True Blood Season 3 Spoilers: Insider Scoops

June 22, 2010 by  

More True Blood Season 3 spoilers are still coming out as fans ask E!Online to provide more tidbits for them to feast upon.  Below are two questions that many fans want to know.

Jesse in Rhode Island: True Blood! True Blood! True Blood!
We all know Layfette is this close to hooking up with True Blood newbie Kevin Alejandro (Jesus), but did you know that it’s like real love and stuff? “Lafayette don’t spend time on flings,” Nelsan Ellis tells us. “They come and then they go, but this character, Jesus, he’s been with for about two weeks. That’s a lifetime for Lafayette, and he has deep, deep feelings for Jesus.” Adds Kevin: “You’ll see me throughout the season all the way ’til the end so whatever happens after that, we’ll see.” And a big prize pony to anyone who guessed that we’d be seeing some steamy scenes between these two. When asked if he’ll be getting nude this season, Kevin tells me: “Yeah, there’s been enough. Not to the extreme, but there’s been enough. You’ll see it happen.”

Peggy in Georgia: Thanks for all the awesome True Blood scoop and video today! Pam is the best character on TV. Any more dish on her?
As a matter of fact, Kristin Bauer (Pam) says there are big things ahead for the scene stealer. “We get more sides of Pam,” she promises. “Her relationship with Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) is really explored, which is incredibly fun because it’s a father-daughter relationship.” Really? Did anyone else catch that vibe? Hmmm! Pam‘s also “very involved in the politics of the vampire world this year, and that’s another fun thing because we see her at the hierarchy of these different vampires.” Still, Alexander Skarsgård reminds us: “Eric is still at the top when it comes to Bon Temps–or at least he thinks he is.”

Can’t wait for Episode 3, “It Hurts Me Too” this Sunday on HBO!


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  • jaxx

    Oh no, is Nelsan giving us a hint that it may be his character that dies at the end of this season?? I hope not, I really love the fact that AB kept Lafayette’s character in TB as opposed to CH killing him at the end of book 1.

    • Loleaf

      I think I seen an interview with AB and he said that Lafayette has so much chrisima that he could never kill him off.. But, If Lafayette is turned he would be dead but still around… With extra chrisima!! 😉 Lol

      • Yep! Alan has said several times now (like with the whole Bubba thing) that Lafayette is too awesome to lose. So, at worst he’ll be turned into a vampire so we’ll have an eternally cool Lafayette! LOL

        • Loleaf

          You got that right Isis!!! But wouldn’t want to be the person he dishes the next aids burger to if he is turned!!! Lol.