True Blood Season 3 Spoilers: Revelations About Sookie, Eric, Sam and Plotlines

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ltrue-blood-sookie-billAlan Ball and Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) revealed more details to TV Guide about what we can expect to see happen when True Blood returns for season 3.  Based on what they reveal it looks like it is going to be a very long and painful wait for True Blood fans as they will have to dwell on these spoilers. Let’s look at each of the spoilers one at a time to savor what they are willing to share with us now.  One thing is for certain it is going to be “a crazy season” according to Alan Ball and Season 3 will pick up right where it left off with Bill (Stephen Moyer) being kidnap and “things get weird really fast.”

As Alan has already mentioned in a previous post that someone is going to die and the fans will be happy to see this character bite the dust.  He also provides some more details about the plotline for season 3, more details regarding Sam and what is going to happen between Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard).

Alan told TV Guide that season two‘s theme was about religions and beliefs that can make people do things they would not normally do. Season 3 is about finding one’s identity.  As Alan states:

“It seems to be that it’s about really embracing one’s identity.  This season is a lot about what it means to be who you are, or what you are.”

Which leads to Sookie‘s dilemma of trying to figure out who she really is. She will be trying to grasp what are these new strange powers that she has and what do they mean.  Alan elaborates:

Sookie still doesn’t know exactly what she is. She will get closer to figuring out why she has these random powers that show up when they do,” says Ball. (Spoiler alert: In the books, Sookie discovers she has fairy blood running in her.) “She is definitely part of a different race,” adds Ball. “In terms of fairies, like perky fairies with wings, like Tinkerbell, no, they’re not like that. If it is fairies, they’re fierce. They’re not pretty, soft, glamorous, gossamery things. They’re really, really, really powerful and primal creatures.”

Perhaps one of the biggest question, which has been hinted at for several months now, is the developing relationship between Sookie and Eric.  Will it develop and if so how and when?  In season 2 we saw the effects the little drops of blood that Sookie ingested had on her in terms of her having very vivid sexual dreams with Eric.  At times they have frightened her, disgusted her and presented her with feelings of guilt, yet at the same time peaked her curiosity. So will these dream turn into reality between the two of them?  Will a romance develop between Eric and SookieAlan states:

“I can definitely tell you [we’ll see that] in the show. I don’t know if it will necessarily be in Season 3. Of course they’re going to come together, it’s fated. It’s not something that’s going to happen right off the bat.”

Both Alan and Sam discuss Sam‘s fate in season 3, which again runs along the theme of finding out one’s identity.  Sam will be searching for his biological family to find answers about himself and perhaps develop a connection with them however based on what Alan and Sam state it doesn’t look like it is going to be a very happy outcome. Sam explains:

“As I understand it, I’m going to be trying to find my biological family, who put me up for adoption or abandoned me. I have a feeling they’re going to be very creepy, sketchy, weird, shape-shiftery weirdos. They’re going to be bad news.”

Now will Sam‘s love life improve this season?  That we do not know yet, but it doesn’t seem very likely considering the betrayal he suffered with Daphne and his feeling for Sookie not being reciprocal. Sam says,

“Can he ever trust a woman again? I don’t know if he can, so he may have to just turn into an animal, stay an animal and seek love that way,” jokes Trammell. “I hope he does, in all seriousness, but it could take a season or two for him to build up that confidence again.”

What other little tidbits does Alan provide?  He does state that we will also see some new shape-shifters who may be Sam‘s biological family, new vampires and werewolves and the return of some characters from Season 2.  Who are they?  Well,  Alan mentions that the Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood) will return in season 3 along with Godric (Allan Hyde) who we will see in flashback scenes.

So much information to digest and dwell upon that it will either help quell the hunger for True Blood or increase fans’ anxiety for the season to begin.  Comment below on what you think and how you feel about these spoilers.


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  • Truebloodsthebombshow

    to awnser your question ericfan, theirs been alot of talk that sookie has fairy blood, note the dream when she was in the hospital wasnt so much as a dream but more so real apparently

  • ericfan




  • Sheila

    Okay, so I watched Hitting Ground last night, and did not expect the magister was gonna meet his maker like that. And now that Eric knows more about sookie that is gonna endear her to him even more I am sure. Now that he has placed himself closer to Russell that should help his ultimate goal. This is getting more awesome by the second.

  • laura

    I love bill i think he is a awesome character and alan chose a great person to play him what he did was 4 sookie in season 1 he saved her life season 2 he saved her life even though when he saves her he also seems to get her into more trouble all he wants is sookie to have a good life thats all he didnt mean to attack her in the van he obviously had no idea what he was doing and got a fright when he came to. please get bill and sookie back together there great i love bill. i like eric 2.

  • Rusty101

    Of course…I want Sookie to stay with Bill. I like Eric, but he is not for Sookie. If she can’t have Bill…I want her to marry Sam and have a litter of adorable little “shape shifters!” Sam is the most stable,and sweetest of all the guys on T.B. Please Mr. Ball…don’t let anything bad happen to Sam…get Dr. Ludwigg to bring Daphnie back to life, I just bet she could.

  • Sandy

    Season 1 to save her life
    Season 2 to save her life at Fantasia w/Dr Ludwig
    Both times were a LOT of blood compared to the tiny amount she had from Eric (which she tried to spit all of it out but only takes a few drops!)
    All from the show tho!!

  • Antonio el hombre lobo

    I have not read any of the Sookie Stackhouse books So I wouldnt know about differences in the books and the show. But, From what i’ve heard here, The books and the show are different. This certainly stirs up quite a conversation here. I do not think this would even apply to say another camp like say Twilight.
    With regards to Twilight(of which I am a fan also) Edward Cullen in the books And in the films is pretty much the same.
    There really were not a lot of liberties taken with the story in the films,either. Sure,There may have been some things left out like Bella working part time at the general store with Mike Newton..More hang out time with Jacob Black …More time in class Remember Bella and Edward during biology class and the blood testing in book 1? Bella’s dream of a huge wolf attacking Edward,Also book 1??
    I can see how it might be confusing though Book Bill and Show Bill which is probably Why i do not read the books at This point. At Some point I may like to though.
    There probably will always be Some differences between a book series and how it may be portrayed in film or on Tv.
    For example, I thought that the first Twilight film,Although enjoyable, failed to capture all the mystery and intensity of the book..Instead choosing to portray Edward Cullen as a “tormented prince” as opposed to a conflicted bloodsucker who had to fight his vampire nature constantly and wondered Why he was So attracted to Bella!
    Subsequent films improved on this. New Moon and Eclipse were better than the first film I think.
    Whomever you like passionately be it Bill,Eric,Alcide,Sam,Terry
    Sookie,Tara,Pam We can All agree that This is 1 Heck of a show!
    My favorite is Bill But I do like Many of the Other characters Very much,too! I respect others whose favorite may be Eric,Sam,Alcide,Terry,Lafayette? There may even be people whose favorite is Russell,Tara, Jessica,Hoyt,Jason maybe even Sophie Ann?? We All have our favorites …We Can agree that This show is Incredible! 🙂

  • Nia

    I absolutely love Bill and Sookie together!!!!!
    I fell in love with Bill from watching the show. He had me from the first moment he walked into Merlottes and gave us all his penetrating smoldering look. I have been glamoured ever since.
    It was only because of the show that I started reading the books, and yes, I have read them all! I usually do not like to discuss them here because this is a TB site, and I prefer to comment on the show only.
    Never the less, I still love Bill and always will.
    Eric did nothing for me in the books and does nothing for me in the show. He is a great character but all I see is a manipulative, deceitful, arrogant, controling man with an occasional burst of humor who tricked Sookie. (nothing against Alex S, I think he is a fine actor and a perfect Eric).
    I understand that there will be a Eric/Sookie hookup. I welcome it and all the drama. But Bill will always be special to Sookie. And I hope that in the end they end up together. That “true love at first sight” eventually wins out. Doesnt mean that they will, they may be star crossed, as Romeo and Juliet (with everyone working against them) but I still support Alan Ball no matter what.
    I am thrilled with Alan Balls vision. That Bill and Sookie are soulmates no matter what happens seems so right.
    Alan just took the characters CH created and accentuated their already existing personalities. He read all the books and talked at great end with CH and created his own vision that she was more than happy with.
    So many feel as I do.

    Alan Ball you rock! Keep making this marvelous show your own. So many of us love you for it and will always be watching!!!!!!!!
    The ratings keep going up for a reason!!

