True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Nelsan, Werewolves and More

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Recently Nelsan Ellis who plays Merlotte‘s short-order cook, Lafayette Reynolds in Alan Ball hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood discussed some season 3 spoiler news one of which was the comparison between the Twilight werewolves and those that will be appearing on True Blood.  As Nelsan states:

“I like Taylor [Lautner from Twilight], but our werewolves have a little more gravitas, they’re edgier-looking, and they’re just much meaner. They’re vicious.” And apparently True Blood‘s wolf pack, led by Joe Manganiello‘s Alcide, is not too hard on the eyes, either. Nelsan says, “They are some good-lookin’ chaps! All the eyes on the set turn to the werewolves. They’re like the GQ bastards.”

The new werewolves of True Blood will not be the only ones that will be catching the audiences’ attention.  Lafayette‘s new love, Jesus played by Kevin Alejandro will by sizzling the screen as well. Kevin states regarding his role,

“I just started last week, and I honestly don’t know a whole lot, but there’s definitely an interest between myself and the character of Lafayette.”

Nelsan explains that in season three viewers are going to learn more about him, his new love interest and his insane mother (played by Alfre Woodard) will be exploring for season 3. One interesting question that was posed to Nelsan was how these various storylines involving his character tie into the overall mythology of True Blood.  Since originally Nelsan‘s character died in season one everything about his character is new and fresh and therefore is developing a life of its own.  As Nelsan states regarding the mythology,

“It doesn’t, because Lafayette’s storyline is completely new, considering that I’m not supposed to be in the series. Lafayette was supposed to die the seventh episode of the first season. If I have a tie into the mythology it’s my tie into the vampires. I’m Eric’s henchman (Alexander Skarsgård) now. So that’s my tie to the mythology, but my other storyline is human, and it’s all new.”

In conclusion Nelsan was asked which actor he would love to see on the show to which Nelsan said Angelina Jolie.  He thinks she would be an excellent vampire queen would “slay the show.”

So it seems according to Nelsan True Blood fans are going to be intrigued with what his character is going to be experience and we are all going to be treated to some interesting new characters.


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  • Antonio

    I wonder about something.. Will AB and the writer’s make a statement about Weres the way he did with the Vampire community?
    Will there be a Were who’s as sensitive and troubled as Bill?
    It must be hard to be a Werewolf too Could 1 of Them ever try to move beyond it like Bill is trying to do?? Could there ever be a “mainstreaming” Werewolf?? 1 difference though and its not minor…Vampires drink blood and take lives without losing their “charm” shall we say? When 1 becomes a Werewolf they must take on All the characteristics of that wolflike creature…Wolves are savage,dangerous and predatory They make No distinction between 1 that they hunt and 1 who gets in their way! You can always outsmart a Were because they are basically stupid Vampires on the other hand are in full possesion of their mental faculties when they hunt unlike Weres who go on just blind instinct!

    • jaxx

      Antonio, in the books, the weres actually did come out like the vampires did on tv and Sam and Bill did support their “coming out” so to speak. Once you get into the were community, there are a lot of different types, a few different animals, not only wolves. And, yes there are a few with troubles. The were community is interesting in itself. I hope AB does fully explore all the were and their issues. Honestly, you could do a spin off on the weres, there are so many different types and issues. We’ll just have to see.

      HBO, please consider extending your season. There is such good material to be had. 12 episodes a year is just not enough, imo. 🙂

  • jaxx

    Glad Lafayette remained after season 1. He brings so much character to the show. Will love to see where they take this character.

  • Absolutely love your show!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait till June!!! A pet peeve of mine is grammar. (Spoiler is misspelled) Can I have a job on your show proofreading???? PLEASE!!!!

  • Looking forward to more Lafayette!