True Blood Season 3 Spoilers from Alan Ball

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Alan BallSPOILER ALERT!!!!  SPOILER INFORMATION ABOUT SEASON 3!!! If you do not want to know what Alan Ball has in store for season 3 DO NOT read any further!!!  You have been warned.   Alan Ball, the man behind True Blood, conducted an interview with TV Squad and gave some insight into what we will see in season 3 and his thoughts regarding the storyline in the show vs. the books.

Alan Ball explained that although the hit show is based on the books, it’s not a literal adaptation of it. He said that if they were to follow the books, it would be more likely to focus on Sookie since she narrates the story and the other characters whom we loved would not even show up.

“I think a book and a television show are two different mediums.  I’m doing what I think is the best way to turn that story into a television show. Also, if I just stuck to the books, there would be no surprises. You could go pick up the books anywhere and know exactly what was coming. So personally, I don’t see any benefit of making a carbon copy of the books for TV.”

In regards to his artistic process in figuring out which storyline and characters to follow, he said,

“At the beginning of each season, we go through the books, pick out the points we really love, and pick out the points we think would make a great cliffhanger moment at the end of an episode. Then we start to wrap the other characters in… Then sometimes we’ll look at something that happens in the book, and we’ll say, “Maybe it might work better if we just change this.”

Take for example the Bill staking Longshadow scene. It would have been Eric facing the tribunal board for killing Longshadow if they had followed what was in the book. Furthermore, we would have never seen the newly-turned vampire, JessicaAlan Ball explained,

“Well, it seemed more dramatic within the world of our television show to have Bill be the one who staked him. None of that was in the book and had it been Eric, at that point of Eric‘s place in the show, I don’t think we would have followed him. Eric was introduced sort of into the periphery of Bill and Sookie, and now Eric‘s become a character in his own right.”

I know you’re all aching to know what’s going to happen in season three as we will all be left hanging with the cliffhangers in the season finale.  If you’re wondering if Eric and Sookie will get together next season, here’s what Alan Ball had to say:

“I can’t tell you if they’re going to get together, because that’s going to ruin the anticipation. But, if you’ve been following season two, he’s definitely been doing things to make her more vulnerable and more susceptible to him. And he does want her, he’s just not sure why. I think it’s deeper than just, “I want her because Bill Compton has her.” Although that’s part of it, because Eric is a total alpha-dog.

He added that in season three, we’ll meet Russel Edgington – the Vampire King of Mississippi and encounter some werewolves. He’s also excited for the coming out of the new character, Debbie Pelt, which he commented as being “bad news”.

Alan explains that Debbie Pelt is the ex-girlfriend of a guy who’s helping Sookie find Bill. This is now going to make us all wonder who has Bill and why.  Remember just because you read the books doesn’t mean it is going to be the same reasons.  He described Debbie Pelt as “just hard ass, white trash bitch on wheels.”

On the other hand, Bon Temps‘ detective Andy Bellefleur will find out that he is related to somebody and it will totally shock him when he finds out who it is. As for Godric, he’s really dead but he may have flashback scenes together with Eric.

Furthermore, season three will be based on identity struggles for the characters.

“Everybody is struggling with identity in season threeWhat am I? Who am I? What is my life? Is it what I want it to be? How do I make it what I want it to be? What are my real values? And some people are like, “Am I human? I always thought I was, but maybe I was wrong.” In one particular case, its like, “Yes, honey, you were wrong.”

Alan provides a little bit more detail by stating that after the white-thing with Maryann, Sookie realizes that she is not 100 percent human but, as to what she is, she doesn’t know yet.

Another component that Alan is bringing into season 3 is the introduction of a vampire that is not at all protective as Bill is towards Sookie. The name is one that book readers will recognize and will lead many to wonder how this story line is going to play out – Franklin Mott.

Now there you have it – spoilers straight from Alan Ball himself.  Unfortunately it is very sad at the same time because we willl all have to wait for 9 excruciating months until season three returns.  Until then let the speculations begin.


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  • lulu

    I watched season 3 on line and was blown away.i agree the maenad thing was far to long and quite boring storyline, but 3 is back to its old self fast, furious, fabulous storyline and great suprises, tv at its best.

