True Blood Season 3 Spoilers: Alexander Skarsgard and Rutina Wesley Speak

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Eric-Northman-Alexander-Skarsgard-Season-2NEW SPOILER INFORMATION! Alexander Skarsgard and Rutina Wesley took the time to talk to TV Guide Magazine, and oh boy did they give us news about True Blood! Here’s the scoop, everyone.

First, Alexander Skarsgard commented,”There’s more of people with different agendas.” He was referring to how many new character-based plot lines we’re going to see. For example, Sam is, as we already know, going to be learning more about his background and family. We may also see more tension between various members of vampire royalty, as well as other paranormal creatures besides our beloved vampires.

Another thing that Alex talked about was Eric Northman and his past. We will be seeing more flashbacks (and most likely, more Allan Hyde as Godric!), so I think that we’re going to really get a taste of what Eric‘s life has been in his 1,000 years of existence. According to Alex, there will be another Viking flashback, as well as some tag teaming with him and someone else (I’ll bet I’m not the only one hoping it’s a more recently turned Pam!). Of course, Alex more than anything wants to focus on Eric‘s time in Scandinavia during his time as a Viking, since it’s his own heritage.

On to Rutina. The lovely Tara confirmed (again) for us that there will be werewolves in season 3 of True Blood. For herself, Rutina talked about how Tara has a lot of grieving to do, but suspects a new romance is on the way for her.

Rutina also talked in general about the show, and how working in a truly ensemble cast is a blessing to her, and how great it is that everyone can come together as their characters to help Sookie as she deals with Bill‘s disappearance and other issues.

In final news, we have heard news about some new guest stars! First, Rutina says that she heard that Don Swayze (yes, the brother of Patrick, may he rest in peace) will be joining the True Blood family temporarily. Alex has hinted that a big name may be coming to Bon Temps at the end of season 3. Personally, I hope for Hugh Jackman, but I do highly doubt it (though it would be great to see him work with Anna Paquin again, and at Comic-Con, Anna told me she would enjoy working with him again). I’d like to register my guess here and now that this mysterious possible guest star (now if this will happen we do not know just my guess and I would love to see) is Alex‘s father Stellan Skarsgard.

SOURCE: TV Guide Magazine

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  • Bivalve88

    Perhaps the big name to show up later in the season will be Bubba? He plays such an integral part of the books, it would be sad to see him completely cut out of the series. I have no idea how they’d get away with casting him, though, without it turning into total camp…

    • “[Bubba] plays such an integral part of the books, it would be sad to see him completely cut out of the series. I have no idea how they’d get away with casting him, though, without it turning into total camp…”

      That’s part of the reason that Alan Ball has repeatedly said that there will not be a Bubba in True Blood. Part of it has to do with Elvis’ estate, and the rest with how campy it would be. In the long run, it just would not work, though I too adore Bubba and would have loved to see him brought back to life in True Blood.

  • Isabela

    Godric is excellently played by Alan Hyde. Just brilliant. He gives Godric power and nobility. He’s 19 and 5?6? but damn if we don’t believe that he’s more powerful than all vampires.

    When he turned Eric, he offered to be a father, a brother, and a son to Eric. When he died, we saw that Eric real loves him. He loves Godric enough to be willing to sacrifice his own life. I have no doubt Eric would have perished with Godric, if he had let him.

    It seemed that their relationship must’ve been like a family for them in a world that was so dark and primitive and filled with violence and death.
    The quote “Father, Brother, Son” leads me to think that Godric and Eric think of each other as exactly that.

    Flashbacks mean that we’re going to get a taste of what Eric’s/Godric life has been.

    It was a huge disappointment that their storyline was over so quickly. Their dynamic was amazing and all their scenes were so fascinating to watch.

    • jaxx

      Nicely said Isabela. I wholeheartedly agree!! 🙂

    • Antonio

      I agree Well Spoken! It was great to see Eric and his fierce devotion to his maker,Godricc. It just goes to show that Eric Is capable of affection and devotion and Can be Quite loyal and protective of those whom he loves! Its a shame this storyline was ended So quickly while Others languished on like the inane Maryann ones! Godric believed in peaceful co-existence and non violence…There is Much i feel that Both Eric & Bill could have learned from him! Godricc was a good chaaracter I hope he will be back in flasbacks in S3!

