True Blood Season 3 Spoilers: Bill, Eric and Talbot

June 24, 2010 by  

Michael Ausiello from is constantly getting e-mail requests from fans for more True Blood spoilers to share with us all and this time he gives us some tidbits on Bill Compton, Eric Northman, and Talbot.

Question: Season 3 has barely started, but I am dying for some True Blood news. Got any to share? —Kelly

Ausiello: Exec producer Alan Ball teases that a big secret Bill’s “been carrying with him gets revealed at the end of the season.” That noise you hear is the sound of me dipping into the Ausiello Files archives and going Hmm…

Question: Have you received confirmation from Alan Ball that Talbot and Eric will get, ahem, down to business on True Blood this season? —Rob

Ausiello: No, but I haven’t received a denial from him, either. “I think one of the things about being a vampire and living for 100 years is you pretty much try everything,” Ball says. “Whether or not [Talbot and Eric] end up getting together I can’t reveal. I’ll definitely tell you that this season is pretty pansexual.” Yeah, got that bit from the first two episodes.


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  • Cherie DeSange

    First of all I am so tired of hearing about the novels concerning TRUE BLOOD – there is simply NO COMPARISON. The novels have turned into a conveluted mess since Book Five and Alan Ball has made a master piece series out of the mess. Secondly, since I have mentioned the novels, would someone be kind enough to LIST all the fabulous gifts that Eric gave Sookie in the novels? Call me a bobble-head, or call me forgetful, but I seem to remember that he bought her a coat and a driveway and beyond that I guess I have simply forgotten because so many Eric fans go on and on and on about the things that Eric gave Sookie in the novels – please make a list and send it to me so I can love Eric as much as the Eric fans love him for all that he did for Sookie – NOT.

    • jaxx

      D. Reilly listed some of them, not to mention all the love and emotion support Eric has given Sookie since book 2. He has always been there for her in some way, shape or form, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sorry, I don’t know what books you’re reading but they are not the same ones I’ve read. He is not perfect, but he doesn’t lie to her. Can you say that for Bill?? Oh, sorry, you can’t. Did Eric cheat on Sookie, no, he didn’t. You can keep your Bill, Eric is my VVG.

  • D.Reilly

    In novels, Sookie is ‘staked’ at Club Dead, and brought to Russells mansion by Eric to be ‘healed’.Eric gives her his blood; he also procures a ‘getaway’ car, & will ‘entertain’ a gay vamp, while Sookie..rescues Bill. HOW ?? will this play out in True Blood??…Eric will not come out a hero…to Sookie ..for sure( this is True Blood, & this “Eric” , so far has ‘not’ done any of the kind or nice things the “Eric” in Harris novels does. Only Bill comes off looking “human” !!) True did not get this one part of the Eric character right. He “saves “Sookie so many times, & sends “gifts” without “pretense” etc. .just because she “needs” them…like a winter coat..a driveway ! and new door!..Bill never GIVES her anything !! and she “struggles” is an issue, she has to work hard!! for every dime..Eric is very generous! when it comes to Sookie (in Harris novels).Alan Ball ..maybe you’re not there yet..?? with “Eric”/”Sookie”?

    • That’s not quite accurate. In the books, Bill DOES offer Sookie things, but SHE spurns them! She consistently turns Bill down, but at the same time expects him to just do stuff for her and is jealous when he gives the Bellefleurs money instead of her. Sookie has double standards for almost all other characters in the novels, but it shows very blatantly when she’s with Bill. She tells him she doesn’t want to be a “kept woman,” so she accepts those gifts from her lover’s rival.

      Also, keep in mind that this is True Blood, and we wouldn’t have the show if Alan Ball hadn’t been intrigued by Bill. Alan has said many times that Bill’s qualities and characteristics are what drew him to the books. It wasn’t Eric, who to this day IMHO does not show qualities that are redeemable enough for me to find him a hero.

  • Cheryl

    This has nothing to do much with the spoilers however, if any “powers that be” read the comments, please know that this devoted True Blood fan is extremely disappointed that HBO chose to promote that trashy Snoop Dogg’s song by playing it after Episode Two – how gross – it is not funny and it totally depicts Sookie as a slut who is up for “pimping”. I swear to God, is there anyone else who wants to ride the True Blood train by degrading the show and the cast? HBO, this one was POORLY PLAYED – VERY poorly played. Why would you promote such a gross sleeze ball like Snoop Dogg? Most everyone knows what this man is all about – he is a puke. True Blood might have sexually explicit scenes but none of the cast deserves to be depicted as whores who are up for pimping, least of all Anna Paquin who is an Oscar winning, Golden Globe winning actor. I am ashamed of HBO for their mindless decision to promote Snoop Dogg’s sleeze.

  • HotBlooded

    I think the Bill’s big secret is that he was actually hired to go to Bon Temps and seduce Sookie from the start. The Pansexual bit might just be between Pam and another female. 🙂 Just my two guesses…

  • Loleaf

    Unless Eric does it to distract Talbot so that Sookie can get Bill out of the mansion!!! Wrap our brains around that 😉
    I hated to hear that there will be numerous cliff hangers this season… we will definitely be mad by the start of season 4!!
    definitely, def, def, def, definitely!! LOL!

  • jaxx

    Wow great spoilers, Ollie. Can’t wait to see what AB’s big reveal will be at the end of this season. Wow, Eric has gotten around, lol. Can’t wait to see it all.

    • annm

      I think this next episode, 3/3 is the one with the ground breaking sex scene they keep talking about. I’m pretty sure Bill will be apart of this based on some things Stephen has said but don’t know who else.
      I think Russell is the one who was leading the weres from the Natzi flashback and I bet Eric beds Talbot to get close to Russell to get his revenge.

      • Lori

        I agree, Eric will use Talbot to get to Russell and I think the twisted sex scene is with Bill and Lorena.

        • val

          Trouble with that is that they already have had twisted sex.
          Last season we saw what they use to do in the twenties/thirties when they fed.Thats a “been there,done that” AND….. Bill HATES Lorena.

      • Eric Sookie fan

        OMG, AANM, i think you’re right, hadn’t really thought of it like and it does make complete and utter sense! I heard rumours that Russell is going to be very upset when Talbot cheats on him with someone, and they’re going to introduce a new gay vampire, supposedly the guy from 90210 (character; Naveed). i just hope eric and sookie end up together in spite of all the ‘pansexual’ twists taking place that Alan Ball talks of!!! gotta love the dude the he’s a genius!!!!