of True Blood.


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  • france

    I love True blood I find the whole concept of vampires living in society very different from the other hum drum vampire series and movies, its made it more interesting , now I’m new to true blood reason being I had no clue about it and when I did get a clue it was on way past my bedtime lol, I’m a mum of 2 boys and by 8pm after the boys have gone down I’m exhausted however I make sure I’m in bed extra early the night before True blood is on, I’ve never obsessed over a programme as much, last time was the first series of greys anatomy( if you could compare the 2 ) and alal I found it got quite boring after the 3rd season keep it up makers of true blood

  • Liviana

    You know what I notice if I watch a movie that is scene by scene just like the book I get bored because I sometimes like changes. If I watch a show only to buy the book often times I get bored because it’s the same and sometimes the actors are better than the characters in the book… I will never read the book series by Charlaine Harris because I imagine it would be boring or too similar… Sometimes books are overrated and not as good as the majority think. This happened when I watched Interview with the vampire after reading the book. I loved the movie better because it focused more on the love of a small group of vampires that become a family and try to find some semblance of normality while being a damned group of creatures back from the dead. It was so much better than the whiny french panzies Louis and Lestat came off as in the book. I loved the fact that Claudia was made into a better character and Louis was a man who lost his family, not his psychotic brother. He became this loving family man who fell in love with this evil little child that he wanted to keep as his own…. anyway….See what I mean? the whole book argument is really over done nowadays…. good actors are underestimated because of these arguments… sometimes books are better and sometimes movies are better… don’t be afraid to be honest. not all movies are meant to be wordy by word books because people might not like that if they have read the book and vise versa.. i like a little change where necessary.. it still really depends on the book on top of that. if it was jane austen that might not work out too well because it’s specific and a highly acclaimed classical writer well known world wide for being one of the best authors of all time.

    ANYWAY, True Blood is gettign better and better every seaon and I am glad Alan Ball chose to change the story around.. some books do not have scenes that are very eye catching or interesting for a television series… maybe characters do not have enough connection to one another that have great charisma on screen…

    My favorite character is Eric Northman and I am glad to know that he will be on the show much more than the book… he is awesome… alan ball is a great director and he was smart to create a vampire show.. watch american beauty …great movie.

  • Sookieverse Rules!

    WOW, this is a lively discussion, I just had to join in for a minute!!!!
    I began to read the books after seeing the first season of True Blood. I LOVE the books and I LOVE the show! And I like the differences in characters and storyline, although I do agree that the MaryAnn thing was done to death.
    For me, one is not any more enjoyable than the other. I did have to come to terms with Sam being kind of wussy-ish in the show as compared to the books, but that was very minor to get over. The guy that plays him is so darn sexy that he made it easy for me, lol.
    To me, it is like getting 2 fabulous stories from one interesting universe. I can’t wait for Season 3, so that I can see what goes close to the books and what doesn’t, specifically the Franklin Mott storyline and the Alcide story line, and of COURSE the Bill-getting-kidnapped story line!!!!

  • Melanie

    Hi all,

    I am a book reader and when True Blood was announced 2 years ago I was over the moon about it – my daughter included. We are serious Sookie book fans and serious True Blood fans – just because we don’t like some of the liberties that Alan Ball has taken with the show doesn’t mean we don’t still like the show and won’t watch it. I have season 1 on DVD and have pre-ordered season 2…can’t wait. One thing that we love is that AB kept Lafayette alive – that was the best deviation from the books so far. As for Season 2 of True Blood – I have to agree with others in saying that the whole Maryanne thing was way over the top – that story line was completely overdone – but I can understand and appreciate why AB did it that way. I may be disappointed with it but still love the show. At the end of season 2, we could have been watching Eric in skin tight Lycra pants (like book 2 has) – instead we got to see the Maryanne debacle. Oh well, I’m over it – time for season 3 and I can’t wait! One other comment regarding the “show onlies vs the book people” what the hell? Whether you are a fan of the books, a fan of the show, or both what does it matter? Yes, those of us who have read the books expect certain things from AB in the show – and when we don’t get them, we get a little upset – those who have not read the books – have their opinions based on the series and that’s it. The rest of us that have read the books have a much larger background of information to base our opinions on. I love the books and I love the show. If you love the show and haven’t read the books then all I can say is you’re missing out, but it doesn’t matter to me. What if you’re not a book reader? No big deal – doesn’t bother me a bit. What I don’t understand is why anyone could possibly say that the book readers of the Sookie clan shouldn’t be posting on the True Blood site because this is about the show only….that is just ridiculous. You wouldn’t have the show without the books, that’s just how it is.

    • lizzie

      Thanks Melanie, for your thoughts on the show and the book series. I also agree – enjoy it all! What peeves me it how the Book People try and throw the books down your throat – by that, I mean throw Eric/Sookie down our throats and try to downgrade Bill. I have read the first two books after watching TB, and thought the writing not my style and think the series so much better, imo. I tried to read the other books after 3 but found I was skimming looking for Bill. Bill is where my heart lies, both in the books and the series. I can see beyond what is written and see how this unfortunate vampire is trying to get on in the world and try to regain his humanity and his love the this girl Sookie (who is so much in TB, don’t you think?) against all the odds. I am angry that Eric took it all away – by blood. Sneaky. I just don’t find anything likeable with that character in the books though I do think he has some great lines in TB. I do not hate him. I think Bill is misunderstood and feel he had been placed between a rock and a hard place – a no win situation, which had caused readers of the book to absolutely vilifile him. Calling him a cheat, a liar, a rapist. This repulses me. People say that Eric is loyal and admire this trait in him. Bill was also loyal to his Queen and gets hate mail instead. Funny!

      So, I say, love who you want and appreciate the love others have for their crush. Not everyone is the same – we look for different attributes. If you love the TV series – great! If you love the books – great! If you love both – double great! We just ask that bookies understand if we just love the TV series and don’t force the books and Eric down our throats. As AB has said – “If you have read the books – more power to you”! He has to make things different otherwise it will not surprise you and it will be a documentary!

