True Blood Season 3 Spoilers: Ryan and Rutina Drop Some Breadcrumbs

May 18, 2010 by  

Many of us have already expressed interest in how both Jason and Tara will handle the events of the Season 2 finale.  On, Ryan Kwanten and Rutina Wesley give us a few tidbits of what’s in store for their True Blood characters.

Yes, killing a man is something Jason has to deal with.  “When the chips are down like that, you can either rise from the ashes or dig further down.  Jason‘s always got his own unique way of doing it.”

Ryan also alluded to an encounter with Sarah Newlin (played by Anna Camp).  But he would not elaborate.

The death of Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) will definitely be a struggle for TaraRutina said that Tara has to do a lot of mourning over his loss.  But after she goes through that period, Tara will be swept into another relationship “who is possibly a vampire“.  To quote Rutina, “The relationship is partly by choice, partly not.”  It’s also “a possible love interest.”

Okay, just enough to whet our appetites.  Season 3 starts June 13th on HBO.


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