True Blood Season 3: Spoilers and Casting News

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TrueBloodSeasonFinale2a-thumb-550x368-24043True Blood’s third season won’t be showing up on our television screens for another 8 months or so, but filming begins in early December. This means that we can all be very excited for whatever news comes out to see what might be revealed. A casting call for the first few episodes of Season three hints at several characters that will be introduced.

What’s going to happen to Bill?! He’s going to be spending some time with an “intensely beautiful” male vampire named Talbot, described as cheerfully talkative and sarcastic, where Bill will be forced to stay as a “guest”. Also listed is a character named Cooter, aka “Coot,” the menacing leader of a biker gang. He and his crew (Louie, Jimmy, and Gus) apparently like to stab Bill repeatedly and feed off of him in order to get high on V!!!  An interesting side note is the introduction of a character named Olivia who is described as an elderly woman in her 80’s who lives in a house in the middle of nowhere who mistakes Bill as her son.  Now if according to the spoiler information above, if Bill is being held captive by these thugs, how does he end up meeting this old woman in the middle of nowhere?

How will Sam’s search for his family go? One notice calls for a series regular to play Tommy Mickens. Aged 18-25, he will be dirty but good-looking, with a big scar running across his face. Tommy works at an Arkansas tire depot and comes from a family with a bad reputation for being in debt. When Sam approaches him, he hides his identity. The role will require some backside nudity, so raise your hand if you think shapeshifter! There are also a couple of characters mentioned that Sam meets in Arkansas and asks about his family.


Is Eric pining for Sookie? This character description would suggest not! Yvetta is a gorgeous Eastern European young woman who gets a job dancing at Fangtasia and has a sexual relationship with Eric. The actress must be comfortable with nudity.

How does Jason’s shooting of Eggs affect him? Two college girls named Jen and Missy spend the night with Jason. They try to get him excited for some threesome fun by making out with each other, but he doesn’t seem very enthusiastic. Probably haunted by what he did, he admits that he can’t stop picturing them without bullet holes in their heads.

What will Tara’s emotional roller coaster bring her to next? Apparently, a sexy vampire named Franklin Mott. “Tall, dark, and handsome,” he has an immediate connection with Tara. He meets her at bar and later comes to her aid against a couple of racist rednecks. Also a pastor tries to comfort Tara and help bring her closer to her mother.

Who is going to be Lafayette’s love interest? Although this character is not specified as having an encounter with Lafayette, his description makes him seem like a good candidate! Jesus Velasquez is an attractive Latino male nurse in his 20s-30s. Taking care of people in a nursing home, this young man is good-natured even in the face of occasional racist remarks from his elderly patients. If he is in fact the one that will have a relationship with Lafayette, wouldn’t that be a great contrast to our flamboyant, outspoken fry cook?

It’s good to remember that not every spoiler turns out to be true as shows sometimes like to be tricky and throw fans off by leaking false information. We will have to wait and see what Alan Ball has planned. But this seems like an intriguing group of characters! I can already feel the suspense building.


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  • Gads!! Crazy “Coot” and his gang, are gonna stab Bill and feed off him??!! What is up with that!?? I am so lost ?? Where is my season 2??? But, now season 3 sounds like it is going to be Great!! ( Of course…) Oh, Bill..Bill..Bill…..I worry about you..(not really) Well, yeah..sometimes. Still and always lovin..”True Blood!”,though…

  • Annathalia Nalapraya

    Man, I really can’t wait to see what Alan Ball does next! I’ll keep a look out when I pass by Arcadia Arboretum, there is frequent filming there. What kind of code words for True Blood do you think they would put up?

  • AKL

    Interesting…and exciting! However, I could swear Alan Ball stated Sookie will meet Alsee the werewolf, inorder to search for Bill. I didn’t see this in this spoiler.

    My guess is the brutal gang would be the one named in Club Dead…but they were werewolves and Vampire blood is not a drink were’s are known to want.

    I guess I will re-read again the third book…then hopefully I will have access to the show when it returns to play out season 3.

    • antonio

      Good Point! As was explained in that Other vampire book series,Werewolf blood is deadly to a Vampire and Vamp blood would be most detestable to a Were.It would be pointless too since a Were cannot beome a Vampire or Vice-Versa.

      • missyella


        You are mistaken, Hadley (Sookies Cousin)turned a Were into a Vampire after he was murdered by Sophie Amnne’s husband’s minion.

        The problem for the Were turned into a Vampire is that he did not know in which camp he belonged, I believe the Book that this is mentioned is either Definately Dead, or All Together Dead.

        I will take these spoilers with a “pinch of salt” until season 3 starts.

        I will read the tidbits, but not take them so seriously, until I/we see for ourselves.