      So good on you Melanie for posting sense!

      • Melanie

        **Possible Spoiler** Thank you Izzie! I can’t say as I’ve read where anyone was shoving “Eric” down anyone’s throat but I can certainly see that there are the “Eric” fans and the “Bill” fans. Me, I’m not that for either one. Bill got a raw deal and I blame the Queen for that – Eric just made it worse as we saw in Season 2 – **Sookie was unreasonable in blaming Bill for everything that happened – he was following orders, and she should realize that. While he could have come clean once he realized the extent of his feelings – he didn’t – but I think he was more afraid of the Queen, lol**. So I don’t blame Bill – and yes, Eric is a devious boy but that is his nature so I don’t blame him either – I think the story line is great and that is one thing that is true of the books and the show. Also – the story line with Jessica – while at first I didn’t like that they made Bill turn her for his punishment (since in the book there was no punishment, therefore no Jessica) I love her character! She is a great addition to everything else that is going on and can’t wait to see more of her and hopefully with Hoyt – again let me say – I could care less who Sookie ends up with – but the books are a huge part of this show and you just can’t get away from that. Anyone who has read the books has no right to say what should or shouldn’t happen – or what those individuals should feel or think of the show that haven’t read the books. We are all fans and that’s what matters!

        • lizzie

          Agreed, Samantha.

          Oh, there are sites out there who say “if you read the books you would hate Bill and love Eric!”. A lot of us have read the books and we still love Bill. We all see what we want to see – that is human nature, I guess!

          • lizzie

            Sorry, I meant Melanie!!!! I was reading Samantha’s post and it got me worried and I was composing a response in my mind!!

    • Jeannine

      I was very disappointed that the writers chose not to include Eric in the skin tight Lycra. It was one of the best scenes in the book, and one of the LOL moments that made me really start to like Eric(-not just to see Eric in skin tight pants, but to appreciate and recognize his playful nature and sense of humor… too, bad).

      • Missy

        Or the Blue Silk Boxers, when he fed Sookie Blood….somethings will just have to stay in our imaginations lol….

  • Antonio

    If I may share My opinion here? First Off I mean NO offence to ANY of the fans or posters Having stated that I will continue..

    True Love IS subjective meaning it is open to many forms of interpretation different strokes for different folks I guess
    There are those who feel that what Amy Burley had with Jason was TL I personally saw it as Unhealthy and manipulative. Sam and Tara did Not have what I would have accepted to be TL,Either

    I suppose what I would like to say here is that this is True Blood Not Romeo & Juliet Nor is it Wuthering Heights.
    Time was that No “horror” series was about True Love more about finding fresh victims This certainly Was the case with the older classic monster films…No 1 expected that bela lugosi or boris karloff or even lon chaney,jr would find “true love” in Any of their exploits on film. The Hammer horror films from the UK were considered to be at best erotic horror but No 1 expected for Any of the characters in there to find “true love”
    either. Usually, As I have gathered, Works where horror was blended with eroticism were Just that and not much more.
    When i read the words “true love” on here it makes me think of “happily ever after” an appropriate ending for a fairy tale perhaps but Not for a series about Vampires,Werewolves and similar monstrosities. I believe that True Blood the show Is different…to be sure. Bill Compton may OR may Not be her True love the author has yet to reveal that to her readership.
    Even IF and i use the word IF here, She finds love with someone who is Not vampire (I use this way of speaking because Vampire Bill always refers to himself as Vampire and NOT as A Vampire) Does Not necessarily mean her subsequent love life is doomed! I’m sure Many have Not remained,Married,Lived With,became involved with their First Love or first choice!
    Sometimes You take what you can get and sometimes you are darn lucky to get Even THAT Much!
    Love Is a gamble! WHY should it be ANY different in the vampire world? Excuse Me for My views here But Maybe I’m looking at all of this from a different angle.
    True Blood Season 1 Episode 1 Didnt Bill say something to the effect that vampires can turn on those who trust them that they did not have human like values? Wasnt he,in effect, saying that his kind Cannot be trusted??
    Remember Ep. 3 MINE showed a very different side of Bill 1 that was FAR from lovable and adoring!
    His feral predatory nature was revealed I’m sure he Never wanted Sookie to see him like that! He tried to apologize to her he even tried to explain why he was thaat way but she went off on him anyway I cant blame her in a way.
    My point is that this is all Very new to All of them Sookie,Eric,Bill et all I really dont think any of them know as yet what true love is Nor what it entails….True Love ALWAYS entails sacrifice and enduring hard times! Are Sookie and Bill ready to Do This for each other?? Ok Ok I know about Bill and his “sunlight jaunt” to save Sookie My question is IS That enough to sustain a forever kind of love?
    Excuse me but perhaps i’m a bit too cynical when it comes to these things
    1 thing that i had observed from the Sam/Tara thing is that love is not always perfect or true.
    You can love someone Very deeply Yes you can But that doesnt mean that the Other person will love you back especiallly not the way that you love them!
    In order for true love to “win out” in the end You would first have to believe that such a thing exists.
    This can be quite a struggle for Some
    Thank You Again for allowing me to speak My mind

  • thomas

    i found out in the 9th book(im only on the fourth but i skipped to the end of the 9th to see if i will still read, becouse the eric parts are boring) sookie has to choose between bill and eric(i go for bill)

    • Nia

      Halelujious Thomas, Halelujious!!!!!

      Team True Blood!!!

    • Samantha

      Well, it’s too bad that for you that in Book 10 she makes it clear that she and Bill will only ever be friends. So sorry.