    • Sheila

      Hey All Fellow Trubies, Nia I agree with you. Both mediums are awesome, but for those of us that have read the books as well, it would be dull to rewatch the same thing all the way through, I too see the books in the story, but in true AB fashion, he has added his own creative touches to the whole thing, I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

  • Courtney

    I’m sorry but if Sookie and Eric don’t end up together, I might just stop watching the show all together. It doesn’t have to happen right this season but she does not need to get back with Bill. End of story. I’ve been reading the books, and I must say the Bill in the books is different than the Bill in the show. That’s just my opinion. After reading about the whole Lorena thing and all the stuff he didn’t do for her that Eric did, it just made me not like him at all.

    I was 100% Team Bill when I was first started watching the show. But then I started reading the books and Eric just kind of grew on me. I love his big Viking Vampire ass. (I really do love his ass…just sayin’) I just wouldn’t be able to stand having Bill and Sookie together any longer. I know the show isn’t the series but still. Just give me this one thing. Please. D:

    • Nia

      I am sorry you feel that way about the show Courtney. You should stay a fan no matter what.
      I do.

      Team True Blood

      • Courtney

        I’d probably still watch because I really do love the show. XD True Blood has taken a life of its own and I love it. But seriously…I wouldn’t be able to stand another Bill and Sookie fling. He was her first love and all and she’ll always have a special place in her heart for him (aha corny much?) but still.

        I guess that reading what I wanted to happen in the books and then not seeing it come to life on my tv screen frustrates me a little. ^.^

        • See this is the frustration I feel Courtney. You stated that you loved Bill when you began to watch the show and then you read the books and you changed your mind which means you have been tainted by the books and you discriminate against Bill on stuff he has not done. Yes I am correct to say stuff he HAS NOT done and as you said Bill on True Blood is different from the books. I agree with Nia as I have read all the book as well and Eric did nothing for me either. As Nia I also saw “a manipulative, deceitful, arrogant, controlling man with an occasional burst of humor who tricked Sookie.”

          I would like to reiterate with what I posted elsewhere as it applies to your statement:

          I guess I find it hard to see how Eric and Sookie are better suited based on what we have seen in the show so far. Torturing your friend (Lafayette) is not a quality I find appealing in a partner and I don’t think Sookie would approve either. It seems you are basing your judgment on the books and as Alan and Charlaine stated they are two different mediums and we cannot discriminate Bill based on stuff that has not occur. Even after reading the books and looking between the lines and understanding the difficult situations that Bill was placed in my heart is still is for him. JIMO

          Also you may not believe Bill and Sookie are soulmates but what matters is that Alan does and that is what attracted him to the books with their trials and tribulations. Even Charlaine emphasized that these are two separate mediums and as such I personally don’t think it is fair people persecute Bill on incidences that haven’t occurred. Up to now there is nothing appealing in Eric as a partner while Bill has shown many times over how much he loves her.”

          • Nia

            Hi AdoreBill***Waves***

            We posted at the same time! Great minds………LOL
            As always we are on the same page.
            Thank you!

            Team True Blood!!!!!!

          • Courtney

            I know that True Blood and the books are two totally separate mediums. I understand that. I understand that I shouldn’t mix the two Bills together. But I have. You see reading the books and then seeing the show muddles everything up. So while I know Bill on TB is different that Bill in the novels its a tinsy bit hard to separate the two.

            Thats really all I have to say. Its a weak argument but thats my opinion. Bill just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. =T But I will admit that I have a little sore spot in my heart for the Bill on TB. XD

        • Nia

          But see Courtney, I see the books pretty much happening in the show. The show will of course not be exactly the same as the books (that would be boring) but it is following them. I do think the show is so much better though. More interesting plotlines, plus all the characters have so much more depth. CH did not explore all the secondary characters very well at all, heck even some of the primary ones, but then again I expected to much from the books when they really are a very simple read and form of entertainment not meant to make us think hard.
          OK, the Maryanne thing in the show was a bit much, lol, but still I love the show and Alan Balls vision better.

          There will be an Eric/Sookie hookup as in the books. But if you reread the books, you will see how much Sookie HATED Eric in the first 3 (and beyond). She actually said wished him dead at one point. It was only because of the blood bond that She started to like him. It took alot of Erics blood for her to eventually say she loved him, but even then she is not sure about it.
          She loved Bill from the very beginning. Bill may have been ordered to do things and always at the mercy of those he had to obey, but Eric always did things for Eric and his bad behavior is only his own fault. Again he had good moments but the bad outshadow the good for me.

          I wonder how Sookie would feel if the bond were broken? That would be the real test of love wouldnt it? She had not had Bills blood in a long while yet in the last book she feels so calm with him and also she felt an awakening that Eric eventully reaped the benefit from. Interesting huh?

          Eric is a fun character and had good moments but he has his own agenda and is manipulating and lying to Sookie and personally I think he wants to turn her to become his progeny. Then she will have to stay with him forever, not what I would want.

          But have faith, you will see the E/S hookup, as well as Alcide (not sure if there will be something more than the books) and of course Quinn. The books were not all just Eric.

          Another thing, if Eric was her main man and the best she had ever had, why did she go to Quinn?? I think that Sookie did not want to be a part of ERic but with the continued blood ingestion she had no choice. See thats what bothers me, Eric was like drugging her into caring for him. He may have eventually loved her but she never went to him of her own accord, without the blood bond. The only time she was with him and was happy was when he was not himself, a totally different person.
          He did have his good moments but the blood bond always bothered me, plus his again lying to her into a vampire commitment. That was highhanded and typical controlling Eric. I would have been as furious as she was and then some.

          Well, I did it again, discussing the books which I do not like to do. But you are basing your comments on the books (therefore I had to use them here) and I wish you would let the show stand on its own.

          I personally love all the drama and the trials and obstacles that Bill and Sookies love must overcome. There will be other men in her life, but I am hoping that they will reuite in the end.
          Another Bill and Sookie hookup is what I and so many others are waiting patiently for.
          Will they get together finally in the end? I fervently hope so but really only Alan Ball knows for sure.

          Team True Blood

          • Courtney

            I agree with you. AB follows the basic plotline of the story but does all these wonderful new things with the show. I know that the sookie and eric hookup doesn’t happen for a while so I don’t expect it to happen soon in the show. And I’m sorry if I made you think I thought the books were all about Eric and that I want the show to end up like that too. Because I don’t. I’d just like to point out that I have a soft spot for all the male characters in my heart, in the book and on the show. Even though I will admit that I haven’t gotten far enough into the books for Quinn. D: So maybe thats why I love Eric so much? Food for thought. XD Even if he is a manipulative little s@#t.

            But I will try to let the show stand on its own. But as I pointed out to AdoreBill once things get muddled up for me i find it hard to separate certain things. But thats just me. I have to constantly remind myself that I can’t compare the show to the books because they are simply not the same thing.

            However Bill and Sookie in the end together? No. JMO XD So I agree to disagree with you on that.

            But I wouldn’t stop watching if it did happen. I was just being my usual melodramatic self.

          • jaxx

            I don’t know why this subject has to be rehashed over and over and over again. Some people love Bill, some people love Eric, some people love Alicde, some people love Sam, some people love Quinn (did I leave anyone out??) You love who you love for whatever reason you find them attractive and let it just be. No one is talking anyone into switching sides. We all find characteristics we like in both vamps or other supes. There are going to be certain characteristics all of us are going to love and hate about all of the characters. What one finds endearing, another will find despicable. I personally don’t see Sookie ending up with either vamp. I think it will be Sam in the end, if anyone at all, I’ve said this over and over again. But, we have 3 more books to wait this out and see how CH is going to end this. Sookie may very well decide to remain single and raise Hunter herself, deciding she doesn’t need any of them in the end. Maybe Remy will sweep her off her feet. Who knows. LOL. CH has said just recently at ComicCon that Sookie won’t be turned into a vamp even though the subject will come up again in book 11. I don’t think the fae trait will keep her living any longer than the rest of us so I can’t see her ending up with a vamp at all. Sure, Bill and Eric will always be in her life, keeping an eye on her but I sadly just can’t see her ending up with either of them. Alcide and her are hot and cold and I don’t think he ever forgave her for Debbie and he seems to us Sookie when it’s convenient for the pack, and Sookie pretty much dismissed Quinn because of the family situation. Sam is her best bet, even though I adore the viking myself. But, only CH knows how she’s going to end this, so we have to wait until May 2013 to find out where this all ends up. It will be interesting indeed. 🙂

          • pbt

            Hey Jaxx. ~Winking~

            We all have had our own personal situations, tragedies, people who have influenced us and family in our lives that shape how we look at the characters on this show. Our histories color the lens by which we judge our favorites. We have all been over this about 1000 times. OH SO TRUE. We love who we love and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. None of us are interested in changing our favorites and are willing to love them with their good and bad traits. I think its OK to like the books and the show. Yes, they are different venues of entertainment. But without the one, the other would not exist. So in some respects,they are inseparable.

