True Blood Season 3 Trailer #1 Released!

May 14, 2010 by  

HBO has done it again! Today, they aired the first True Blood season 3 trailer on the EW during the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries. It’s very good, and very short (only 32 seconds), and it has to be SEEN to be believed! Season 3 of True Blood is going to be even more amazing than we thought it would be!

  • melissa

    OMFG!!!!! I can not F##king wait til june 13th i want to see it so bad, eric looks so hot i want to eat him all up..

  • Jessie

    Is it just me or does bills southern gent act seem to be just that a act.. I think we are going to see his sneaky side we already got I a taste of it in S2 he was sent to Bon tomps for a reason.. I like bill but I think we will see a cold dark side of him in S3  .. I just hope sookie sees it because he’s hiding stuff can’t wait to find out what!!!

  • WOW ! Love this clip ,so glad june is almost here it’s been a long time coming .

  • Lana

    LOVED IT, CANNOT WAIT another month! GAH!

    Anyone know the song in the trailer? I always love the music they use on the show, and I liked that song too!

    • jaxx

      Don’t know the song they picked this year, but internet rumor has it that it’s Lady Gaga’s “Teeth”. I hope so because I really love this song and it would fit prefectly.

    • DarkDreamer

      “The Difference Between Us” by The Dead Weather

  • Antonio

    AWESOME! JUST AWESOME! Can Hardly wait! I’m addicted All Over Again!! Is Bill screaming like that because maybe he lost Sookie? I streamed this again and again it looks Great!!
    ONLY 28 MORE DAYS!! Bring It On!! 🙂

  • Antonio

    This looks So COOL! This may well be the Best season YET!
    Is that Bill screaming like that? Could it be that he senses that Eric is making a move on his Sookie? A showdown between Eric and Bill? That would be Super COOL!! Sookie with a half naked Alcide? Whats That about?? This trailer looks Awesome!!
    Cant wait ONLY 28 DAYS Y’ALL As Jason would say!!!

  • maria

    OMGosh, what a tease this trailer was! It left me wanting sooo much more!

  • Amy

    AWESOME!! So excited for june 13!! When Sookie tells Eric “I have skills you can’t even dream of” I wonder if thats another dream. Ahh soo looking forward to season 3.

    • blair knight

      this season seems even more amped up then previous seasons. I wonder about the sookie “skills” line. it is one of three things this time =either eric’s dream, another wild sookie dream or something happens for real between them.

      • Amy

        I agree blair. Personally I hope its the real deal and not a dream caused by the blood bond. Also I wonder why Tara would attack Sookie. She’s still wearing the purple dress so it’s probably the same night bill proposed. Maybe something to do with egg’s death or franklin mott glamoring her? Thank god we have this trailer and the minisodes to hold us over til the season premiere. I can’t wait for us trubies to discuss each episode 🙂

    • jaxx

      I think Eric is really with Yvetta in this scene BUT is thinking of being with Sookie. Sookie wouldn’t say that. I think Yvetta is a witch and is into Eric. Yvetta will be a woman scorned and put a spell on Eric leading into S4 amnesia. Just my guess, if this follows the books somewhat.

      • annm

        ***spoiler**I just saw a trailer on HBO but it was much longer and showed more. If you see both this one and the one on HBO it makes more sense. I think Sookie is having more dreams because one other scene they show on the HBO trailer has Sookie basically taking her clothes off with Eric on a bed and she had Eric dreams last season. The scene on this trailer talking about “skills” and a part on the HBO one both look like it’s at Fangtasia, I think it is Eric is telling Sookie she shouldn’t look for Bill. I could not make out Yvetta and Eric at all and I was kind of bummed.

  • Sean

    Gimme-Gimme-Gimme some more! =)

  • jaxx

    Excellent, they sure can pack a lot in 32 seconds. We’ve seen a little of everything. CANNOT WAIT. 29 more days!!!

  • kat

    OH MY GOD , oh june 13 hurry up i can`t wait

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAhhh!!!!!!!!! This clip is HOT can’t wait

  • julie

    nice clip ! this is gonna be good 😀 hope it’ll be a bit like the book ^^