      • REALLY? Do you have the advance copy and read it already? If that is the case then I know many fans who will not be buying the 10th book. Too bad as I was hoping something may materialize between the two if not in book 10 but at least in the following books. Then again I have a suspicion that Sookie will end up with Sam as Charlaine stated previously that she knows who Sookie will end up with when she was in the middle of writing Book 2. Then again I prefer True Blood, so much better. 🙂

        • Samantha

          Yeah, I got an ARC copy. It’s a very good addition to the series. I think Bill lovers will still love him, and he gets some happy in the book, but it’s clear that he and Sookie won’t rekindle anything though he would still love for that to happen.

          I also think it’s heading in the Sam direction, which I think is a shame. It’s very cliche to end up with the best friend, though… it does make the most sense for Sookie.

          • jaxx

            Samantha, please use *Spoiler* indicators in the future. I wouldn’t have read the comments. I was looking forward to discovering these things out when I read the book NOT before I read the book. Thank you.

        • Nia

          I agree with you AdoreBill. I believe that CH will have Sookie end up with Sam. There are many reasons why that would be a good idea. Whether or not true love is involved though, is another question.

          I was hoping that Sookie would take to heart and remember the words she spoke at the end of DAG. That in that moment (when Bill declared his love for her again, while he bravely stood dying, but beside her, then in front of her, to defend her) she loved Bill again and everything that happened after that tainted those memories. But who is to say what CH is going to do. She does have a few books yet to write.

          Well I am a True Blood lover first and foremost. But I will probably read the next book mostly to see what happens to Bill.
          If Sookie and Bill do not end up together, then I hope CH will write a more worthy character for his love. But I am not sure he could ever love another.
          Such is tragic, star crossed love.

          • Samantha


            I really think that moment can be interpreted in many different ways, and the way CH writes everything so vaguely it’s easy to do.

            Personally, I felt that Sookie meant that she remembered why she loved him in the first place, and remembered how that love felt. She finally forgave him for everything else in that moment and got her closure. I also think that moment would have made a lot more sense if CH had stuck with her original ending and killed Bill off. He got his redemption, and Sookie got her closure.

            Bill does get a potential new love interest in 10, and it’s kind of a bizarre one, but good.

          • Nia

            Hi Samantha,
            Absolutely readers may interpret as they see fit, but I took it to heart that what she felt was not closure but a rememberence of better times.
            Why does not Sookie include in those words that she forgave him and will now look beyond?? Is it closure that she is looking for or perhaps looking back to a time when she was most happy? Before everything and everyone got in the way and ruined it for them both.
            Just a thought.

          • Samantha

            I think forgiving the bad and remembering the good is closure. She was finally giving up her stubbornness when it came to him, and accepting that it wasn’t always bad between them. I think what she said was (and please correct me if I’m wrong): “In that moment, I loved him again.” I took that as in the moment that she was remembering the good, she remember how the love felt, not that she loved him again and now does.

            CH writes in such a way that we can all be wrong or right in some way or another. It’s very frustrating.

            I also think that it’s too easy to say that she was remembering when she was happy as in before everything got in the way. I could see that if Bill and her meeting was a natural occurance was it wasn’t. She was remembering a time when she was ignorant to his true intentions, ignorant to much of the politics… she wanted that simplicity again.

            And I honestly don’t think Sookie has ever been truly happy in her life. Not when she was young, or a teen… she had a few blissful months with Bill. But, she also had a few happy days with Eric, and the same with Quinn. But something always interrupts her happiness. I think this is why she’ll end up with Sam. He stays out of that stuff. He’ll love her, he’s stable… She’ll have to remove herself completely from being involved with vampires, but that’s the only way I ever see her truly happy.

          • WOW as you said Nia:

            “If Sookie and Bill do not end up together, then I hope CH will write a more worthy character for his love. But I am not sure he could ever love another.
            Such is tragic, star crossed love.”

            It really hits me hard to hear those words and I think that is why many Bill lovers still and always will love him. It hurts to see him suffer.

            Thank you Samantha for the insight though as you say Bill will have some happy time he still wishes to be together with her and I hate seeing him suffer. 🙂 As you said most likely Sam will be with Sookie. Personally I only bought Books 1 and 2 and the others I borrowed from the library because to me they were not worth buying due to the betrayal of the relationship that were established between Bill and Sookie. The author developed a following and then decided to do a 360 in Book 3 to the storyline that was developed in the first 2 books. That is why I may read book 10 whenever it becomes available in the library, but no rush. Charlaine did say the books were about Sookie’s adventure while Alan was drawn to Bill and the themes that he inspired. So my heart is with True Blood to follow the plight of the underdog (Bill) whose world was taken away from him before (being turned by Lorena against his will) and once again by forces trying to strip away his chance at acceptance, love and happiness. 🙂

          • Nia

            First of all Thank you AdoreBil. Coming from you, high praise indeed. We think so very much alike.
            We definitely need to get together for that latte’ and a nice chat.

            I unfortunately did purchase the book set (assuming the books were like the show) and it was amazing how much skimming I did after book 3.

            But I did reread and still do not understand how anyone can overlook the obvious subtle controlling and manipulation, but veiled in sex, by Eric. Oh he can be fun and perhaps he feels something for Sookie but it is amazing how long it took for them to say the words, not to mention the buckets of blood Sookie had to ingest.

            As to how deeply the words carry meaning, I am sure only the future will reveal. If they both feel love as deeply as Sookie and Bill did in the beginning, then so be it. I would still like to believe in True Love. That is what it should be all about.

            Samantha I understand that you would like to see the story come about that Sookie and Eric are destined for each other. You feel that their love is true. That is your opinion and you are absolutely entitled to it.

            Again only the future will tell as well as the mind set of CH. But she has ruined the idea of true love for me.

            Bill only did what he was ordered to do in the beginning…the politics you speak of. Yet he was never ordered to fall in love. That was a natural development of their instantaneous attraction.

            I will do this only one more time. This has been hashed over before and I truly do not want to go through that all again. But this is why I feel as I do.

            I will quote just a few exerpts from DAG. I use book quotes because this is what we need to look at. Not our own views or sugar coating the words as put down by CH. Not to use words that were not there. But to take this at face value. So words like acceptance, forgiveness, closure, bad or good really do not belong here.