            Continued success to True Blood. Can’t wait to see where all of this will be ending this season.

          • Courtney

            I’ve changed my mind. Everyone talks about Bill or Eric or Sam, but from now on, I’m Team Pam. I just love her so much. XD Maybe Sookie will give up on men all together and realize that Pam is her one and true love. Actually I doubt it’ll happen but I think it’d be interesting…^.^

            Pam is my absolute favorite character hands down.

          • Nia

            Hey Courtney you have to admit we all get pretty passionate about this show and our favorites. Its what fuels our fires!!!
            In all honesty I would think that with CHs personal tragedy that she would have Sookie in the end on her own! Not needing man at all. That would be sad in a way but also prove that we as women can be strong without a man to control or manipulate us.
            So in reality it doesnt matter who Sookie ends up with. WE are just enjoying arguing about the ride (you have to admit some of those rides are pretty good….wink wink!!)

            So no matter what, my first intention to reply to you was to prompt you to continue with this amazing show no matter what happens. Even if my favorite character is not seen in the best light I will still watch it. I love Alan Ball and his dark vision.
            CH was a decent read but I guess when it comes to fanatasy/sci fiction I was/am always a Herbert, Asimov, Tolkien kind of gal.

            BTW, nothing wrong with Team Pam, shes definitely has some of the best lines as well as pumps.!!!!
            Enjoy the rest of the season.

          • pbt

            Hello Courtney. I couldn’t agree more about Pam. She is the best female vamp. Her style is unparalleled well except maybe by Lafayette. She and Eric are hilarious together. I agree she has some of the best quips. I hope to see more of Kristin Bauer’s character next year. Perhaps we will see Sookie and Pam getting closer in the series.

          • Sandy

            Not taking sides here but lets not forget Bill gave Sookie lots and lots and lots of his blood – yes to save her life but also during sex! So to use the logic that Eric forced her to love him the same could be said of Bill. Regardless of the reasons.
            I know most of you guys on this site adore Bill – and that’s cool but don’t pretend that Bill is “true love” and Eric couldnt be because of the blood.
            You know I mean this in the most polite way possible!!
            Talk to ya’ll later 😉

          • Nia

            Hey Sandy,
            I was just wondering where in the show did Bill give Sookie lots and lots and lots of his blood other than to save her in the beginning. As far as I am concerned she only drank from him once.
            So unless my memory is faulty and it very well may be, when was the other times he gave her lots and lots??
            Just curious.
            Anyways, if it was just in the beginning, then the bond should be pretty depleted by now. Especially since she was tricked into drinking Erics blood which is older and stronger.
            Funny that she is not running into his arms. Good for her. She may have had some dreams but I think he is dreaming more of her. LOL
            Of course that will change, it is inevtiable and I look forward to it, although after this last epi, lets just say that she does not think to highly of Eric right now, and I am being generous.
            It really doesnt matter. We all love who we all love. There are many Bill lovers, Eric lovers and Sam lovers, etc…….Heck I love crazy Franklin….LOL, and Talbot! Too much fun!!

          • Nia

            Yes!!! Of course!! I knew I was forgetting something!! Thank you for pointing that out to me I completely forgot about the maenad attack!!!!


  • Susan

    I have only recently started watching true blood but I immediatly took a liking to Bill and Sookie as well as Eric. Still for right now I guess I am a Bill and Sookie fan not that Eric doesn’t intrigue me. I have read many of your comments and I have to say while I agree with most there are some things I disagree with. I know Sookie kissed Sam while Bill was away at the tribunal and while that might seem hypicritical I also can see where Sookie is coming from. Sookie has never been in a relationship before Bill. She has a hard time trusting people especially trusting people not to abandon her. In the episode she had kissed Sam in Bill was gone for two to three days without contact she didn’t know if he was going to come back or be killed by the tribunal and at that point they had not been together long so her trust in Bill was not concrete yet. As the show goes on from there her trust becomes stronger but Bill himself keeps things from her which at times shakes that trust. It just goes to show you that their relationship is like most others with ups and downs. Now with Eric because she drank his blood she is having dreams about him, does she like him? After the whole Godric thing(by the way I miss him he was a cool character)I think she feld sympathy for him and at times she does feel a small bit of attraction but he is also still too cold for her to feel much anything else for yet, I think it will be a tough call between the two, especially after Bill betrays Sookie coming up in season 3 and if they follow the book series(spoliers for those who are reading this), then Bill and Sookie will break up and she and Eric will start to get closer. All I can say is only time will tell if AB will follow the books completely or put his own artistic spin on them.

  • jaxx

    Hi Nia, yes had a good 4th. Hope everything is ok with your family.

    There are lots of gray areas with both vamps. That’s for sure. And, I do not hate Bill as you do not hate Eric. I just don’t like the way he has handled some situations concerning Sookie. I think they could have been handled better. You and I both seem to have very high standards which isn’t a bad thing at all. We both have set these standards for our favorites as well as their rivals. The problem lies when our rivals don’t live up to the standards we’ve set. We’re all different and can tolerate different behaviors. It all comes down to what we consider tolerable or not.

    I’m sure Eric has secrets. He’s lived for 1,000 years as a vampire. Just as we do, Sookie will have to decide for herself what she can tolerate in Eric and Bill and what she cannot. I personally could not put up with my fiance’ having sex with another woman, no matter what the reasoning is, protection or not, just not something I could tolerate. Others maybe able to get past that and that’s fine for them, but that’s just not me. And yes if Eric did this to Sookie, I would not think very highly of him either.

    And, we don’t know all that much about Eric’s past. Hopefully this is something we will see this season.

    I personally would like to see Sookie with other suitors before she decides on one. Let’s see who is the best match for her. And, if in the ends it is Bill then so be it. I just want Eric to get his chance and see where it goes.

    I thought I explained my reasoning for the bullet before. Yes, there were 2 reasons Eric was shot: professional as sheriff and personal. He wanted the were alive. He knew Sookie could pick up any thoughts regarding who the were worked for. The “who sent you” question when answered would solve both problems, who took Bill and Eric’s personal query as well. Eric didn’t want the were to drink his blood, but he knew if he were shot, the sole focus of a V addict would be his next fix. He would not be focusing at that point on Sookie at all, and he didn’t. Eric knew he could kill the were at this most vulnerable point and he did. Problem solved.

    I disagree. Eric came to Sookie’s house with a plan. He didn’t go there to sit on her front porch and shoot the breeze all night. He knew the were was coming for her. He went there to protect her and I’m sure he had a plan in mind when he went there. It’s quite a drive from Shreveport to BT. He had time to think of different scenarios and solutions. He didn’t just walk in there blindly, give him a little credit here. When that bullet was shot, we saw it in slow motion, enough time to Eric to put a plan in motion and he did.

    Wow, 3 episodes in and look where we are. Can’t wait until next Sunday. 🙂

  • jaxx

    Hi Everyone, hope everyone celebrating the 4th of July had a safe and fun holiday in the US!!!

    I, myself, believe in Eric’s potential. I believe we are just starting to scratch the surface of the true Eric Northman. I am willing to give him a chance to prove himself as the loyal, intelligent, loving, sensitive, caring person that is buried deep within him, just now being awakened and coming to the surface. What vamp doesn’t control, manipulate and trick??? It all comes down to what degree and how and for what reasons all of the above are applied. You either love him or hate him. So be it, more for the rest of us Eric lovers then.

    Don’t forget, Sam also tried to move in on Sookie in S1 after Bill went to the tribunal. Sookie mentioned to Sam about Bill’s absence something to the effect that “if vampire politics are more important than her. . . “, so she jumped on Sam’s bandwagon until Bill burst in on them. Shame on you Sookie. Is that how much you loved Bill to immediately go to Sam a day or two later???

    Us as viewers are tuned into what is going on, Sookie is not always tuned in. We are starting to find out that maybe Sookie loves Bill under false pretenses. We are starting to find out the reasons Bill came back to BT, but not Sookie. She thinks he came back as sole heir to the Compton house, mainstream and date a waitress, but Russell did\is going to disprove that theory. Sookie doesn’t have a clue at this point and is pining away for Bill, but what will she say when she finds out the truth and I’m sure Lorena will be more than willing to fill her in about it all. What will Sookie think, say?? I guess we’ll just have to see if Sookie can forgive and forget. If she can, she is a better person than I would be.

    I personally think Bill is storing the fact that he knows about the V sales to use at a later date. Well played Bill.

    Eric never said he couldn’t defeat the weres, he only said it would be difficult, even for him, but he could do it. I guess if he would feed beforehand like Bill did, it would be simple with fresh human blood running through his veins.

