True Blood Season 3 Ultimate Fan Experience Trailer

June 2, 2010 by  

Last night at the True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience Event HBO broadcast the latest Season 3 trailer that shows us so many new scenes that many fans will be spending countless hours speculating on what is going to happen this season.  This is one video that you will definitely be playing over and over again in order to try and figure everything out.  Enjoy!

Ultimate Fan Season 3 Preview
  • val

    All I can say is-I CAN’T Wait!!! I’ll let the authors in the group have their say-I don’t say much but I lust vigorously.GO ERIC!!

  • MarleneEmmett

    Yo Mamma! This season’s going to be the best one yet!
    Bring it ON!!
    The countdown clock says: 9Days,07Hours,29Minutes 22Seconds
    and COUNTING down to 0!!!!

  • jaxx

    Great clip. So much is going to happen this season and even the actors themselves have stated that this is the best season yet. Club Dead was one of my favorite books, I hope S3 also is one of my favorite seasons too.

    • pbt

      Hey Antonio. I know these clips are so mind blowing. Right? So much in there to think about and speculate too. “Let him rot”. Yes it appears that QSA could care less about William Compton. Hmmm.Why? Perhaps William Compton has compromised his mission for the Queen or perhaps because William is now pledged to the King of Mississippi? Sort of switching teams per se.

      The were bikers look like a whole bunch of crazy. Season One we saw Malcolm, Liam and Diane trying to cause tension and problems in Bon Temps and of course Maryann in Season Two. But of course, Malcolm and crew pale in comparison to Maryann and the weres this season. They were only in plot for a very short period of time. I totally enjoyed those “bad as*” vamps. Darn I truly miss those characters.

      I agree that we will be seeing the darker side of Ms. Stackhouse this season. Alan Ball has stated that we will be seeing the darker side of several characters! Hmm, this could mean the edict and William Compton. It appears more and more that AB may be taking that route with this character but who really knows. Can’t wait until the V-ddiction continues.

      I would agree that this is looking like the best season so far of True Blood. So much drama, so much intrigue, so much sex and so many new characters.

      Wooohoo. True Blood!

  • Antonio

    We were doomed from the start…That sounds More like a “traditional” bloodsucker Predatory and Feral. This looks Incredible! Let him rot?? I thought that she(QSA) liked him!
    You’re right,Ollie I probably will watch This repeatedly Thanks!
    Uh-Oh Looks like These Biker-Wolves are going to be as much trouble as was Maryann…Whoa! I suppose that Some group or person has to try to cause trouble and take over the town?
    That sure wasnt the case in S1 though was it?
    It looks like its going to be 1 heck of a season!! Perhaps, If Sookie and Bill “break-up” for a while maybe they can re-discover their own strengths and weaknesses…It may be a good thing sad perhaps but good! As I had stated previously, “breaking-up” was actually a good thing for Bella & Edward Their relationship Only became stronger and more intense because of it! Of course,Sookie doesnt have to go to Italy to face off against an ancient vampire clan to save her BF! LOL
    Bella Never took a bath with Edward..Either! LOL
    They Did go skinny-dipping together in Book 4 Breaking Dawn after they were married though! 🙂
    Anyway Can hardly wait 11 Days and counting!!

    • Loleaf

      Antonio I completely agree with you… I think that with Sookie and Bill being apart Sookie will be able to focus on learning who/what she really is! It looks like she will be using her powers again so to speak @ 2:14. Instead of following the books and being staked, (even though I liked when Eric carried her up the stairs and she said “water water everywhere nor any drop to drink”), maybe she will be using her powers to save Bill. Since they are intertwined with her emotions…and we know that with Bill her emotions will be running high for the time being!!

      Thank You Ollie and all of the other moderators for giving us all of these True Blood peeks to pass the time and keeping us “somewhat” sane during our wait!! 🙂

      Hey soon we’ll be able to imitate the count: 10 days till True Blood ha ha ha ha; 9 days till True Blood ha ha ha ha; 8 days hahaha ……….. LOL!! 😉

  • Lynn

    The suspense is killing me!!!! 11 days 9 hours too long!!