    • Kristie

      Oh, yeah, I agree. Season 2 did drag out the maenad a bit too long, however, we all just hung in there to see what Eric, Bill and Sookie would do! I enjoy the rest, but these three really do it! I cannot wait for the witch war, and Eric getting cursed and not remembering who he is. That is when the heat will really turn up between Sookie and Eric. That’s when she falls in love with the man, not the vamp! I hope they really do drag that part out. I guess we will have to wait for Season 4 for that, though. Here’s looking forward to Season 4.

  • i have been following trueblood now for a while and to sum it one word for me ‘fangtastical-mystically-magical'[which isnt a word i made it up]and i even watch repeats off it here in australia on austar even though ive seen them five times during the week,keep up the good work producers and writers off the show,this may sound weird if ‘vlad dracul’was alive today he would be watching this show,bring season three and four on and remember do bad-sad-mad-‘rad’things[joking]i give a five out of five heart rating.

  • rich

    I’ve read all the books twice and I think alan’s take makes it interesting, A little susprise now and then is good . as long as he follows the books main plots, been great so far but season 2 did stay too long on the deamon thing!!!Bill betrawel of sookie has to be to continue the story, the rest just falls into place, I really want to see who plays claudine and if she’s as beautiful as the books describe her, I like the power alan gave sookie against evil, hopefully it will come into more play, it’s not in the books but was a great Idea!!!sookie has put on alittle weight and needs to het back to the sexy girl she was in season 1 and 2, great show HBO!!!!

    • getoverurself

      @Rich, 1st comment…..dude seriously Sookie’s put on a little weight”?….

  • Vicki

    Am I the only one who hated Season 2 of True Blood? I got hooked on True Blood in the first season. In fact, I didn’t start reading the books until after I started watching the shows. I don’t have a problem with the fact that the series isn’t a carbon copy of the books. But I was really disappointed with the writing and storyline in the 2nd season. I really hope that Season 3 is as great as Season 1.

    • jaxx

      No you are not. A lot of people have said the maenad thing went on too long. LDID wasn’t my favorite book either but then they got better and better. I think Season 3 will be just great.

      • Vicki

        That was it exactly, jaxx! I really like Michelle Forbes, but GEESH…the MaryAnn thing just went on…and on….and on! Each week, I hoped it would end. Well, I’ve got my DVR set to record the 3rd Season! I’m not giving up yet!

  • Kelci

    I really hope Sookie and Eric get together!!!!
    I’ve read all of the books but i just dont know how season three will turn out!!! Will Sookie get staked like in the book?
    I mean come on!!!!!!

    • Kristie

      Oh, yeah, I think that will be a part of it. There has to be a coming together of Sookie and Eric, and I think that’s when it will happen. I am sooooo looking forward to this season.

  • eric naked…yay!

    I am so over people being “like everyone is so shallow for not liking TB because it doesn’t follow the books…like it is just SOOOOO wrong for people to go against Charlainne Harris and kill her series…such morons and intellectually challenged people” Well just appreciate it for what it is…ERIC NAKED!!!

    • we were talking about season 3 and how it may end and you are talking about season 2 when you see erik naked.. makes no sence! he’s not even naked!all you see is his stomach..

      • Antonio

        I presume that you are speaking of the “sex dream sequence” in Season 2? Both Eric And Sookie were nude in that scene. Sookie was experiencing her first “sex dream” of Eric~~as Bill told her that might be a side-effect from her ingesting his blood.
        In this particular dream sequence Eric and Sookie are lying on a bed facing each other Both ARE Completely Nude!
        Now, nudity does Not always imply full-frontal Or posterior Nude simply means Unclothed or Bare. Eric WAS Naked in This scene He was lying on his side Unclothed. Certain areas are strategically covered by arms,legs etc This does Not mean the person is Not naked just means that certain extremities are not visible! They WERE Indeed Unclad! Some of the nudity on the show is like this…Some but not All! Sookie,for example, has appeared topless and somewhat nude and the character of Maryann appeared naked in a full frontal stance even though is was brief. Bill,Sam & Jason have appeared nude on the series as well. What I think these gals here are saying is that they want to see him More naked than they have in S3.
        This should clear up a thing or 2!

  • nessa

    I luv everything about it! Why question it and kill it just wait! It will be here soon! Cha anyways I just wanna see Eric naked Haha already seen bill :p

    • jaxx

      I second a naked Eric!!! 😉

      • Nia

        Hey Jaxx, I am looking forward to the naked viking myself!!
        We have such hot good lookin men on TB, but we have yet to see Eric in his b-day suit.
        Bring it on!