        • antonio

          Hmmmm! (Thinking a moment here) According to Both Traditional Folklore,Legend AND Stephenie Meyer Such a transformation from Werewolf to Vampire would be virtually impossible! Since they are 2 Completely DIFFERENT Species! Yes Both crave blood and attack their victims The Big difference here? Vampires ARE Immortal and Werewolves Are NOT!! It would far easier to destroy a Were than a Vampire! There is NO Way that 1 could be Both Vampire and Werewolf!! Its NOT Possible Anymore than 1 could Bird And Fish at the same time!!The Only Way would be and this is Rare, If Some1’s Parents were Father is a Vampire Mother Was a Were or Vice versa And Even That would be dicey!
          Because Vampire law explicitly forbids the sexual union of ANY vampire with a Were!! Such is punishable by destruction of said creatures! Vampires Are more intelligent,sophisticated,cunning breed. Werewolves are more primal,ignorant and gratuitous Not to mention Sloppy!! Unlike Vampires, Weres Can NOT Be trained to ignore or manage their basic instincts!
          Although there is a difference here…Once a Vampire you are 1 forever Nothing More could be done Thats it!!
          With a Were for example, if you catch and kill the Alpha Male or whoever infected you and you succeed at destroying them, You can be set free and go on with your life!
          If Bill were to kill Lorena,Assuming He Ever Could, It would NOT make him human again!
          If Lorena was a Were and He killed her than He could be human again! Assuming He was a Were and Not a Vampire
          What you mentioned seems like a radical departure from legend and lore!! Of course, Ms.Meyer Already Did That with Her “sparkly” vamps in sunlight and her Were-shifters Not being under a curse and Alan Ball making it so that undead bloodsuckers can have Great sex…I thought They were Dead??!
          Bill tells Sookie He doesnt have a pulse..No heartbeat but yet he can become sexually aroused?? Doesnt that require bloodflow to a certain organ Which He May Or may Not have…I guess we’d have to ask Sookie if He was still anatomically correct? OK This is getting weird Now! So I Wont Go There!
          I supose it depends on the individual writer and what they wish to convey.

          • antonio

            Another thing here, Ms.Harris Disagreed vehemently with Stephenie Meyer’s idea that a woman can become pregnant by a vampire! “Vampires are Dead” She said in an interview “Their is NO Way that Bill Could Ever make Sookie pregnant!” “It just Doesnt happen in My World!”
            Even though,for many of us who Have read Breaking Dawn, Dr.Cullen was greatly surprised and perplexed at this,himself!
            “This Isnt supposed to happen” And yet somehow,in Meyer’s mind, it did. Of Course if the writers of True Blood WERE to adhere Stricly to Traditional Legend, Then Bill would live in a castle with a moat and sleep in a crypt and have at least 3 or 4 brides helping him comb the region for helpless victims!
            He would have a “widow’s peak” and would wear a long black cape
            he would be dressed like an aristocrat OR a Waiter at a 5 star restaurant! LOL Sam Would Be a Werewolf! And Sookie would be a peaseant girl walking a cow alon a dirt road at night
            Waiting to be his Next victim!
            Perhaps They could film an episode like that for halloween of next year?? I mean if the x-files could do an episode where they made fun of themselves and their show made TB Could?

          • vicky

            It made me laugh that you thought Stephanie Meyer’s opinion on what a vampire can and cannot do was worth mentionining right up there with traditional folklore and legand, considering she gave the world sparkly daytime vampires. Of course, it’s entirely anyones prerogative to do with vampires what they will, bending the “rules” to fit in with their story. I just prefer it when said bent rules still resemble at least a tiny bit of legend, instead of doing away with it all together. Right off the top of my head, I can’t think of any two books or movies that share the exact same set of rules.

            Any another note, sounds like season 3 is going to start straying well away from the books. Not that I mind because they are both entertaining in their own ways and are both different things. But it seems like they are starting to mix the books up, throwing large elements of the later books into one season. Not that I ever expected it to, but it feels like early confirmation that it won’t be a season per book. Given how many books there are, I’m not in any way surprised. Still, it hurts to think it.

          • TruEricFan

            You’re right Vicky, no 2 books follow the exact same ‘rules’ for vampires.

            In the Anita Blake – Vampire Hunter series, the vamps feed off the weres, their blood sustains them better, but it’s actually not possible from what I gathered for a vamp to turn a were into a were-vamp, nor is it possible for said were to turn a vamp into one.