    I still think Eric had a plan in taking the bullet for the were. He wanted to find out who was in charge, therefore, it would tell him who had Bill. Eric is duty bound to find Bill whether he likes him or not (and Eric does have his own personal reasons as well, killing 2 birds with 1 stone theory). That is his job. And, Eric knew Sookie could read the were thoughts further enhancing his ability to find out where Bill is. Eric knowing Sookie could read the were, he was attempting to work together with her to find out his answer. He knew the were being addicted to V would go after his blood and not Sookie. There was no danger there. The scene with the bullet going in slow motion was in fact the time Eric was calculating his next moves at vamp speed, not human speed. You could see the train of thought in his face as the bullet was slowly moving on the screen. Bravo Eric, great strategy.

    Sookie will go to Eric for protection upon Bill’s disappearance, no doubt. Just as with Sam when Bill disappeared in S1, she will go to Eric now in S3. Shallow Sookie doesn’t seem to care who takes care of her, only that someone will. And the spoiler is Eric will spurn her advances. Will have to wait to comment on this one since we haven’t seen it yet.

    I think Eric will change for Sookie and that is a start in a noticeable change towards everyone else. You have to start somewhere.

    As far as Eric stealing Sookie from Bill, Bill will renounce her as his. Sookie is now fair game. Bill was Sookie’s first love and that was epic and life changing to her in so many ways. I still remember my first love with a smile and fond memories, but moved on and married someone else. Sookie will have Alcide and Quinn yet to contend with besides Eric and who knows who else AB will throw in there. And, we really don’t know the end of this series (either tv or book) yet. Sookie could very well end up with Bill in the end, who knows. Like it or not, we’ll just have to accept it. I’m willing to wait it out no matter who Sookie is with and see how this ends up.

    Go TB!! This is such a great season. 🙂

    • pbt

      Hey Jaxx! I have to agree with you on this in oh so many ways. This season has been awesome so far and can hardly wait for Sunday. Go TB!

    • Nia

      Hi Jaxx, good 4th?

      Yes we all hope to see positive potential in all our favs. Eric is showing this in a slow and confused fashion. To him he it is he is “owing” her. He is incapable of displaying his feelings any other way at this time. This I know will change but then as I said before, unfortunately, at the expense of another.

      Yes this “degree and how” is a very essential point. Nuff said on that!!

      See, unfortunately you bring it down to love or hate and with no gray areas. We unfortunately respond to said stimuli in said fashion.
      I do not hate Eric, infact I would have liked him more if I did not have to deal with all the Bill hate since the very beginning and when it was never deserved just because of fondness/dismay for Eric.

      pbt mentioned earlier that Eric cannot catch a break. Was this not so for Bill?? And again since the very beginning??
      It really hurts when the shoe is on the other foot doesnt it??

      Sookie doing the tongue dance with Sam while Bill was away at tribunal, paying for saving her, is just one of the same hypocritical situations that was mentioned in the previous posts. And if AB does follow the books, we will see it again. A true and very annoying fault in CH’s heroine that we saw with all her suitors. I am hoping that AB gives our Sookie a bit more integrity and faithfulness.

      That we will see the reasons for Bills original return to BT is inevitable. It had nothing to do though with his developing a deep love for her. That came after. Yes it is a secret that he did not reveal for reasons that he may lose her. We have hashed this all out before.

      But does not Eric have secrets as well?? What if Sookie finds out about those. Can she forgive and forget his?? Should she? Would you?? You say you would not, if so then Eric should be long gone were you Sookie. And may be, for we shall have to have our other suitors come in as well. How will you feel then?? Secrets abound around all our vamps.
      Personally I loved Quinn. Sookie treated him abominably.

      Good for Bill that he has the knowledge of the V to use at a later date. What else does he have at his disposal except his intellect and knowledge. He cannot defeat those that are older and have more authority. And it doesnt matter that he has always been in the past loyal and subserviant.

      I still see Eric took the bullet for the were so the were would not be killed so that he may question him. Why would Eric want to take a bullet?? Do you actually believe that it was some kind of master plan?? Why not just grab the were. Isnt it silly to possibly allow the were to drink some V and thus become stronger and more dangerous?? This is not logical…makes no sense. And Of course there was still the great possibility of danger there.

      AS I said, Eric was not asking the were about Bill, only “who sent you”. Again your logic is faulty. Remember Eric said to Sookie something to the effect that there are more important things than finding your boyfriend.

      The train of thought on Erics face was do not kill the were before I can question him…thats pretty much it. Strategy?? Really? I dont think so.

      Sookie will go to Eric for protection, he owes her. Bill did not disappear in S1, he was taken to the tribunal by Eric for killing LS and saving Sookie. I agree Sookie is shallow!

      I hope you are right that Eric will spurn Sookie because taking her under these extreme circumstances would be again feeble and desparate. And for Eric to rise above he has to get beyond that.

      Yes Bill will ask Sookie to not look for him. He will reject her, break her heart and tear his own soul to protect her. Always to protect her no matter the cost to him.
      The noble gesture, the star crossed lover, the man who has taken our hearts! No matter what is revealed, Bills love for Sookie will always hold a special place in all our hearts. I can only dream of a man like that. Dark and light, I will take him all!!

      It is true that we do not know how the series will end. It could be with anyone. I have always said that I will support AB in all he chooses to do!!!

      TB rocks!!

    • annm329

      Jaxx as always you, pbt and I see this the same way. Eric is often villified. We don’t know anything about him and we don’t know his reasons for his behavior, so it’s just easy to say he’s the “bad guy”. Why is it some folks always excuse everything Bill does because of his past or because he loves Sookie? I wonder if when we find out who Eric loved and lost when he was human and the circumstances surrounding the loss, if the same folks will still villify him? I guess Eric’s loss won’t count because it’s Eric. I also wonder if Alcide and Quinn will be villifed too when they come into the picture. Folks who have read the books know that they both had some other things on thier agenda as well as Bill and Eric do. Sookie ain’t the be all end all of the universe after all!! Sam was the only one who just loved Sookie for Sookie. He didn’t have any King or Queen telling him to go check her out or use her for her abilities, he just loved her but was too shy to do anything about it.

      Jaxx you touched on some things about Sookie I didn’t think about. Everybody’s so focused on Bill vs Eric we forget how easy she switches from guy to guy. I guess who’s ever around to protect her at that momment. Maybe they should all leave her alone and find more mature loves.

      • jaxx

        Thanks annm. It’s funny how some of us see things one way and others another. We watch the same show yet see the outcomes so differently and we all believe we are justified in our beliefs. I guess that’s what is fun about forums and discussion groups. All different points of view, which is definitely NOT a bad thing. 🙂

        • annm329

          I think the best thing is going to be to see what they reveal about Eric and Bill and then we will see if the opinions are the same at the end of the season. Some will be the same no matter what is presented but some, like myself from season 1 and 2, may change thier minds. I hope people just open thier minds and see and hear what is being presented. As PBT said maybe it’s an age thing. I’m probably older than a lot of folks on here too, as PBT said we are more patient to see what developes.

          • LOL! I don’t think age has anything to do with it or with being patient. Sometimes age doesn’t equal maturity or lessons learned from life experiences as some never learn as the old adage goes LOL.

            As to the storylines we all can’t wait to see what will happen with our favorites and see how each character’s emotional states will develop. We will see their good qualities come out and shine and their inner turmoil that will drive them into despair. Each week we see each character showing various complexities in the development in their personality that there is no need to “patiently wait” for anything as it is constantly being unraveled for us each week.

  • pbt

    I guess I am willing to give a character a chance to change and rise above and become something bigger and greater than he has ever been before. I am not quite as judgmental but perhaps that is because I am a bit older than most on here. I would be the last person to be judge and jury about anyone. Perhaps a bit more patient in finding out what the true reasons are for what we are seeing. But what I have read are opinions and I will once again give mine on the matter.

    We have seen only brief glimpses of Eric this season. From everything this season, the Viking is struggling with what he feels. Now that he has had Sookie’s blood, he is starting to realize what this means. It was never more evident than on the steps of Sookie’s house when Sookie proclaims, “you will never know.” And Eric replies, “I all too well know what it means.” They were discussing the disappearance of Bill Compton. Alan Ball has not given the details of what Eric deep seeded hatred and sadness is concerning werewolves. From this viewers vantage point it must be pretty darn bad. These memories are haunting Eric. We as viewers have not been made privy yet to what they are but I feel Alan Ball will be showing us soon. Let’s face it the anticipation is killing us. Alan if you are reading this, sooner please!

    Well from obvious promos already, Eric will be doing just that. Bill will be renouncing Sookie and that he never meant anything to him. Now will Eric be villain once again for stepping in taking over the protection of Sookie. Probably. The vamp can’t seem to catch a break on anything around here.