            **Book spoiler**DAG pg 298-300

            “Bill I said urgently, thinking of so mamny things I wanted to say to him.”

            “Sweetheart, Bill said very formally, I have always loved you, and I will be proud to die in your service. When I am gone, say a prayer forme in a real church.”

            “As I watched Bill, waiting with apparent calm for death to come to him, I had a flash of him as I’d known him: the first vampire I’d ever met, the first man I’d ever gone to bed with, the first suitor I’d ever loved. Everything that followed had tainted those memories, but for one moment I saw him clearly and I loved him again.”

            So interpret as you will, but I see in the words before me is a woman remembering how much she loved someone and realized she loved him again and how all the obstacles and others that came between them tainted that love.

            I probably will not buy the next book, but rely on the library as you did AdoreBill. I almost wish CH had killed off Bill at the end of DAG. He would have died the hero and devoted lover that he was. Then I would never have to pick up another of the Sookie novels. Because I only have read them for Bill. Then I can focus completely on TB which is my true passion.

          • Samantha

            *spoilers* So sorry for not including that before! I should have done so.


            I’m not sure where you ever got that I want her to be with Eric. Just because I don’t think(know) she doesn’t love Bill anymore, doesn’t meant I want her to be with Eric. Out of all the suitors, I do think Sam would make her the most happy. Cliche, but happy.

            I’ve always remained VERY objective about the suitors, and while I can see how Eric can be deemed manipulative(even he admits it), I feel his honesty outweighs that. He’ll manipulate you, and he’ll tell you he’s doing it.

            I’ve never really been a fan of Bill’s. I found him humorless and boring in the first book, but I thought he and Sookie made a nice match. But just as you don’t understand how people can overlook those things about Eric, I don’t understand how anyone can overlook how much of a butthole Bill is. I know that he was told to manipulate and seduce her, and I feel bad for him that he fell for her under those circumstances, but the fact is that he *could* have told her. I understand why he didn’t, I suppose, but the option was there. The only person who could have ordered him not to tell was his maker. He even admits later that he thought the mission was beneath him because humans were beneath him, so he has come a long way. Bill acts like an immature teenager and a controlling boyfriend rolled into one. When they break up, he gets a new girl and brings her into the old girl’s place of work? How is that fitting for a romantic lead. Also, he treats the new girl like total crap. And then there’s his demeanor during sex. She’s constantly telling Bill no, slow down, stop, or be gentle and he is unable or unwilling to comply. He is vampire, and he uses it as an excuse for his lack of self-control.

            I think just analyzing the sex scenes alone gives you a ton of insight into her relationships. The ones with Bill are often dark, unsettling, the ones with Eric seem warmer and much more relaxed; Sookie seems so much more present mentally. The ones with Quinn just seem like she’s having a good time with a high school boyfriend, lol.

            All I’m saying is that in my experience, when a person has an opinion about Bill or Eric, they tend to equate it to fact in their mind. You *say* that an Eric lover is entitled to their opinion, but you don’t *listen* to it.

            As for how long it took Sookie and Eric to say the words… is it any wonder? Look at everything she’s been through. It doesn’t surprise me at all that she would have a hard time saying them again. But… it is interesting that they were quite close to saying it after only a few days. After that, they weren’t “together” in the sense that she and Bill were. Bill was her first everything, and she was very ignorant about many things back then. Of course it was easy.

            Thank you for including book excerpts, and after reading them again, I still feel the way I do about it. Especially after reading book 10. She doesn’t feel for Bill that way anymore, and she hasn’t for quite a while.

          • Hi Samantha,

            LOL I have to wonder if we read the same books LOL. I found the Bill and Sookie scene HOT and the Eric scene unappealing. Bill controlling, Sookie telling him to stop and slow down. ????? Bill a butthole???

            I just want to clarify something. Bill is forced against his will to follow order and obey (his maker, the queen etc.). He went there and fell in love. He could of told her but this is a very common theme that plays out many times over and over again. Perhaps the most recent example is Avatar where at the end when everything is falling down around them the male lead (Jake) admits that he came there under a pretense but he fell in love with her.

            I will make a quick psychological look at this as that is where my original training is in. Bill is a lost soul who found love and acceptance in Sookie. I did not see anything dark or controlling in his relationship with Sookie. Your comment about Eric disturbs me more “I feel his honesty outweighs that. He’ll manipulate you, and he’ll tell you he’s doing it. ” So I would have respect and want to be in a relationship where someone is always manipulating me? I think not. As I said before Bill may have come for another reason but in the end that didn’t matter only his love for her, again a very common theme.

            In Bill’s situation he was told to go there and when he did he fell in love with Sookie during that time they loved each other. If I recall Sookie enjoyed being in the dominating position sometimes in their love-making.

            Too bad in the books Sookie doesn’t follow the common theme of looking beyond the surface and looking in the heart.

          • Nia


            First of all, “butthole”??? “Sighing heavily and shaking head”. Why is it that some feel it necessary to use derogatory names like this? Is this truly your only recourse when having a good healthy debate? I just do not understand it. I like Eric a lot but he is not nor will he ever be my favorite for many reasons that I have stated before. Yet I will not call him a name such as you just used for Bill. It is childish and insulting to many here and is never necessary nor warranted.

            I have also said in a previous post that I believe CH will have Sookie end up with Sam. It would be a safe and logical choice. And yes it would become the ultimate cliché. But that is ok, CH’s novels are simplistic, and anything more than a simple trifle of entertainment is not to be expected. We are not talking profound here.

            If I mistakenly thought you wanted to see Eric and Sookie together, then I will stand corrected. It is your support of his character that led me to assume it. Could it be that you may have now an inkling, from the new book, that Eric may have another agenda? I have always thought that there is something more going on than meets the eye, but it is just an assumption on my part and nothing more, so no spoiler here, merely speculation.

