True Blood Season 3 Spoilers: Alexander Skarsgard and Rutina Wesley Speak

December 10, 2009 by  

Eric-Northman-Alexander-Skarsgard-Season-2NEW SPOILER INFORMATION! Alexander Skarsgard and Rutina Wesley took the time to talk to TV Guide Magazine, and oh boy did they give us news about True Blood! Here’s the scoop, everyone.

First, Alexander Skarsgard commented,”There’s more of people with different agendas.” He was referring to how many new character-based plot lines we’re going to see. For example, Sam is, as we already know, going to be learning more about his background and family. We may also see more tension between various members of vampire royalty, as well as other paranormal creatures besides our beloved vampires.

Another thing that Alex talked about was Eric Northman and his past. We will be seeing more flashbacks (and most likely, more Allan Hyde as Godric!), so I think that we’re going to really get a taste of what Eric‘s life has been in his 1,000 years of existence. According to Alex, there will be another Viking flashback, as well as some tag teaming with him and someone else (I’ll bet I’m not the only one hoping it’s a more recently turned Pam!). Of course, Alex more than anything wants to focus on Eric‘s time in Scandinavia during his time as a Viking, since it’s his own heritage.

On to Rutina. The lovely Tara confirmed (again) for us that there will be werewolves in season 3 of True Blood. For herself, Rutina talked about how Tara has a lot of grieving to do, but suspects a new romance is on the way for her.

Rutina also talked in general about the show, and how working in a truly ensemble cast is a blessing to her, and how great it is that everyone can come together as their characters to help Sookie as she deals with Bill‘s disappearance and other issues.

In final news, we have heard news about some new guest stars! First, Rutina says that she heard that Don Swayze (yes, the brother of Patrick, may he rest in peace) will be joining the True Blood family temporarily. Alex has hinted that a big name may be coming to Bon Temps at the end of season 3. Personally, I hope for Hugh Jackman, but I do highly doubt it (though it would be great to see him work with Anna Paquin again, and at Comic-Con, Anna told me she would enjoy working with him again). I’d like to register my guess here and now that this mysterious possible guest star (now if this will happen we do not know just my guess and I would love to see) is Alex‘s father Stellan Skarsgard.

SOURCE: TV Guide Magazine

(Image Source: HBO Inc.)