True Blood Season 3: Theo Alexander Reveals Secrets

May 26, 2010 by  

As True Blood fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming third season of the HBO vampire series, a new cast member has some info to share… sort of.

Theo Alexander is set to play vampire Talbot, the companion of Mississippi’s vampire king, Russell Edgington. Rumors suggest that Talbot has an illicit affair with one (or more?) of Bon Temps favorite boys: Bill, Eric, Sam, or even Jason.

Theo is quick to dismiss any such rumor. But he’s not too shy when it comes to discussing his character, so to speak. When asked how naked he gets during his run on the show (eight episodes), he replies,

“Not too much, but when I do, it’s for a good reason. It’s going to be a crazy season. We take it as far as we can.”

Theo also reveals that while Talbot was originally a British vampire, the actor keeps his natural Greek accent for the character.

So much to look forward to, and still so long to go. Season three of True Blood premieres June 13th.


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc., John P. Johnson)

  • jaxx

    Is anyone going to have clothes on this season!!! LOL. Lovin’ it. They’ll have to rate TB “X” soon if this keeps up.

    18 more long days. Can’t wait anymore!!!

    • Antonio

      You’re Not complaining are you? LOL
      There was enough nudity and sexual content in S2 remember?
      1st episode Sookie and Bill? Whoa!! Sookie’s sex dream of Eric?? 🙂

      • jaxx

        LOL. I’d never complain Antonio. I’ll have to say the men on this show are very comfortable with their bodies to show us such a display. More power to them. LOL. The girls seem a little more reserved, except for Sookie. Who knows, for your sake, maybe this year the girls will be just as free. LMAO. 😉