    I found it quite hypocritical of Sookie to ask Eric if he will be able to feel when she is in trouble. She doesn’t like the fact that Eric gave her his blood through his tiny falsehood but is darn ready for him to watch over her when the occasion arises. Sorry Sookie but that was really shallow of you with the Viking. I still remain steadfast in the belief that he had her drink his blood so he could better protect her. Yes, perhaps my blinders are on to this scene but I am still thinking Eric knew what Bill was from the start.

    I think Eric has proven to Sookie already that he is willing to change his usual method of operating with humans. For Eric to return to her house, and readily admit that he lied about the werewolves is a huge step forward in his character development. He proved at that moment that he was capable of changing. And that the change was for the better. Again in this scene with her and Eric sitting on the porch steps he admits that he is putting himself in danger once again. Sookie inquires as to how but Eric refuses to divulge the real danger that lies beneath for him making this move.

    Eric interactions with Lorena seem like a century ago in this plot line. Since that initial meeting Eric has proven on more than one occasion that he willing to go the extra mile for Sookie. Eric is a Viking through and through. On the surface, the cool businessman, loyal maker to Pam, proud child of his dead maker Godric. But as we are finding out more and more as the season progresses there is so much more to his underlying character.

    I would disagree that Eric seems to always need someone to do his dirty work. It seems that when Eric showed up Sookie’s knowing the danger she was in that he stepped up to the plate quite admirably. As far as Mr. Ruben and kidnapping Bill, that was the result of his conversation with Queen Sophie Ann in NOLA.

    If anyone lies seem to be growing episode by episode it appears that Bill Compton is in the crosshairs of many vampires. Russell Edgington is not likely to so easily fooled by Bill’s lies about fealty, his relationship with QSA or giving up his infatuation with the telepathic waitress. Even Lorena who has known Bill his entire vampire life did not believe that one. I believe her comment was something about a “bravura performance.” And of course, we all know how QSA feels about Bill. I believe the quote was, “let him rot!”

    As far as Eric being dangerous I don’t think anyone fight the fact that Eric is a dead on killer in all meanings of the word. Though I did find his comment to Sookie about her rug becoming all wet quite delicious. Fact is Sookie would have killed the werewolf if Eric did not step in front of the bullet. Fact after Eric took the bullet, then Sookie heard the werewolve’s thoughts for the first time. Her face told the story. She was surprised that she could read them so easily. Fact Eric shouted to Sookie not to shoot the were as he was attacking him. Fact Eric asked the werewolf who he worked for as the were viciously smelled the V and attacked Eric two more times. Fact as the were ran away after being tossed to the wall by Eric that Sookie shot him again. BTW, Andy Makenzie (werewolf with tats) you did an amazing job of acting. Fact that is that’s when Sookie finally overheard the were mention Jackson. Fact the were asked for death from Eric saying, “he was already as good as dead anyway.” Eric obliged him a death fitting a were. To die in battle. Something Eric would readily wanted for himself or any of his men under his command during his human years.

    I will not deny that Eric is intrigued to find out more information about this particular were pack from Jackson. After inspecting the werewolves neck he realized that he was dealing with the same pack from his Nazi flashback days. Again we don’t know why he is so motivated about this pack.

    Sookie will go to Eric. That is absolutely correct. Does Eric want her when she is still pining for Bill? That remains to be seen. We know from spoilers that Eric spurns Sookie. So I will be watching this very very closely.As I have said before, I am ready to accept anyone who can admit there short comings, mistakes and faults. We have started to see Eric Northman slowly showing this side of him. Is he perfect? Far from it. Will Sookie have him whinning and running after her? Well I guess we will have to wait and see that. Gosh, I hope not.

    I am not looking for the happy after couple who lives happily ever after on this show. What I am looking for is a dramatic series with lots of twists and turns.Alan Ball you rock!!!!!
    Bill will always be Sookie’s first lover. But will he be her last? Very doubtful indeed. Most of us never end up with our first love. So as I have said many times before, give me Eric Northman. Eric the loyal maker, the dangerous vamp, the smart businessman and yes, Eric the lover. That’s what holds my attention on this show. It certainly isn’t Bill running and shouting Soookiiiiiie.

    Give me the Viking Vampire any day of the week! 😉

    Oh and happy 4th of July to all our men and women who serve in the Armed Forces here in the US and abroad. Gods safe return to all!

    • Nia

      I never have a problem with giving a character a chance to rise above as long as this “rise” is not at the expense of another. Then that would defeat the purpose of the assention to a better place emotionally and spiritually.

      And we know that so far and at all times Eric will use and abuse Bill to achieve his own ends.

      Judgemental, not at all, merely my accurate response on the truths and facts as they are presented.

      Can Eric change and become a better person?? That is the question. But how do you see him becoming a better person? Just to Sookie?? A better person will hope to change in more ways than just one and only for one.

      We have yet to learn what vendetta Eric has against the leader of the were pack. I am sure it was something traumatic. But was Bills sorrow in his past any less traumatic? Is it so easy to forget what Bill lost, what was stolen so cruelly and the horror on his wifes face combined with the heartbreak of his son death?

      Some have said he should never have gone back to see them, that he should have listened to Lorena and that his sorrow and hers was his own fault. But Bill I believe has never lost the true depth of his humanity and fights tooth and nail to retain it and nurture it back no matter who keeps trying to take it away. Although I fear this last will be his undoing. It will drive him to the brink.

      Bill will renounce Sookie to protect her, always to protect her, even at the cost of his freedom and humanity. That has been established. He only ever does anything for her. To believe anything else would constitute not wishing to see the truth for what it is.

      This would not be necessary to begin with if Eric had not called in Lorena to get Bill “out of the way” so he can have a clear shot at Sookie. This started the chain of events to bring Bill down. Lorena is now in the picture thanks to Erics feeble and desparate gesture, she has now gone to Russell to coerce him into believeing that Bill is very valuable and in return she can possess Bill again as well as kill Sookie before his eyes.
      Thus Sookie is in danger again.

      Eric owes Sookie for so much. How will she react when eventually and in a perfect and just world she finds out the truth? Remember this well when you will be itching to comment on a truth that will be revealed about Bill later.

      Was Sookie hypocritical to Eric? Of course she was. Holy cow we are going to agree. Loleaf would be proud.
      Sookie has in the past shown this way of thinking in a few situations with Bill. Now you know how it feels.

      I will disagree with your statement that Eric only wanted her to drink his blood to protect her…..He just wanted her, period. Do not read to much in to the act. He did not come when she was in danger from the maenad. He could have found a way. Bill was ready to leave QSA without her permission.
      Protection was far from Erics mind at the time. You are giving him to much credit here. He has yet to earn it.

      You state that Eric “knew what Bill was from the start”. I am curious, what is Bill, and what evidence do you have to back up that statement?? We established long ago after Longshadows demise by Bills hand that Eric had no idea of an “edict”. So I think that you are AGAIN really reaching with that one. Like I said, based on what facts? If Eric knew anything he would absolutely have used it by now against Bill. That is ERics MO

      I will give this to Eric, he admited lying to Sookie about the weres, afterall that was one of the reasons he was there and he had to explain. He may have wanted to protect Sookie but he also wanted to get his hands on the were for information. I did not hear Eric asking the were where Bill was, only “who sent you” because that is what Eric wanted to know more than anything else….the vendetta.

      I wonder why Eric believes he is risking everything by telling Sookie about the weres????? What has he to risk in that respect? And what danger?? He is searching out his own truths and vendetta. That is his choice. He also states that his loyalty is not to Bill, his underling, someone that is he is supposed to find and protect. Is it by looking for Bill he is risking all because Bill knows about the V?? Well what Eric is doing is illegal and the magister is hot on his tail. This is not Bills fault, yet Bill has to pay the price??

      So far Bill has always done what Eric has asked of him but when Bill finds out about the V, an illegal activity, it is now time to let Bill rot, even though Bill would not have said anything as long as Eric stayed away from Sookie. In the scheme of things, not much to ask.
      So now it is advantageous to ERic that Bill is not found.

      I think it is good that Eric told Sookie the truth. Is this a step in the right direction? A character leap? It has to be, because I cannot imagine Sookie being interested in someone who has behaved as Eric has in the past……Bill, Lafayette, Longshadow incident, most of Dallas. Eric has done much that he should atone for.

      “Erics interactions with Lorena seem like a century ago” yet they are revelant to this storyline. Again if it wasnt for Eric calling in Lorena this abduction would never have happened. But then again Eric would have had his nice little abduction and I do not believe that he would have offered Bill a sheriffship!!

      I am curious, When on these so called many occasions of yours, did Eric go the extra mile for Sookie??? I am at a loss. He constantly puts her in danger for his own selfish reasons.