            I see, you say that you stay objective to all the suitors (BTW, I really liked Quinn!!), yet you only see that Eric is always honest while he manipulates. Actually I kind of find that laughable. Honest manipulation, LOL. Anyways, I will give you two instances when this is completely false when referring to Eric and his manipulation of Sookie.

            First the bullet sucking which was an insult to Sookies intelligence to be used that way. It was a pure and simple deceitful way for Eric to gain an upper hand with her.
            Second, when he tricks her in to a vampire commitment. Don’t you think it would have been decent and absolutely necessary to have a discussion with her first?????????????? For something that is taken as seriously as a marriage??? If that isn’t controlling and manipulating and completely devoid of honesty, then I am at a loss.

            Someone posted here recently that Eric is justified because he only gives information on a “need to know” basis. Its ok for Eric but not for Bill? It’s a double standard isn’t it. What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander?

            You say that Bill could have told her about the queens mission. I agree that he should have absolutely told her (I feel IMO that he was afraid to, that he would lose her if he did). He could have also been ordered by the queen not to divulge his mission. It is assumed that only his maker commands him. It is unfortunate that Bill has to answer to so many: queen, maker, and Eric.
            Why did not Eric tell Sookie about his own intentions? Bill was ordered, where Eric was acting of his own accord.

            I know that Bills character is not perfect I have said it many times. He has his faults as does Eric. You find Bill humorless and boring (I disagree), I find Eric manipulative and deceitful (you disagree). Yet both vamps can be loving and supportive. Still we will see what we want to see. Such is life and opinions.

            You talk of sex scenes. I see Bill as desperately in love with Sookie and needing her badly. Yet you paint a total bad picture (is this really being objective?). There are times when his need is great, then there are times when he is gentle and sweet. Heck I would give anything to have him brush my long hair then carry me off!! Sorry wishful thinking here. He is a combination of fierce desperation and gentle loving. To be all the same way would be really boring.

            Then again it is ok for Eric to satisfy himself sexually while Sookie is trying to heal. Although I thought it was what it was, just another example of how to have sex.

            It was very fortunate that when we see Eric first having sex with Sookie it is not as himself. He doesn’t know who he is, nor does he have any worries or obligations. How wonderfully freeing to be that way, watch Buffy the vampire slayer and have sex, without any other care in the world. I want that too!! LOL. But when he got his memory back, what happened? Then it was back to the same old Eric, according to Sookie.

            As to our opinions, everybody is entitled to them. That is something I hold to. I am offended that you believe that I do not. I have listened to yours, that’s why I am here, have you listened to mine? I thought we were having a healthy debate here based on fact and opinion. Aren’t we?

            I am glad you enjoyed hearing the excerpts. They are for the benefit of those who have never read the books and may never intend to, this being a TB site and all. Plus this way they may form their own opinions based on the fact of the actual written word and not conjecture.

            Concerning the “I love you’s” that have finally been exchanged between Eric and Sookie and how long it really took for them to say it. I base my claim on the fact that even with all the wonderful sex and times she has had with him, it should feel good to love again. Shouldn’t it? Isn’t Eric everything she wants, everything she needs? Isn’t this what most claim? Yet again I applaud her for waiting, frightened by the unknown. Not knowing if these feelings are real or a consequence of the blood bond. And still she is not sure even as she speaks them.

            If this is right for them then I hope it lasts. I believe in True love. It is so rare to find. So lets all live and let live, and love and let love.

            So I hope you enjoy the books. I personally will always prefer the show, no matter where AB leads us. Just his wonderful character development alone has sold me. He has taken the characters CH created and breathed such life into them. It’s easy to like them all.

            Team True Blood!

        • jaxx

          Yeah, I agree Ollie, I think Sookie will end up with Sam too. I thought that a couple of books ago. I read CH’s comment also about her knowing who Sookie will end up with since Book 2.

          Here we are fighting for our favorite vamps, and most likely, neither one will win out. Kind of ironic, isn’t it???

          • Antonio

            I kind of thought that she might end up with Sam. I always kind of thought that he would be good for her. However,Sam is like a friend/protector/big brother type for her…Not a strong romantic lead i think. Perhaps it will be NEITHER bill Nor Eric maybe Alcide..Quinn maybe or maybe just plain folk like Terry Bellefleur you never know right? Maybe Sam IS the best choice for her? We will have to see BTW Thanx for the heads up regarding the books I probably wouldnt read them until After TB has retired from broadcast its unthinkable isnt it? LOL

          • jaxx

            Antonio, if you want a quick catch up, google Sookie Stackhouse series or go to wikipedia, you will get a brief synopsis of each book without going into a lot of details. 😉

  • Melanie

    Ok, I’m going to agree wholeheartedly with Lyndsay when she says:

    “Alan Ball didn’t do us any favors with the Maryanne plot at all. I love the expanding he’s done on other minor book characters, and found the Jason with the Fellowship plot in Season 2 to be the best plot behind the Dallas one. It just seems to show that when AB sticks closer to the books, things just work.”

    I am another book reader and I don’t care if anyone thinks this forum should be just about the show – for me you can’t separate the two. I LOVE THE SHOW and can’t wait for it to start again! However, the show is based on these books and is very close to them but the Maryanne thing was a disaster and wasn’t even close to what really happened which I thought was much better in the book. I don’t have a problem with AB keeping Lafayette alive because I actually love his character but I’m hoping he stays a bit closer to the book story lines from now on. On to Season 3!

    • Antonio

      I thought the Eric-godric storyline was the best after the dallas 1 but thats just me! I liked the jessica/hoyt 1 too!
      annd i thought the whole Lorena keeps Bill captive plotline really rocked! but then again this is just MHO
      I agree with you though TOO Much Maryann….
      That Last episode could have been devoted to Eric and his relationship with his maker godric More could have been written about his viking warrior past! We could have learned More about Sam Lafayette Terry and Arlene! Instead we got Far TOO Much Maryann Oy! lol

      • jaxx

        We are going to learn about Eric’s viking warior past more deeply in S3. Can’t wait.