        • val

          I can 3rd 4th and 5th that! Nothing like a nice,tall b-suit to give us Trueblood ladies a special night dream-YUM YUM!
          Almost here girls!!!!!!!

          • jaxx

            LOL. I love it. We are quite the group here. Too funny. Bring it on is right. Sam, Laf, Jason, Alcide, whoever. Let the fun begin. (And I apologize to Antonio in advance, Sorry, I don’t think you’ll see the girls bare it all, but you never know. LOL.)

          • Kristie

            I’ve enjoyed reading this. I just had to add my two cents, also. All the men on the show are sooo yummy, and I’m more that thrilled we get to see them in all their glory. I greatly anticipate Quinn (the Were Tiger). Though I dearly lust the Viking Vamp, the Were Tiger is going to be a sight to behold!
            Here’s to many great seasons to come!!!!!

    • Antonio

      OY! Do the words Cold Shower meaning Anything to you? LOL
      🙂 Now that you mention it will we be seeing PAM or Jessica Anytime soon??

  • Yeah, the True Blood Season 3 is going to be a big hit, I can tell. Just the way that everyone is talking about it I can’t wait for it to come out myself. I’ve watched every single T.v. series and read every single chapter. Although the book is better than the movie I still want to see how it will be acted out. Big Fan who can’t wait for the rest,

    • Kristie

      I read the books also, and though I am anticipating the latest book to come out next month, it is the actors/actresses that bring the pages to life on screen. I will have just as much anticipation for Season 3 the following month. I look forward to each season to see what they will do with it, and also to see what interesting twists come into play, different from the book. It keeps things exciting, and keeps me interested.

      • we seem to be alike on a lot.. true blood wise. I’ve seen every show and read every book, but still, I’m anxious to see the movies. The way that there acted out and the way that they put things together is just what makes the movies POP! What would be better is if they added a little twist besides the usual, well, what the books say. Instead if they did a little something different. You know??

        • Kristie

          True! I do think that we will get some surprises this season. They always deliver in that respect. They have so much freedom with HBO to shock us. That makes it very exciting. I really wish we just had more of it. I don’t quite get enough in 30 minutes, and then I have to wait a week for another episode. It drives me crazy…

  • Elisabeth

    I love True Blood. The One thing I ask is please don’t change the relationship between Sookie and Bill! I’m looking forward to the new season. Sooki and Bill make the show! DON’T SPLIT THEM UP or GIVE THEM NEW LOVE INTERESTS. I couldn’t bare it.

  • well, I have read all the books and think the tv show is much better. I like the excitement of surprise. I like that the show does deviate somewhat from the books a little. I know they want to keep the author’s main idea and they have, but let’s face it, in tv world, we like vampires and werewolves and we like to be kept on our seats. The series is too short and they keep us waiting too long for the series to start. There are not enough eposides either. Give us more!!!!!

  • Antonio

    OK This is how I see it. Bill is gone hes out of the picture for now,Anyway. Sam is away. Tara? Who knows Where she’ll be or What she’s up to? Jason is No help! The local police,Andy and such, are about as much help to her as Jason! She will have No choice,it seems other than to ask Eric for help in her search for Bill! Now,Given that Mr.Northman is self-centered,manipulative,controlling and vindictive (Nice qualities huh,ladies?? LOL) I’m sure that he will Not let an opportunity like this pass him by!! He will try to aquire Sookie in some way! And i’m sure the sexual tension will build between them!
    While Bill is “away” Eric will make some kind of a play for her!
    Plus there is always the Acide factor! The New triangle may be
    Eric/Sookie/Alcide? Another thing? If Sookie gets into trouble,jumped by a Werewolf or something, Will Eric comme to her rescue?? Something to think about!!

    • Constance

      Yes, those are nice qualities to have! Since the show has chosen to make sure that is all we have seen of Eric thus far. Would have liked to have seen them stick to the books a little more in this area. That said, Eric rescues Sookie from werewolves and numerous other things from here on out. Eric also plays a BIG role in Sookie being able to rescue Bill…don’t see how that’s so self serving.
      So far, all we’ve had is Bill being too good to be true and Eric…well, as I said, they’ve done a great job painting him out to be the Bad one. I have loved the shows thus far, but, I do hope they stop with all the negativity towards Eric. Charlain went through great pains to create the relationship between Sookie and Eric, I just want her stories to be respected in the same way. Not saying follow the books to the letter, but for goodness sakes, I love Bill, but he isn’t the knight in shining armour in the books either.