      “Cool businessman”??….LOL, well that temper tantrum he had when his little “abduction” business transaction backfired, sure blows that one out of the water…LOL.
      So does that mean Eric is a great businessman until something does not go his way?? Contradiction then. A good businessman takes the good and bad with great aplumb.

      “Loyal maker to Pam”??….He was so angry that he cruelly chided his loyal child and did not listen to her advice or warnings so that now she may pay the price, which I believe is unfortunately inevitable. But I truly believe he will feel sorry for.

      “Proud child of Godric”, we know of course that Eric feels proud but did Godric feel pride for Eric?? I am not so sure but I hope so.

      You do not agree that Eric has someone do his dirty work but that is exactly what he has done.
      He came to Sookie to protect her and but also for the vendetta, to find out info, who else would he tell this too?? He had to do this himself. So could not have anyone else handle this.
      He also is supposed to look for his underling, but instead he sends Alcide. Eric has his priorities we know!!

      The abduction planned with Mr Rueben was ALL ERIC. SA did not suggest it. Eric said he would take care of Bill Compton personally……what that meant and how it was handled was all up to Eric.

      Ahhhh the lies……Sookie said it so well to Eric:

      “One minute you lie to me the next minute you ask me to trust you”

      You say that Bill is doing all the lying. How so very untrue. That Bill is lying to Russell. Bill will do whatever it takes to save and protect Sookie, even lying to Russell and his love, then of course putting himself in danger and breaking his own heart.

      So Lets pull out at least one lie out of the hat from Eric now. He has lied openly to the magister, not for anything so noble as to save or protect Sookie, but to save his own skin. Woe be it to him if and when the magister finds out that not only is Eric lying about the V but also about 2 missing vampires. I worry that sonehow Eric will find a way to put this blame on Bill.

      I never discussed that Eric was “dangerous”. Well goodness what is there to discuss, all vampires are dangerous….LOL

      OK Pbt now you are giving some me “facts” as you interpret them, I am not sure why nor do I quite understand, but here are my thoughts:
      ***Fact is Sookie would have killed the werewolf if Eric did not step in front of the bullet.***

      Of course Sookie was going to shoot and possibly kill the were.
      He was there to hurt her and she had a gun as Eric was well aware. If Eric was so good at planning things and thinking ahead, he would have taken the gun away, unless he was hoping to get shot and that she was stupid enough to suck the bullet out again!! LOL. Even she said she wasnt…..LOL

      Eric took the bullet so to save the were that he may be questioned as to who sent him…thus the information Eric has been searching for as seen in the Nazi flashback.

      ***Fact after Eric took the bullet, then Sookie heard the werewolve’s thoughts for the first time. Her face told the story. She was surprised that she could read them so easily.***

      Not sure what point you are trying to make here. of course she could hear the were. She was not surprised she could read them easily just that the were wanted V. Something Eric left out of his explanation to her.
      He was just thinking of V after Eric was shot. Then after she shot the were he was thinking “you got nothing on Jackson”. What story exactly you think Sookies facial expression gave other than joy that perhaps they had a name of someone that may have Bill.
      So again I am not sure what you you hoped to achieve/meant by your statement.

      ***Fact Eric shouted to Sookie not to shoot the were as he was attacking him.Fact Eric asked the werewolf who he worked for as the were viciously smelled the V and attacked Eric two more times. Fact as the were ran away after being tossed to the wall by Eric that Sookie shot him again.Fact that is that’s when Sookie finally overheard the were mention Jackson. Fact the were asked for death from Eric saying, “he was already as good as dead anyway.” Eric obliged him a death fitting a were. To die in battle. Something Eric would readily wanted for himself or any of his men under his command during his human years.***

      I am not to sure where you were going with these facts, we all saw this. Makes no sense if you were trying to make some kind of point out of all this.

      BTW, Eric did not die in battle as probably so many of his comrades did, he chose “leeeeve”!! Of course a better choice, very practical, but noble? I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

      Sookie will go to Eric, that is definitely going to happen, I look forward to it. Bill will push her away to save her from Russell and Lorena. Bill does this at the expense of his own soul.
      We have started to see a softer side to Eric, we have to, otherwise Sookie would not think of being wth him after what he as done and his behavior of the past.

      And definitely none of our vamps are perfect.

      One of the concepts of the story is Sookies sexual and relationship awakening, will Alan Ball continue this? We shall have to wait and see. How can one know how good they have it unless they sample of the world around them.

      Happily ever after is a wonderful concept and one that we all hope and dream about because in real life it happens very rarely. Will it happen here? It would be wonderful but we shall have to wait on tenderhooks of the amazing Alan Ball to find out.

      As to what holds my interest in this show, it is the wonderfully loving selfsacrificing Bill Compton. I thank the gods for the FF button on my DVR. It is all about Bill although I do enjoy the other cast as well and have other favorites…Lafayette, Russell, Franklin, Talbot…. A true ensemble, but Bill will always have my heart.

      As for our romantic Bill running to save his lover and miracle while shouting her name???
      I just wish he were doing that for me!!!!

      WEll this was a fun respite, but now back to the harsh realities of my life.
      I hope everyone had a safe a wonderful 4th of July.

      Peace and love to our troops!

  • Eric & Sookie Forever!

    Eric is not only deliciously SUPER HOT, he has a great personaliity and he is not afraid to get what he wants. sookie is sweet, tough and has feelings for eric too. eric and sookie make a GREAT COUPLE and i hope that they end up together in the series somehow! no disrespect intended to any bill fans but bill is always whining or worrying about something. Eric has power and eric embraces danger which adds to his allure. thats why sookie likes him because she knows Eric will do anything for her and will succeed.

    • Nia

      I have been wanting to reply here for some time now, with my own opinion on what you commented.

      Some may find Eric hot, and that is fine if you do.
      I do not and never will. He is a ok looking but with a personality that I find offensive, which overshadows anything else.

      But Oh thats right, **slaps forehead**, some woman may prefer a man who controls, manipulates, and tricks them while being insufferably arrogant and egotistical.

      No, Eric is not afraid to get what he wants, no matter who he hurts or steps on in the process to get it. I find that lacking in integrity, and is disloyal and greedy. He wants what clearly belongs to another. Why cant he get a girl on his own? Isnt Yvetta enough? He has to take one from someone else when he knows perfectly well they love each other. Very bad form for one so old.

      You call Bill whiney? I completely disagree. What I see is Bill the lover, fighter, and protector. Yes he is not perfect and makes mistakes and has kept some truths from her but always because he loves Sookie and will do anything for her, even walk into the sun. Can Eric say the same? Let him prove it.

      Eric is the one whinning like a spoiled petulant child, for example when he was speaking to Lorena. He couldnt even be truthful to her about why he wanted her to come. And why? Because he was embarasssed.

      I have had children and I certainly do not need a boyfriend/lover who acts like one. He had to call in Lorena to get Bill away from Sookie… a bully on the playground using someone else to get a toy away from another. That entire scenario was laughable and Bill said it best:

      “Calling in my maker because you couldnt win Sookie for yourself. Feeble and desparate even for you”.

      Seems like Eric always needs someone else to do his dirty work for him. Calling in Lorena to restrain Bill, now Mr. Reuben to attempt to abduct Bill (and oh did someone have a tantrum when that failed). I wonder how Sookie would feel about that when she finds out. Oh thats right, Bill was to much of a man to tell her what Eric did and obviously Eric lied to her about both. Had Bill told Sookie, then you would have really called him whiney.

      Eric clearly said he did not know anything about Bill being abducted when he thought at the time Mr Reuben had done the job. Erics barrelful of lies is growing and growing.

      The viking needs some lessons in manners. Godric was remiss in his instructions to Eric. He plainly forgot decency and courtly manners as a few of them.

      Eric has power and authority and abuses them to his own ends. Yeah, there’s a real man for you.

      Your statement that Eric has power, embraces danger and that is his allure and that is why Sookie likes him?
      What danger???
      Perhaps confronting a “broke queen” constitutes danger????
      Or when Eric confronted ONE were and “got himself” shot to save the were (not Sookie)for questioning?
      Bill took on 4 weres and defeated them.

      Sookie dislikes Eric and only tolerates him at this point because she has had his blood and he came to protect her because as he said he owes her, but mainly he wanted to get the were to question h,im. She may be curious about him since Godric died and he showed emotions, but there is also the blood bond.

      She will only go to Eric when Bill has to let her go to protect her.

      Hope Eric doesnt mind he will get her on the rebound, but seeing how he is, I dont think he will care.

      I like Eric for what he is but we should be clear as to what he is at this point. Will he soften up? Possibly, but that does not and should not erase his prior behavior.