  • Kristi

    cant wait to see eric turn pam! and according to the books, there is plenty of lovin comin along for tara. im soooo excited it hurts…season 3 here we come!!!!!!!

  • pbartteacher

    Drama, drama, drama. Its all about the emotions, the conflicts and the drama. AB has stated that Bill will be tortured, vamp napped and missing for several episodes. Poor Sookie will be absent her Bill for sometime. Can’t wait to see those scenes with Lorena, the weres and Bill. I can already see Bill grimacing in pain and yelling Sooookie. AB will not entirely write the character out of the action, but I am looking forward to the triangle between Eric, Sookie and Bill moving forward. The introduction of Alcide, the weres, Russell and many other plot lines will be very interesting. Season Three of True Blood will be even more over the top than last year.

    Anxiously awaiting more of the Godric and Eric back story. The Godric, Sookie and Eric plot line from Dallas were some of the best episodes last season. They were so well written and acted.

    As far as sex scenes with our Viking, we already know they will be awesome. Whether we are talking about Sookie, Yvette, Pam or Laffy bring it on. Anxiously awaiting to see more of the Viking Vampire G+d in all his glorious plenty.

    Less than 179 days until our v-ddiction continues. Thanks Isis for the article. Perhaps a few spoiler photos from Season Three will be appearing soon.Go True Blood.

  • Thanks for this article, Isis! I can’t wait for the Bill Compton back story as well! Fancy! We are to meet Caroline Compton! What an interesting storyline that will be! Also, the old lady who thinks Bill is her son? I wonder how that will play out? A relative of his??
    It is going to be sad watching that beautiful man being stabbed and drained by that Biker Gang! I hope those scenes do not last long! It will be tear jerking!!! I can’t wait until the moment that Bill and Sookie re-unite! I hope that there will be great “I found you” sex!!! That couple ROCK in their sex scenes!!

    Go Team True Blood! Go Bill and Sookie!!!

  • sheila

    Ladies, let’s not forget the all important shower scene….

    • Loleaf

      Sheila, How could we EVER forget that!!!!! Read that part over about twenty times when reading the books….LOL!!!!

      That part is permanently infused in my physique forever!!!!! How could we every forget our gracious plenty..LOL

      • Val

        “Gracious Plenty”-what amazing mental visuals that brings on eh?
        Wish he was right here in front of me now! Oh well,thats what dreams are made of!

    • jaxx

      Sheila and Loleaf, that scene is engrained in my mind forever. I really hope that is not omitted next season but we have to get through S3 first. LOL. Much anticipation here. Believe me, I dream of it every day. LOL.

    • Amy

      LOL I agree with you ladies. The infamous shower scene 🙂 Dead to the World was awesome.

  • jaxx

    Great article Isis, please keep them coming. We have a long wait ahead of us. I am soooo looking forward to S3. I had my worries at the end of S2, but the more tidbits I read, the more I know things will be going in a great direction. More Pam will definitely be an asset to the storyline, more Godric flashbacks are always welcome because we all fell in love with Godric so quickly, and, of course, more Eric back story and present. He has such a commanding presence. He just cannot be ignored, imo. LOL!! I would love to learn more about the vamp hierarchy as well. See the were communities and other supes as well. I have such a good feeling about S3. June 13th cannot get here fast enough and please can you expand from just 12 episodes to maybe 15-20. There is more than enough material and new characters to work with in S3. Please do not short change the storyline by limiting the episodes or content. Please expand the season and take the time needed to make great stories. By far, the Godric “meeting the sun” storyline in S2 was the best one to date. Very moving. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Antonio

    Thanks for posting this article. It’s nice to hear some first buzz about S3

    • Glad you enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to S3 myself!

  • Sandra

    I thought Alan Ball said that he would NOT be parading guest stars into the show. I certainly hope he doesn’t do it too often…though it makes sense to have him play Eric’s father in the flashbacks.

    • Sandra

      Stellan (Alexander’s real father) to play Eric’s father…not Alan, which is how might read my comment. 🙂

    • I don’t think Alan will be doing guest stars too often. Probably only if he feels that a minor guest appearance is not a big deal, and will advance whatever story line he’s working on…

  • Barbara E.