        • Antonio


  • Mo

    Please no Eric/Sookie…I stopped reading the books because I didn’t like Eric/Sookie. I (sorry) never understood the fuss about Eric. I don’t like his character. I love Bill (yes even after reading the books) and I love TB-Bill even more, and I love Bill and Sookie but to keep them together for the rest of the series would indeed be boring! So I do want bumps on the road for them (if one of those bumps happen to be Eric so be it…) but in the end I want Bill/Sookie to be together. They are meant to be.

    • I agree Mo. I also stopped reading the books because of the Sookie and Eric storyline. I just don’t get him either. I liked Bill in the books but love Bill in the TV series.

      I don’t agree with you, however, that Bill and Sookie together for the series would be boring – I could watch them all day! Agree, there has to be some drama, but please, not with Eric, not sexually, at least. I agree that Bill and Sookie should be together as they are meant to be. Just look at the way they love each other! They just need to honest and true to each other.

      • Nia

        Hi Mo, Lizzie,
        As a fellow lover of Bill, I cannot help but hope for them to be reunited in the end. But first we must have drama. It is necessary to the show and the other cast.
        But I am a big fan of true love and I see that in Bill and Sookie. They are not perfect and have their ups and downs as any loving couple.
        That love will be sorely tested in the future and I hope will triumph in the end.

        Team True Blood!

    • Kim

      I think Bill and Sookie should be together no matter what. They are awsome in the movie.

  • Miguel

    That Godric episode was so good

    • jaxx

      Best episode in Season 2, imo.

    • Antonio

      Man was it! It was Deeply moving to see just how devoted Eric was to his maker Godric and how he cared for him immensely!
      Bill Never had a relationship on That level with Lorena!
      When Godric said “I’m here My child!” and then Eric got down on both knees in front of him Whoa That moved me! Eric really did love his maker. I wish there were More godric instead of So much maryann! If it were put to a vote Id vote for godric!
      Maryann was an ok storyline it got tired for me after about 10 minutes! LOL
      Give us More Godric and Thats NO “Bull” pun Intended! LOL

  • Wow! I didn’t expect my comment to blow up into what it did! Sorry for that, everyone. I too am suffering from the lack of new True Blood episodes, and I hope that everyone involved will take a deep breath and remember that we’re all Team True Blood!

  • jaxx

    Ladies, I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this topic and just call it a day. I’ve been down this path before, it’s not a pleasant one.

    Lindsay/Missyella, I feel your pain. Being a bookie myself I understand where you are coming from. Basically, what you’ve read, you want to see played out on tv. Katra, you’ve never read the books so this is all fresh and new to you. You don’t care about the books. Fair enough.

    The show is based on the books. The characters are the same, but some the their personalities have been changed. That is the hard part for me. You really have to try to treat them as two different entities. I know how hard that is, I struggle with it myself still. I love my viking and he is different then in the books.

    Season 1 imo was better than season 2. The maenad thing really did get dragged out too long. A lot of us had said that in the past even when the shows were first airing and that came from both Bill and Eric camps. Ok, we got through that, it’s over and done with. Maryann will never be back as per AB. The Godric episode, imo, was by far the best episode in Season 2.

    Let’s try to focus now on Season 3. The characters that are going to be introduced are the same ones from the books for the book readers. We’ll have to see how the personalities match up. I think sometimes what we read really cannot translate well on screen and then it has to be altered. Some of the additions really are refreshing and surprising which is a good thing.

    Let’s just wait and see what Season 3 brings. I have high hopes for it. So far, from the spoilers I’ve read and how they are casting the characters, Season 3 will go in the direction of the book, how much, I don’t know, but hopefully enough to satisfy the bookies and non-bookies alike.

    I’ve never seen a show that really does invoke such passion. Usually after a show is off the air for a couple of weeks, people just forget about it until next season. This show is definitely different. Can’t wait for Season 3. June, hurry up and get here. 🙂

    • missyella

      Hi Jaxx,

      Happy New Year to you.

      My only complaint as a long time poster was mainly around the Maryann plotline, to long in my opinion.

      I do not WANT/WISH to have an Eric only “show” which would be impossible and a tad boring, as the show is an ensemble.. but he is one of my favorite chatacters, I apologise to no one about that, along with Sam, Jason, Lafayette, not forgetting Tara, Jessica and of course Hoyt.

      So roll on season 3, if I am still posting comments here.

      • jaxx

        Happy New Year Missyella!!

        I do agree with you about the MA plotline.

        Yes an Eric only or Bill only show would be boring. There has to be a mix to make this show work. I think there will be a good mix in Season 3 of a lot of different plotlines and characters.

        Bring on Season 3!!

    • jaxx

      Oops, meant to say “evoke” not “invoke”.

    • Hi Jaxx, Thank you so much for your response I truly appreciate it. As you said it does create alot of passion among fans. As I said it is difficult to separate the two from time to time but then instead of enjoying this wonderful world where we can escape to for an hour from our hectic world, one can become comely frustrated otherwise.

      Please Missyella I don’t think anyone was implying you or anyone else is stupid, I think it was the “tone” things were being said unfortunately without hearing a person’s voice the written word can be interpreted in different ways, i.e. playful, teasing, angry, yelling etc.

      We all love the show very much otherwise we wouldn’t discuss it so passionately. 🙂 Season 3 will be very interesting to see as the introduction of new characters and characters from the book. As to their “personality” we don’t know how they will be but I trust Alan Ball to provide a form of escape for me.

      I think I mentioned it before on the site but want to share it with all of you again. I am truly grateful for Alan Ball for creating True Blood because in some strange way (and I too, cannot fully explain it) helped me deal with the passing of one of my parents who died just a month after True Blood premiered. A month prior to their passing they were in the hospital but somehow the show helped me get over the grief and lost. The imaginary world that Alan create allowed me to somehow ” see” that maybe there are things beyond what we can see with our eyes, beyond this existence and somehow provided me with that comfort.