      Sookie and Bill are a beautiful couple and I am so happy that TB will revolve around their star crossed love.
      Alan Ball you rock!!!!!

      Eric and others will only ever be the interlopers.

      Give me Bill Compton, a real man, anyday!!

  • eric is soo cool. anyway i think eric should get with someone anyone i dont realy care who. maybe they should bring in a new character for him to fall for i dont know but all i want is for eric to find someone!!!

  • Ckayed

    FYI – I read the books and don’t like them and trust me, never even came close to liking the character of Eric in the novels. I simply do not understand all the undulating hysteria over a self indulged big headed Viking. He is self serving, loathes humanity, gave Sookie a coat and a driveway and that makes him “special”? Don’t think so. So all the Eric fans can keep riding their fantasy band wagon until the tires go flat. Bill Compton is the only vampire in the books or the series that has substantial character.

    • missyella

      Each their own……………………

    • missyella

      That should have read, each to their own.

      We all have our preferances and that is how it should be…….no name calling, no dissing other TB fans because we do not and cannot all agree with each other.

      Otherwise what is the point of having a forum??

      • jaxx

        Exactly, nicely said Missyella. We like who we like so let’s all be respectful of each other’s choices. 🙂

    • Nia

      Hi Ckayed, Missyella and Jaxx (waving arms furiously!)

      Ckayed I am a huge Bill/Stephen fan, have been since day one and will always be, just ask these lovely ladies here!!
      I truly understand your passion but so many of us here do try very hard to keep things civil, and post with respect, especially to each other.

      Oh don’t get me wrong, we have debated, argued, speculated and many times it can get heated, but really we all just love our favorites and always want to see them in the best light and not be attacked.

      I know these are just fictional characters, but those that love them can feel very hurt when you post so negatively. I know I am very offended if I see negative comments about Bill and/or Stephen.
      My fangs come ringing out……LOL!

      So by all means express your feelings, speculate, debate and argue but remember we all love our favorite just as much as you do yours, and can feel hurt at such comments.

      BTW, if Eric hurts my sweet Bill…..GRRRROOOOOWWWL!!!

      Have a great day everyone!!!

      Team True Blood!!!!!

      • NanaVamp

        Hi Nia, my sweet diplomat. Our friendship with EW proves that we can be respectful towards each other whether we are an Eric fan or a Bill fan.

        4ever a True Blood and Bill fan….

        • Nia

          NANA DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          How wonderful to see you!!

          You are absolutley correct. Spreading love is so much more worthwhile. Negativity is hurtful.
          Yet who can choose what the heart loves what the heart loves.

          So love and support your man/vamp everyone!! And keep the faith!

          Team True Blood lives forever!

      • jaxx

        “BTW, if Eric hurts my sweet Bill…..GRRRROOOOOWWWL!!!”

        *Snorts laughing* Too funny. Completely understandable. This made me laugh today.

        • Nia

          Hey Jaxx,
          Glad to make you smile!!
          We got our boys backs!!

          Team “lovin’our boys” True Blood.

          • missyella

            Nia, NanaVamp, Jaxx,

            It is so good to hear (in the far distances laughter)…..this is what we want here, disagreements in a sensible respectful way, nothing more, nothing less.

            Go team True Blood, S3 cannot come soon enough for me and of course my fellow posters!!

    • Nia

      Hi Ckayed,
      I hope you are well !!!
      I was just wondering, if you would perhaps ocassionally like a different venue to voice your passion. If so may I suggest:

      It is a place devoted to Bill lovers and to vent your feelings in that regard. I urge you to visit.

      But please do not stay away from this wonderful site here. We need to all stay supportive of True Blood and all those involved here to bring us news and updates on all our favorites and this remarkable show that has evoked such passion in us all.

      Here at TB net because it is all great things True Blood and out of respect for all the inspiring moderators and authors, we should try at all times to keep in mind the feelings of everyone and their favorites.

      So stay true to your passions and I hope you enjoy all things
      True Blood!

      As always, for the team!

  • Sheila

    As I have said before both the show, and the book are awesome IMO. AB is taking creative license with the show, and he does a real good job of it. I haven’t been bored for one second with it. He thinks outside the box from what I have seen, And, it’s not too often that my husband and I are stuck on the same show. So what if it doesn’t follow the books to the letter, change is good sometimes.

  • elizabeth

    When does season 3 start?

  • Jessica

    Ok I love every single book and am counting down the days till may when the newest book dead in the family comes out. The problem which is going to happen in season 3 is the fact that they are giving Eric a love interest….WHY??? It’s going to make everything go right off track and screw things up with Sookie no? I dont understand why they have to deviate from the books that much. Sure they need to make certain things different to prolong the episodes on tv but i just thought this was a bit much…Althought maybe i’m crazy and the only one that thinks this LOL. Other then that i really love the show and the direction it’s going. Sure the maryanne plot from season 2 could of finished a bit earlier but hey like i said they need to make things go for longer so it works. I’m looking forward to all the other love interest the rest of the cast are getting just not the Eric one..

    • elizabeth garcia

      do u know when season 2 is coming out on dvd?

      • Hi Elizabeth,

        HBO has not announced when the season 2 DVD will be coming out but as soon as we know we will post the information here on the website.

    • Loleaf

      Jessica I agree with you but the differences keep up book readers interested and guessing which I like also. But like you some of the deviations from the books I wish he hadn’t done ( would have loved to see Eric in the spandex lol). As far as his Love interest, I’m wondering if she is just a bed/blood interest. He has interests in Sookie, but doesn’t yet know what that initials he has to get his kicks some way though!! IMO, Alan is building us up for what is to come in Season 4. YEAH!! That is probably my favorite book, loved the shower scene and the gracious plenty!!! LOL

    • Antonio

      Hey Jess Remember that a love “interest” may be just that.
      An Interest is not always taken to mean “Soul Mate” or True Love.
      Tara was a love “interest” for Sam but her True love was Eggs
      Now maybe it might be Jason? or maybe that vampire that becomes obsessed with her~~~as i’m given to understand from what i had read here) Besides Eric is very forceful,charming and successful
      Why Shouldn’t he have gals around him? He desrves a paramour
      even if its a 1 time thing! I’m sure Sookie would not be his 1st! Or his 10th!!

  • Antonio

    I guess i just dont understand all of this book talk either.
    Nanavamp has a good point here about that. I have not read any of Ms.Harris’ books either. I like the show and I thought that I would let Both HBO and Mr.Ball define the experience of it for me. I suppose,from what I’ve read here,that the show and the books are different The show is Loosely Based on the books. Alan Ball and the writers envision it their way..thats fine by me. I dont think there is this much of a frothy debate among Twilight fans as to which is better the books or the films?
    As Someone who has read All of the Twilight books(just curious to see what happened with Edward and Bella) I can say that although the 1st Twilight film was good the book,I thought was better. There were some things from the book that were omitted from the film. The 2nd book New Moon is fairly good. I recently saw the new film and I must say I thought it was good. In fact, This time,I think the film maybe even better than the book!
    The way the director,Chris Weitz brought the wolfpack to life was incredible!
    My point here is I dont think there is as much heated debate over book among Twilight fans as there seems to be with TB fans…books and show!
    Of Course, TB is for a mature audience as it contains thematic elements of an adult nature.
    These are 2 different stories with different fanbases I know that. I wonder is Edward like Bill Only younger and in a different part of the country??
    Are Sookie and Bella alike at all??
    I find it interesting that here and on other TB sites the debate is about which is better book or show when on some other sites the debate is which is better True Blood or Twilight?

    • sheila

      I may get shot for this, but I saw the show first, and became interested in the books because of the show, I love both of them without a doubt. In the show you love bill in the books you love eric in my opinon, and in my view it is just perhaps another view in the day and life of sookie stackhouse and her blended family dynamic so to speak.

      • Goldie

        Now I agree with you Sheila because it was the same for me….Show first then books, and I love them both. As for choosing between the guys, not hard in the books (Eric wins every time for me) but hard in the show. (Seeing as they are both great)Now that’s just my opinion. 🙂

        • jamiieeL

          i agree, eric i think, has not really had chance to show his “softer” side, in the series so far it gives off the impresion that every action eric makes is to benefit eric. whereas in the books you get to see that he makes alot of choices for sookie. and bill in the books is very arrogant and possasive, but in the series he comes across as devoted to sookie and willing to put his neck on the line to save her. then again who knows whats going to happen in series 3, evrything COULD change. either way both books and t.v series work really well.

      • trulyobsessed

        Yes!!! I completely agree with you on that front.