      If Sookie had not drank EITHER of their blood, whose to say she would even be exploring those avenues any furhter? She may very well have chosen Sam. You can’t argue and say Bill is her one TRUE love, because we never got the chance to see if that was the way it would have been if she hadn’t drank his blood the second night she met him. There is a big difference in being infatuated with someone and the “til death do you part” kind of love.

      Looking forward to season 3 and hopefully some good Eric/Sookie scenes! Either way, it’s gonna be good! 🙂

      • jaxx

        Thank you Constance. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Antonio

        Thank you for a very clear and lucid explanation! I quite agree with You! I have never read the books but watching the series it kind of felt to me that sookie was infatuated with the whole vampire “culture”. This is highly obvious in the 1st episode of S1! “I think that Merlotte’s just got its First Vampire!” She sounded like a kid who just go their first I-Pod! She seemed fascianted infatuated just with the idea of vampires being real and aquiring some legal status!
        I agree! I think that if the “infatuation” or blood swapping factors were Not involved perhaps she would have gone back to school night school a correspondence course or something
        Maybe she could have studied to become a nurse or maybe even a teacher of small children!
        Anyway Thanks for a Great post This is along the same lines of what I meant to say in a recent post of mine!

    • jaxx

      Sookie has a lot of protectors in the supes of all kinds. Not to worry, someone always comes to Sookums rescue.

      • Antonio

        sookums? what next billykins? billypie? LOL 🙂

        • Kristie

          Sookums…isn’t that what Lafayette calls her? And yes, I think everybody loves Sookie…has a little to do with her fairy blood I think, people are drawn to the fey. And don’t forget, at the end of the last book, as her dad (King Fey) says to her as he is leaving…”The Vampire is a good man.” Well, both Bill and Eric are there with her, so which one??? This could go either way, and it confuses Sookie, because they have both been “good men” to her. So ladies and gentlemen, we will have to wait to see how this one pans out. But needless to say, Sookie will get a lot of action with both her Vamps…and Werewolf…and Weretiger…I think we will all be happy. There is no real “Happily Ever After” unless she is mated, and that hasn’t happened yet!

  • Sarah

    Please, don’t make bill betray sookie. I just killed me thinking about it. They belong together. Please, please don’t.

    • Nia

      Halelujious Sarah, Halelujious!!!

  • Kristie

    Book #10 is Dead in the Family, and you can pre-order it now online.

  • Melissa0914

    The only thing I hope they do NOT change is the amazing scenes between Eric/Sookie in the King of Mississippi’s house after she is injured. I have no idea why they are bringing a human love interest for Eric onto the show, especially THIS season (where Sookie/Eric tension is so good in the books). Honestly I think book 3 was the best book of all of them, overall. I’d really rather them not change the stories of the main 3 characters (Sookie/Bill/Eric).. I don’t mind fleshing out the stories of the other characters like the show does… but don’t change that! It’s so good in book 3!



    • Kristie

      Well, there’s nine books…soon to be 10! I think as many as HBO will allow, or until they all get tired of it, whichever comes first! In the meantime, I will just enjoy it while it lasts!

      • dani10

        does anyone know what the title of the 10th book will be? i honestly have no information about it except that there is in fact a 10th book in the making…

  • Heather Jo

    I’m wondering if bubba will be in the series. He played a pretty big role in the books…

    • Zl

      Alan Ball had said in another interview that Bubba would not be on the tv show. It is too cheesy basically and he is right. I don’t think it would translate well to TV.

  • sookie

    hhaha yes bill compton i want to be your wife…………………………………..
    heyy where are youuuu ?
    you try to scare me ?
    ohh maybe i hurt him 🙁
    he find me later …………

    • Kristie

      Well, actually Sookie, it is you that saves him! Go figure, all these strong, delicious vampires, and Sookie Stackhouse is usually the one to save the day! Women’s empowerment at its best. I love this show, and I’m just waiting with an uncontrollable voracious apetite for Season 3.