            In the Dresden File books, they have 3 different kinds of vamps…There’s the Red Court, they look human on the outside, but underneath it all they are nasty looking bat creatures-fast, strong and quick healers. To turn into a Red Court vamp, you would be given a thirst for blood, but won’t turn until you feed. Then there’s the Black Court, which are ‘stereotypical’ vampires such as Dracula-weaknesses are garlic and religious objects. They can also ‘glamour’ humans to the point of psychotic break. Finally there is the White Court, the psychic vampire, feeding off of sexual desire, fear and despair. They are not weak in the sun, can touch religious objects. Their downfalls are the fact that they are not very strong since they are born vampires, not made ones. Their weakness is true love. If someone has found their true love a white court vampire will actually burn him/herself when trying to feed.

            Even in one series, with 3 different types of vamps, there still isn’t one that follows traditional lore EXACTLY. It’s one of the great things about writing fiction…I love the Twilight Saga almost as much as the Sookie series, the one thing I didn’t care for was the sparkling, but then again, she wrote a young adult novel FOR young adults, so its pretty fitting in that aspect.

          • Janie Logan

            Definitely true, Vicky–Alan has said that stuff from later books is going to be incorporated in Season 3 and that he will start to mix some of the storylines. Hopefully, it won’t be upsetting to book fans and he will do it in an exciting and interesting way. If Charlaine stops after 13 books (which might not happen, she could decide to do more 3 years down the road), that would be way too many seasons for True Blood, LOL! The actors will have all aged 15 years since they began working on the show, when everything that happens to Sookie occurs in a very condensed amount of time with 9 books equalling about a year and a half!!

            And, TruEricFan, you have made me very curious about the Dresden File books…Would you recommend them?

    • TruEricFan

      Maybe Alcide wasn’t mentioned in this ‘spoiler’ article since we already heard from Alan that he’s going to be introduced.

      I am excited for season 3 to start, and hope to have my books back from the friend I lent them to so I can re-read book 3 again(though book 4 was my favorite).

  • jaxx

    Sounds good so far, bring on Season 3.

  • Rusty Roberts

    Has anyone heard the rumor about ERIC BRADEN of YandR being on
    TRUE BLOOD? I heard that he will play the supreme ruler of ALL the vamps. He would be excellent if this is true.

  • Ashley Acton

    Bill is soo romantic.*sigh*

  • Maria

    hmmmm vampire love interest for Tara…. I like that!!! can’t wait to see how that pans out. And some back side nudity from our favorite shapeshifter maybe… yyyyaaaaahhhooooo. Show me a border collie I didn’t like!!! Lafayette with a love interest o.k… so the male nurse takes care of the elderly people and Lafayette serves up some of his southern ‘flare’…. I bet that will be fun to watch!!! hopefully Lafayette will come out of his PTSD o.k. and will be back to his funny self! 🙂

    • missyella

      It is in the Charlaine Harris Book, so I am happy about this particular spoiler, if Allan Ball does go ahead and use it as a storyline.

      • TruEricFan

        I am glad too…I wonder if Franklin is going to be how he was in the books…

  • m

    yeah i hope the yevetta/eric relationship is just a fling..c’mon!…his main interest is in sookie!….and doesn’t she turn to him to search for vampire bill…huh??…i hope all goes well for tara and her mom….jason should get back into trouble!!

  • Jen

    YES! So excited for Sams storyline and Taras and Lafayette . And so glad Eric is hooking up with some who isn’t Sookie.

    • val

      Amen to that-tho any sexy WOMAN who is “comfortable with nudity” would be welcome!Our hot Viking needs some “down” time!!

  • Mary

    Oh noooo Sookie and Bill belong togather. Eric can fine himself a new girl. Sounds like Alan Ball has a great 3 season coming on can’t wait for it to began. I already have TrueBlood first series and TrueBlood second series but I am waiting to see what happens to Bill since the finale episode. I am so hooked on the series its the best series on HBO thanks Alan your the best. 🙂

  • Amy

    Ahh I love spoilers! Wow- so many new characters. I love how Alan stays true to the spirit of the books but really spices it up so each episode is a surprise. In the show Bill is so great and it really sucks he’s going to be in so much pain in season 3. I hope the biker gang crew get what they deserve and get their butts kicked. Perhaps Sookie enraged with anger and staking them would be nice. HAHA Oh and Lafayette is such a fun character. I really hope he finds true love in season 3 or some kind of comfort. I’m really excited that Sookie will find out more about her powers in the upcoming season. Lastly my favoritee ERIC. I’m hoping this Yvette girl will just be a fling…no strings attached. Maybe Eric is trying to find some distraction because he hates his growing feelings for Sookie? Hopefully he thinks about Sookie while he’s hooking up with Yvette. We all know Eric can do a poker face. LOL June 2010 can’t come faster!! TEAM TRUE BLOOD 🙂