      So the show is very close to my heart as well as to all of you, but since Alan started it in such a wonderful fashion I will trust him to continue in that manner.
      I think we are all suffering from MAJOR True Blood withdrawal and as you said Jaxx June has to hurry up and get here! 🙂

      • jaxx

        Hi Ollie. I remember your story as it was also my story as well. My Mom died also around the time True Blood aired and it truly broke my heart. So I also feel your pain. This show also helped me heal my wounds in some strange and odd way and like you, I have a deep passion for it.

        So, like you, I will try my hardest to trust in AB’s version of the CH books and hope it will continue for many, many seasons to come. 🙂

  • stephanie

    i think the show is great but the books is what i feel in love with and it seems to me that alan ball wants to make his own version of the books he is changeing characters and forgetting others in club dead my favorite character makes his appearence (alclide) i think alan is straying to far from the book he should stick to the book i hope he dose not alter sookie’s destiny too much

    • You have to remember that True Blood and the books are SEPARATE THINGS! Alan does NOT need to copy from the books to create great stories. He has the right to move the story any way he wants to, and if that means he only wants to use the characters and their basic personalities, that’s up to him.

      • Lindsay

        Isis… What YOU need to realize is that belive it or not, Eric fans DO know that the books and the show are two separate things. I promise. We totally get that this is basically Alan Ball’s thing to do with what he pleases, why else would we be so frustrated?

        What we also seem to realize, that a lot of people don’t, is that when AB really created something i.e. the plot with Maryanne, he effs everything up. There’s a reason the first season is better than the second, and that’s because it stuck closer to the books, and had the feel of the books. HBO’s been replaying the first season, and I find that I actually want to watch all the scenes unlike in season two when I mentally tuned out everytime Maryanne or Bill and Sookie were on screen. A huge amount of the fans and pretty much all the critics agreed that the Maryanne storyline was bust.

        Also, a problem with your statement about him using their basic personalities? He’s not even doing that much. He took their names, and that’s about it. He’s basically assassinated the characters we know and love from the books. THAT is the foundation of why we’re so ticked.

        • missyella

          Happy New Year Lindsey and fellow True Blooderers,

          My point is brief, you are RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT.

          The Maryann storyline, plot went on for way toooooooooooooooo long and I was always hoping ‘when is someone just going to kill her now’

          Bearing in mind how little her actual presence was in the actual Books a liberty was taken here by AB and in my honest opinion, not for the better…………..

          So that is my comment on the subject, I know people will say the Books and the Show are different, I am not stupid and am aware that Books are used as a synopsis for a film, show etc, but this enlargement of a character, again in my opinion, did us all no favours.

          • Katra

            Ok, Lindsay, Missyella…

            If you dislike the way True Blood is going so much, GO lobby HBO for an Eric-central show! That way you can enjoy Eric in peace and stop putting down True Blood!

          • Lindsay


            HAHAHAHAHA!! Are you even reading what we wrote? We don’t want an “Eric show”. Heck, I actually liked Bill and Sookie in the first season. I totally understand why women prefer Bill, and I don’t have a problem with it at all, so don’t turn this into a “you love Eric, and that’s all you want” thing. I just want to see characters that have some resemblance of the characters I know and love… the characters they’re BASED on.

        • In season two True Blood gain more viewers then season one and continued to do so EACH WEEK. Based on your assessment the numbers should have kept dropping each week as the Maryann storyline continued which in fact it did the opposite. The numbers speak for themselves. Millions of fans continued to tune in to True Blood and the numbers increased each week due to the intriguing storylines and to watch ALL the characters involved, not one specific character. Please do not imply that millions of fans are watching the show just for one specific character or that everyone watching the show came to watching the show via the books. Many have never read the books before tuning into the show.

          Implying otherwise takes away the fantastic writing that Alan Ball and the creative team of writers have done (and have received awards and accolades as a result) and the wonderful, talented performances from ALL the actors. I have said this before and will say it again this is True Blood NOT the Sookie Stackhouse stories or Eric Northman stories or the Bill Compton stories. It is the collaboration of all the characters and actors involved that makes True Blood the success that it is.

          • missyella

            Ollie Chong aka AdoreBill, Happy New Year,

            Just to let you all know that not once did I stop watching the programme, even though we are so far behind in England.

            I made it my duty to locate season 1 and season 2 and watched them avidly, but I will not deviate from my opinion that the Maryann storyline went on for too long, bearing in mind that she was not a central character until AB made her one, which as the Writer he is entitled to do.

            Yes the figures may have gone up week by week, because we true True Blooders, kept watching and would remain watching.

            I just hope that come season 3, Allan Ball is a little more thoughtful, again just my humble opinion yet again……….

          • Lindsay

            You want the numbers to speak for themselves? Okay. Remember that episode where we FINALLY got some Eric and Sookie time via that dream sequence? That happened to be the most replayed DVR’d episode iirc, and the episode after had the highest ratings of the whole season. Why, I wonder? Maybe because they wanted more of what they saw the week before, but what they got was a bunch of crap, and the ratings did drop a bit the next week.

            Alan Ball didn’t do us any favors with the Maryanne plot at all. I love the expanding he’s done on other minor book characters, and found the Jason with the Fellowship plot in Season 2 to be the best plot behind the Dallas one. It just seems to show that when AB sticks closer to the books, things just work.

            I also don’t think I implied that everyone watches the show for one specific character, or that they came just from the books. I was speaking for Bookies, yes, so obviously I don’t include show-only’s in that.

            I agree that AB and the writing team have done some great work ont he show, but I have to disagree with you on your last statement. The show is BASED on the Sookie Stackhouse novels. No, they aren’t the “Bill show” or the “Eric show” or even the “Sookie show”. But they are based on the SS novels, and they do follow the basic plotline. When it was like it was in S1, it wins. It was great. But something went wrong in S2, and it did suffer, regardless of the numbers.

