True Blood Season 3 Spoilers: Revelations About Sookie, Eric, Sam and Plotlines

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ltrue-blood-sookie-billAlan Ball and Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) revealed more details to TV Guide about what we can expect to see happen when True Blood returns for season 3.  Based on what they reveal it looks like it is going to be a very long and painful wait for True Blood fans as they will have to dwell on these spoilers. Let’s look at each of the spoilers one at a time to savor what they are willing to share with us now.  One thing is for certain it is going to be “a crazy season” according to Alan Ball and Season 3 will pick up right where it left off with Bill (Stephen Moyer) being kidnap and “things get weird really fast.”

As Alan has already mentioned in a previous post that someone is going to die and the fans will be happy to see this character bite the dust.  He also provides some more details about the plotline for season 3, more details regarding Sam and what is going to happen between Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard).

Alan told TV Guide that season two‘s theme was about religions and beliefs that can make people do things they would not normally do. Season 3 is about finding one’s identity.  As Alan states:

“It seems to be that it’s about really embracing one’s identity.  This season is a lot about what it means to be who you are, or what you are.”

Which leads to Sookie‘s dilemma of trying to figure out who she really is. She will be trying to grasp what are these new strange powers that she has and what do they mean.  Alan elaborates:

Sookie still doesn’t know exactly what she is. She will get closer to figuring out why she has these random powers that show up when they do,” says Ball. (Spoiler alert: In the books, Sookie discovers she has fairy blood running in her.) “She is definitely part of a different race,” adds Ball. “In terms of fairies, like perky fairies with wings, like Tinkerbell, no, they’re not like that. If it is fairies, they’re fierce. They’re not pretty, soft, glamorous, gossamery things. They’re really, really, really powerful and primal creatures.”

Perhaps one of the biggest question, which has been hinted at for several months now, is the developing relationship between Sookie and Eric.  Will it develop and if so how and when?  In season 2 we saw the effects the little drops of blood that Sookie ingested had on her in terms of her having very vivid sexual dreams with Eric.  At times they have frightened her, disgusted her and presented her with feelings of guilt, yet at the same time peaked her curiosity. So will these dream turn into reality between the two of them?  Will a romance develop between Eric and SookieAlan states:

“I can definitely tell you [we’ll see that] in the show. I don’t know if it will necessarily be in Season 3. Of course they’re going to come together, it’s fated. It’s not something that’s going to happen right off the bat.”

Both Alan and Sam discuss Sam‘s fate in season 3, which again runs along the theme of finding out one’s identity.  Sam will be searching for his biological family to find answers about himself and perhaps develop a connection with them however based on what Alan and Sam state it doesn’t look like it is going to be a very happy outcome. Sam explains:

“As I understand it, I’m going to be trying to find my biological family, who put me up for adoption or abandoned me. I have a feeling they’re going to be very creepy, sketchy, weird, shape-shiftery weirdos. They’re going to be bad news.”

Now will Sam‘s love life improve this season?  That we do not know yet, but it doesn’t seem very likely considering the betrayal he suffered with Daphne and his feeling for Sookie not being reciprocal. Sam says,

“Can he ever trust a woman again? I don’t know if he can, so he may have to just turn into an animal, stay an animal and seek love that way,” jokes Trammell. “I hope he does, in all seriousness, but it could take a season or two for him to build up that confidence again.”

What other little tidbits does Alan provide?  He does state that we will also see some new shape-shifters who may be Sam‘s biological family, new vampires and werewolves and the return of some characters from Season 2.  Who are they?  Well,  Alan mentions that the Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood) will return in season 3 along with Godric (Allan Hyde) who we will see in flashback scenes.

So much information to digest and dwell upon that it will either help quell the hunger for True Blood or increase fans’ anxiety for the season to begin.  Comment below on what you think and how you feel about these spoilers.


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