True Blood Season 3 Spoilers: Blood and Family

July 21, 2010 by  

Now that we are almost halfway through season 3 of True Blood that does not mean that we know yet exactly how things are going to play out for the rest of the season. E!Online tried to help some True Blood fans by feeding their hunger for some spoilers.

Joe in Costa Mesa, Calif.: I am seriously loving this season of True Blood! I’ll take any scoop you’ve got!
How about some Bon Temps body count intel? Director Scott Winant tells us: “This season the fewest actors die. I killed my share, but compared to season two, not as many.” Are you breathing a sigh of relief that we’ll be losing less of our beloved characters or do you tune in for the blood and carnage? We won’t judge. Well, maybe just a little.

Gracie in Kansas: What’s ahead for Jason?
Looks like that annoying quarterback is going to continue honing in on Jason‘s old stomping grounds, because our True Blood sources say his next stop is going to be working with the infamous road crew. Guess that scholarship didn’t come around after all?

Cara in Highland, Calif.: What’s the deal with Tommy’s dad?
Are you referring to that freaky head of hair, or the whole “I own my son!” thing? Let’s go with the latter. Without revealing too much, we’ll say that the Mickens family has a means of income and it involves pimping out their youngest son, so to speak. Oh, and it’s illegal and does not occur when Tommy‘s in his human form.


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  • Omay

    Here’s a thought. If it is dog fighting and Jolee obviously wants Tommy to do something that even Tommy knows is wrong (and thinking twisted like most of TB story lines are…) I wonder if what they are fighting about is maybe Jolee figured out he could get even more money with stud fees, and Tommy (who seems to be somewhat sane) wants no part of it…. Just a thought 🙂

  • Patrick

    I totally forgot about dog fighting. Possibly, but something tells me it might be something a little more menacing. Maybe. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was dog fighting.

  • lee

    yeah i have to agre with the dog fighting bit. I’ve started to suspect it for awhile now but just waiting for the “revelation”. I also thought i heard something about one episode being extra “racy”…. wonder when that one will come along…

  • pbt

    Darn that Scott Winant, just when I thought we were going to get a larger body count this season. Recent spoilers from Alan Ball was that we were reving up for a huge bloody finale. Oh well!

    Last Season, True Blood did rack up an impressive body count of 11, I believe.

    Help me out here if I missed anyone, which I am sure I have.

    Ms. Jeanette
    Royce Allan Williams
    Stan, Paolo, Catherine and two human companions (unnamed, sorry)
    Mary Anne the maenand
    Eggs Benedict

    So far, Scott is doing quite well. Don’t underestimate yourself Mr. Winant.

    Three weres~Bill
    One were~Eric
    One soldier and one were (Flashbacks to Nazi Germany)
    Ann~the stripper (Bill, Talbot and Lorena)
    All of Eric Northman’s family (Father, mother and baby sister)
    Two weres?~Ancient Sweden

    As far as the Mickens, they are running with illegal dog fighting.The scars on Tommy’s body and the fact he changes into a pit bull are all indications of this.

    I am not that worried about Jason. He will survive with all his Jasonisms in tact. Go get Kitsch Maynard, this should be great.

    • Loleaf

      pbt, Don’t forget about Eric’s two brothers in arms that Godric killed while trying to get to him to turn him!!

      • pbt

        Good you are here Loleaf. Yes, Eric’s friends add two more to the list.LOL. Poor guys. Never stood a chance against Godric