        • Katra

          As a non-reader of the books, WHY should I care what happens in Book 3? This is TRUE BLOOD, not a book series! They don’t share the same name, Alan has the creative rights to the show, and I believe that Charlaine Harris has said that she LIKES the show.

          • Lindsay

            Not to say that CH is lying, but I don’t really like to use that CH says she likes the show as an excuse. Simply because she’d be an idiot to say otherwise. The show has brought her many readers and more money, she would never say anything against it.

            As for why you should care? You shouldn’t if you’re not a book reader. This isn’t really about Show-only’s… so… yeah…

          • Katra

            Lindsay, you DO realize you’re on a TRUE BLOOD fansite, right? This is about the SHOW, not the books… So I have a vested interest in this show, and the books are not really a part of that. They are a SEPARATE entity!

          • Lindsay


            I would believe they are separate entities if the only link they had was in the names of the characters. The fact is, that AB himself talks about what happens in the books, he uses plotlines from the books, and claims that these characters are tru to the books.

            THAT, my dear, is exactly why we can bring in book discussion on a show site.

            Now, if you have a vested interest in the show only, then why can’t you just agree to disagree and leave it be?

          • Lindsay,
            First of all I must clarify the information about your numbers, which are incorrect, as that particular episode you are referring to did not have the highest numbers. Secondly season 2 did not suffer as you state “regardless of the numbers”. Again I know this is your opinion but they way you phrase it you make it sound as it is fact for which it is not.

            Alan has always stated that he will remain true to the “spirit” of the books, which can be interpreted in many ways. Alan has done a superb job and has provided an intriguing visual world for many to escape to and has been recognized for his exceptional work on True Blood. I know it may be hard to separate the two but by constantly comparing the two, I would see it as being difficult to enjoy the wonderful world Alan is developing.

            As to the Charlaine comment she has said numerous times she is enjoying the show and how it is being played out and will take that at face value and not judge her comment.

            We do not know what is going to happen in season 3 and that’s what makes it so much fun. As to your statement that you wished to see the “characters that have some resemblance of the characters I know and love… the characters they’re BASED on” I’m sorry you feel that way but again up to this point in time True Blood has been a smashing hit.

            I do wish to make a comment about your statement “This isn’t really about Show-only’s'” I would like to clarify something. True Blood is the show we are talking about and how Alan Ball and his team of writers present the storyline is entirely up to them and we should support that and not fight about how much he takes from the book or not. It has earned the respect from millions of fans and peers in the industry therefore there is no need for this nit-picking.

            True Blood is a great show but its reputation can be tarnished with all this negativity among fans instead of enjoying what is being presented onscreen and putting our faith in Alan’s hands to provide us with quality entertainment for which he has given us up to now.

          • Katra


            I’ll repeat myself again. This is a TRUE BLOOD fansite, and I have just as much right to comment here as you do. Your opinion isn’t the only one here, and your attitude that it is, to be frank, not very nice towards fans like me who haven’t read the books and don’t want to.

            Lindsay, if you cared to talk to the rest of us like adults, we might listen to your opinion more than if you talk down to us and use derogatory names like “my dear.”

            Also, I may not have really commented here before today, but I am a long-term lurker, and I’m pretty sure that AdoreBill has made comments before about not bringing the books up since they’re focused on the show here…

          • Lindsay


            I do sincerely apologize about how my attitude has come off, and I didn’t mean to be overly bitchy. I suppose I’m in a mood today, though that’s no excuse.

            You do have a right to comment, but my point was that being a show-only there wasn’t really a whole lot for you to comment on in this conversation since I didn’t really include the show-only’s in my first assessment. I’m sorry if you felt that I didn’t want you to comment at all.

            I am not really a lurker here, so I’ve never seen anyone ask not to bring up the books, though I would find it hard not to when the article specifically mentions them.

            While you may feel that I’ve talked down to you, and I agree that I did come off that way, I ask you; How do you think Book Eric lovers feel most of the time? Especially when told to go lobby HBO for an Eric Only show, and imply that our opinions aren’t wanted. Isn’t that what you’re accusing me of? It’s pretty true that the Eric fans get the brunt of the hate from the fan community, and we hardly get a chance to speak intelligently to anyone who will actually listen with an open mind.

          • missyella


            I am going to say this and say this once to you.

            I have been posting on this site with my other True Blood colleagues, friends call them what you will, since the first series started, so please do not make me or Lindsey out to be some strange “cannot see the Wood for the Trees” type of people!!.

            If we are not allowed to have an opinion on character development, plot lines as we se them, then what is the point of having this type of forum, where we can discuss the programme in an adult fashion.

            Yes we all love TB, but if you are saying that I should go lobby HBO from England because I dont like somethin, please get real!!!!

            I am prepared to say goodbye to this site all the way from from England, yes England.

            I will be sad, but I may have to do it.

            I repeat ad nauseam I am NOT Stupid, I do know the difference betwen a Book and a TV Show.

            I will not say it again!!!!

          • jaxx

            Missyella, don’t leave us. I personally will miss you and talking with you about the show we love. We all argue because we are all so passionate about this show. It happens, it has happened to me also. Just take a deep breath. You will feel better tomorrow. 🙂

  • Rusell

    Please im a big fan of bill and sookie, they should be together.

    • You’re definitely not the only one who believes that!

      • GeovanniLuciano

        Considering that the actors portraying them are an actual couple probably leads to that but being a fan of the books first, I think that the current season has just grabbed a fist full of books and reader’s digest condensed versions of stuff that shouldn’t have come out this soon. Really wish they’d have considered putting Bubba in the series. 🙁

        • Sorry, but as even Charlaine has said they are two different entertainment mediums and to enjoy them both for what they are. As for Bubba, it has been said a millions times over it would just come off too cheesy for TV.