        I began the books first, and despite warnings that the show was rather explicitly sexual, I couldn’t help but follow it as well. It irritates me that they deviated so far from the storyline of the books, but then again this is their baby, and they may do as they please. Seeing Eric in spandex would have made my day, though, let me tell ya. 🙂 The only thing I really loved about the changes they made was that they made Godric (originally Godfrey, dunno why they changed that) Eric’s maker, and they were devoted to another–father, brother, son. The scenes between the two, particularly the one on the rooftop, were touching and heartbreakingly emotional, and I couldn’t help but pump my fist in the air in joy as simultaneous tears burned in my eyes. I was so glad they began to show the softer side of Eric, if only for a little while. If they do follow the basic story lines of the books, and continue to make seasons…well, who knows were Season 4 will lead us? Perhaps they will keep with the original, and allow Sookie and her kind heart to tempt that gentler Eric out of his shell to see us again–once he is struck down by amnesia, of course.

        Anyway…I’ve gotten off track. What I meant to say in the beginning was that I agree with you!!! So much!!! Having read the books, I am totally in love with Eric. He’s incredibly sexy, witty, and playful, not to mention charming–but yes, a bit of a chauvinist and his head is about eight sizes too big. But I still love the way Sookie puts him down to size by showing her lack of fear towards him and treating him like a naughty five-year-old. Priceless. 🙂 Yet, in the series, they pull you towards feeling compassion for Bill, the tortured softhearted vampire who reminds me not-too-willingly of Edward (blech) and who loves Sookie more than anyone. He is a lot more emotional and devoted to Sookie in the series, even asking her to marry him despite a big deal being made about him NOT doing so in the books, whereas in the novels he’s a bit of a stone-faced loner-workaholic-I’m-a-vampire-and-you-don’t-have-to-know-everything-about-anything kind of guy. I do NOT like him in the books, and I never really did. He’s a bit of a pansy, and a jackass. Eric in the books is a jackass, yes, but he has so many moods you never know what to expect. One minute he’s threatening Sookie and acting the tenacious leader, the next he’s gently holding her hand or buying her beautiful coats. He’s an enigma, and I love that. In the series, however, his only true soft scenes are those with Godric, and he’s a total cold-hearted, sadistic, self-serving bastard the rest of the time. Ick. Though Skarsgard is amazing. 🙂 I love his subtle accent.

        But yes…they do make you love Eric in the books and love Bill in the series. However, I try so hard to love Eric in the series, especially after watching Episode 21. 🙂

    • jaxx

      Hi Antonio, the difference here is that Twilight and New Moon pretty much followed the books I’d say 90 to 95%. I noted in New Moon some passages were quoted verbatim. I think New Moon was much better than Twilight, better directing credited to its success. I would love to talk to you about Twilight at a different time and place.

      That being said and by way of explanation for us Sookie book fans, the following is why all of us who have read the books are having such a harder time with TB: Season 1 mostly followed the book. Then comes Season 2 which was somewhat different. Added Jessica storyline and kept Lafayette, which were both great alterations IMO. The maenad was part of book 2 but they really dragged out this storyline too much for my taste. TB really put an emphasis on this storyline whereas the book mentioned her in places and at the end. The Bill and Eric characters have somewhat different personalities in the books than in the series. Book Eric is conniving but not as bad as TB makes him out to be so far. TB may start softening Eric up a bit. We’ll have to wait and see. Book Bill loves Sookie but has made mistakes along the way, but is he too late to try to win Sookie back??? We’ll see. Sam is pretty much the same in both, that’s why I like him so much. There was no Daphne. Tara is much different in the book version but they did a good job with the series version of Tara and her family. Eggs was in book 2. Arlene and Terry were mentioned only very briefly as dating. Arlene has many boyfriends along the way. But that’s ok too. Godric was a pretty good matchup and the Newlins storyline was expanded to include Jason who really wasn’t in the second book too much. Bill and Sookie did not get engaged in the second book or ever up until the book 9 nor did Bill get kidnapped the way it was presented. Slight alteration but we’ll have to see how this plays out which I’m guessing will be fairly close to the book version.

      There are a lot of new characters in the 3rd book, but so far it looks like we will be meeting a lot of them. That’s good because without going into detail and spoiling it for everyone, there is an interesting story to be told in this one with all the new characters expanding our horizons and revelations to be had, if that’s the way AB is going with this.

      So you see, two different versions. Difficult to separate because you want what you read to be visually played out and it’s just disappointing when it’s not, BUT both highly entertaining imo and I will continue to watch trying to separate them out.

      • Antonio

        I think that I understand a bit more now thanks.
        I’ve been somewhat curious to read the first few at least of Ms.Harris’ books. Anyway, as to New Moon, You are right the film seemed to follow the book about 95% at least! However, 1 key scene in the book was left out of the film~~Some time after Edward’s departure, Bella goes back to the Cullen house and its completely deserted. Bella observes that the bushes have grown over as if to obscure the home and the trees and lawn look like they hadn’t been down for weeks! She finds her way onto the front porch and looks into the window and it looks empty as if No 1 had lived there for years! This Only made her more depressed as she tried to recall some semblence of her Edward and his family. The film was pretty much right on with the book though…and the wolfpack and the scenes with Bella were cool!
        It was moving to see Bella go through a “withdrawal” from Edward
        I wonder if Sookie would experience that being separated from her Bill? Would she be the Only 1 to miss him in that town?
        I’d like to pose a question here…Sookie cannot hear Bill’s thoughts..Can she hear Eric’s?? Eric is a vampire as well.
        I dont think that she could have heard Maryann’s thoughts either
        (perhaps if she had she would not have left town?)
        I dont think that she could have heard Eric’s thoughts either
        Which mean that Bill is Not the only 1 whose thoughts she cannot readily hear! Just speculating here. I agree that the Maryann storyline was dragged out perhaps a bit more than we would have thought. As for Bill and Sookie, It was nice to see them on a “date” But I dont know if the whole marriage propsal thing was believable. I think maybe it would have worked just as well if Bill were somehow abducted and he did not ask her to marry him. Or maybe he was thinking about it and just then he was taken leaving Sookie to think “I wonder What he was gonna ask me?
        It would seem sommewhat redundant if at the end of S2 Bill proposes to Sookie and by the beginning of S4 they still havent moved in that direction.
        Wouldnt it be kind of cool if Eric stepped in at some point and said something like “You Had Your chance with her,Bill But Now She is Mine or You asked her to marry you once but Now She belongs to Me!” Even if She Did still love Bill Eric might just say something like that to be vindictive and to stir up trouble! I’m sure Eric would just love to best Bill it would feed his vanity! Or perhaps “Bill we have Both lost her to the Weres or Shifters or maybe she might be abducted at some point too! Not that her brother Jason would be Any help!!

        • jaxx

          Hi Antonio, to answer your question if Sookie can read Eric’s thoughts, and **THIS IS A SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKS SO GO NO FURTHER IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW*** At some point, after many blood exchanges, Sookie can read “glimpses” of Eric’s thoughts as well as a couple other vamps. Sookie never says anything to anyone about that for fear that if Eric or anyone else found out her secret, she would be killed. At one point, Eric does suspect she can do this and comments on it.

          I encourage you to read the books. They are very good. You will definitely get another perspective of the storyline from them. Both venues are very good, separating them is the difficult part. If you have any other questions, don’t be afraid to ask. 🙂

          • Loleaf

            Hey Antonio and Jaxx!! You know I am wondering if Sookie hasn’t already gotten some glimpses from Eric’s mind already, but just hasn’t told anyone yet(Knowing if she did she would be in deep trouble). The reasoning behind this is when she met Barry in the hotel and asked if he can read the vampires minds! Maybe that is one of the reasons she spotted Eric that first trip to Fangtasia(not only the fact that he was spread out like the King of Sheba.. lol). I know it wasn’t in the books that way, but we all know that Mr. Ball has deviated from the books more than some would like since we are seeing Sookies powers so soon than in the books( I myself was also hoping to get to see Eric in spandex … alas this did not happen.. YET!! LOL). I also agree that people should read the books.. Yes it keeps you wanting to see certain parts in the show and disappoints you when it doesn’t happen, but it keeps things interesting leaving you wanting more. If it wasn’t for the books there wouldn’t be a True Blood series anyway, they kind of go hand in hand, you really can’t love one without liking the other but that’s JMO. I also read the Twilight series because I was interested about the Bella and Sookie differences too. Although we know that the outcomes will be different, but it was interesting to compare the what would be’s to the what if’s in the two stories..(in my mind that One thing is certain though we will all be hyped up for the season premiere when True Blood comes back on!!

          • jaxx

            Loleaf, you may be onto something here. Sookie may have been able to read Eric’s mind sooner than as in the books. With AB you never know. I think as with CH, things you think are insigificant items in some parts of the books or series, come back to be significant later on. Interesting theory though. This show really keep us thinking. LOL.