    Alan Ball, like many other fanfic writers, has taken Charlaine Harris’ characters and has created his own SVM alternative universe, since he doesn’t follow the books as canon, as we have clearly seen from the first 2 seasons. But this is good! How many other fanfic writers would have loved to seen their visions on film – Alan got to be the lucky one!

    Funny how the 1991 film, The Breed, starring Adrian Paul, has a lot of the same elements as TrueBlood/SVM: synthetic blood, human/vampire co-habitation, human prejudice against Vamps, etc. I watched it again last night on Netflix.

    As for Eric … I hope his character has more air-time in Season 3, as he was more of a supporting character than a main one in the first 2 seasons. I would like to see more of his natural self (strict, violent, etc) … so that when we do see him more actively “courting” Sookie, we can truly see the contrast in his personality … the changes he goes through during the whole ‘process’. That will really give a lot of us ladies “the vapors” *chuckles* 😉

    Ok, HBO – you know we want it – start airing True Blood sooner than June! Purty Please! =[

    • About Eric… If I recall correctly, Eric really became a lead character in book 4 with that amnesia plot line. As it is now, I think Eric’s got just the right amount of screen time. Hot though he may be, his time will come, especially since Alan seems to be following the main plot lines of Charlaine’s books.

      • pbartteacher

        Actually Eric had a slightly larger presence in book 2 than he had in Season two. More of the story behind the MA appearance, the idea of tribute and blood exchange with Sookie. And in Book three, Club Dead is jam packed with Eric and Sookie material. I won’t list all but a few highlights that AB might include:

        Snuggling in Sookie’s bed when she is sleeping and unaware

        Eric questioning Sookie about Bill’s disappearance in her kitchen

        Alcide’s apartment when Eric is flying outside her bedroom window

        Dancing at Club Dead and Eric rescuing Sookie from the staking

        Russell’s mansion and the infamous blue boxer scene

        Blood exchange with the Viking

        Riding back to Bon Temps and being attacked at the gas station

        Sookie’s house and fighting the weres

        Like I said I could keep going.Love the article. Keep them coming.

        • Loleaf

          We can only hope that Alan puts our favorite parts in Season 3!! After all he did leave out the infamous spandex scene in Season 2. I’m hoping they leave the ***SPOILER*** part in where Sookie gets staked and they take her to Russells house. I want to see the part from the book where Eric carries her up the stairs and she said, “Water water everywhere nor any drop to drink” and Eric laughs. Just thought that part was so comical in the book. Also, where she relenquished her will to Eric when they pulled out the stake, he was there for her then and she saw that. But, in the Series the Sookie and Eric backstory is being played out differently so I don’t know if we will see some of our key favs from the books.

        • Amy

          Pbartteacher you listed all my favorite parts in book 3! LOL I hope AB includes all the highlights you mentioned in the show. Whatever Alan Ball decides to do with TB I trust his direction because the man is brilliant. But the wait is killing me. Season 3 needs to get here now. 🙂 I do wonder in season 3 if Sookie will drink more of Erics blood

      • TG


        You are so right about book two it really began and book three completely set the ground work for the Eric and Sookie relationship that was when she realized they had the same sense of humor and that he got her.

  • jay

    I think if the show is going to follow the amnesia storyline in season 4, eric is obviously going to be sweet and vulnerable. If I were the show, in season 3; I would show eric in a contrasting light and show him alot more violent and sexy. If the man can get any sexier?.. The show may try to establish the growing tension, chemistry and attraction between sookie and eric, without them getting together in a relationship sense. I did hear alex say something about how eric will be more violent and have alot of sex with men and women in season 3… Which will be interesting? will have to wait and see!!!

  • jujuwaille

    hope it’ll be a little like the book =)

  • rugby82

    Eric is defenetly not a a good Sceriff he have to be like this…manipulative and even cruel sometimes…but there’s only few persone he care about and listening to them and Sookie is one of them…just wait and see…we have the Scerif and we have the vampire who fallen for our “human girl”….we should just see at this apart…
    So excited about Godric agani and maybe in another historical collocation with Eric….
    Can’t wait for season 3!!!!

  • Loleaf

    YEAH!!! Can’t wait to see more between Eric and Godric!!! More of the backstory on how Eric was brought up (so to speak) with Godric as his maker. Maybe this will show us that Eric isn’t as bad as some thinks he is.