True Blood Season 3: The Vampire King Has Been Cast!

September 14, 2009 by  

ausiellofiles.ew.comTrue Blood season 3 news is already coming out with the announcement that the Vampire King of Mississippi has been cast.

Denis O’Hare, best known for his work on Milk, Duplicity, Quarantine many TV series including a 10-episode run on Brothers & Sisters,has been cast to play the role of Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi.

The season finale just aired last night and already we are being treated with casting news for season 3.  It seems that we will not have to wait too long to quench our hunger for the latest news development for the upcoming season.


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    Where is Bubba?

    • missyella

      I think having Bubba as a character in TB would be problematic. Bearing in mind that he is supposed to be Elvis, during his time in Las vegas.

      Can you imagine how Priscilla would feel having her dead Husband (okay they were divorced), portrayed in this way, plus could, would HBO pay for the image rights and would they want to…….

  • Sypher Hail

    I know I will probably get some negitave comments for this but in my oppinion the show is pretty cr*p tbh. It’s an alright show in general but after reading the books all I can see is faults. The storyline has been twisted too much in my oppinion. If you want a real treat turn off the TV, get yourself a nice cup of tea, snuggle up in bed/on the couch and grab a Sookie Stackhouse book. They are the best books I have ever read.

    • No problem to each’s own. 🙂 I have read all the books and I like the show better then the books and actually find what Alan Ball has done as better then the books. There are many who feel the same way as I do but as you said everyone has different taste and that’s ok. 🙂

    • bre231

      As much as I appreciate your opinion I think your wrong. I read the books before watching the show and frankly found the books to be pretty boring in comparison to the show. Alan Balls depiction, and more mature concept of the books is way more entertaining and much more intriguing. I can had to force myself to read the rest of the sookie series. Harris has good ideas and great story but her writing lacks finese and something else that I cant put my finger on. Overall I was disappointed by the books and LOVE the adaptation Ball is taking on them.

      To each their own I guess.

  • Cierra

    Michael St. Gerard would be a great choice for Bubba! I think that they should definitely still try to keep Bubba in the story! I really think he was a really significant character.

  • P.E. Coristine

    Ok, and while I’m at it…what do you think of Vin Diesel as Quinn?

    • missyella

      Yep and I can see Liev Shreiber as Alcide, anyone else it it?????

    • me

      I could see that, but I think Vin would be to expensive for an HBO show.

      • Not for nothing but Vin Diesel isn’t a very high paid actor mr or ms me! And are u kidding me about HBO? HBO is one of the highest paid networks in the world!!! So your saying they don’t pay Sarah Jessica Parker from sex and the City hundreds of thousands maybe millions of dollars an episode? She’s one of the highest paid actresses in the business..That’s y our show is fantastic! HBO only sponsors and plays the best of the me Alex wasn’t much but now he’s #2 on twitter and did a Lady Gaga video all cuz of the show and HBO..Plus we definetely haven’t seen the last of Alex that’s 4 sure!!! He’s gonna b the next Brad Pitt! But to me he’s better!!! Luv ya AL!!!!!

    • Lynn

      Ok, so I’m not the only one who thinks Vin Diesel would be PERFECT for Quinn!! I love Liev Schrieber, but I think he is too old for the part, Alcide is supposed to be younger, closer to Sookie’s age. Personally I can’t think of anyone I would like to see play Alcide, I will happily be suprised when they cast him.

    • Heather

      I pictured Quinn looking exactly like Vin Diesel! He would be perfect for the role!

      • missyella

        Hi Heather,

        I have been saying Vin Diesel for Quinn, for such a long time.

        Who knows if this will come to fruition??

  • missyella

    Can someone please tell me what Bubba is supposed to look like, I know he likes to sing, was turned at the Morgue, and you are not supposed to use his real name.

    But I cannot get a description of him in my Head.

    I just cannot visualise him.

    Am I being totally dense????

    Denis O’Hare. looks like I imagined in Club Dead, bring on the other characters, cannot wait.

    • There will be no Bubba in True Blood.

      • P.E. Coristine

        No Bubba!!?? Are you kidding me!? Why not? Come on!! I’m sure Bruce Campbell would be more than willing to do at least ONE short scene in an episode. You’ve seen Bubba Ho-tep, right? Perfect casting.

      • me

        How very sad, but I like Lafayette to take Bubba’s place as Sookie’s protector.

        • missyella

          Oh no Bubba spends too much time drinking Cats Blood, Lafayette likes his comforts, being in the Woods would not be one of them LOL!!

    • CGal

      Bubba is Elvis.

      • missyella

        Thank you for the clarification, I just was not sure.

        • CGal

          I feel you, I couldn’t tell at first either but I think in book 6 or 7 they finally made a little more clarification…plus the King (or someone) said they enjoyed his impersonations, not realizing he really is Elvis.

  • bwitch16

    I don’t even know who this actor is but he looks exactly as I imagined him. So cool!

  • pbartteacher

    According to an interview with Alan Ball we will be seeing Alcide next season. No Bubba. But perhaps Pam can be Sookie’s protector next season.Personally I vote for Pam. We did not see enough of her character this season. I can just see Pam now being told by Eric to watch over Sookie. Rolls eyes. Switches her hips. Do I have to? Yes. End of discussion. Go watch over the problem child. I have better things to do like sell V for the Queen.

  • Empress

    I really hope Alcide will be in Season 3. They have to. He’s integral to the story. I just wish they would have Bubba on the show too!!!!!!!!

  • pbartteacher

    Sorry pictured Ian McShane in the part of Russell Edington.

  • eilwen

    This is just how I imagined him !

  • boussie87

    Catherine, get an agent

  • beckieG.

    That is almost exactly what i saw him looking like in my head. I think they did an excellent job.

  • Jane

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, if there is a bit of news each day I might be able to be more at ease in waiting for Series 3. Seriously too long to wait, why can’t they do a few mini episodes inbetween or something?!
    If only we could fast forward time heh.

  • Tracie

    Vote for Eric as Mr. Twitter, North America, He’s currently running second and there is only 20 hours left. You can vote about every 20 minutes.

    • Catherine Ryczak

      My nephew Maxwell James Walker, hes four and a half , would be perfect to play a little demon vampire boy on True Blood,,,, if you would like some film of him I can do that,,, he is on my facebook… take a look,,, he can pretend to suck blood and feed from my neck or arm,,, it is so realistic,,, and hes is very handsome, big blue eyes,, and what a character….. I hope this note gets to a producer,,, he would make a great addition to the cast and story line,,,also I would stick to vampires,,, the mary anne thing was a little far fetched, the black eyes and the orgy’s ugh,,, I would stick with the retro story lines and to the vampires……sohie anne,,, shes exquisite…nice line…I can send pictures of max , let me know,,,, his aunt, thats me, has been it seven short films,, three years of acting,, and im exotic and different looking,,, just an fyi, lol,,,,

      • I’m sorry Catherine but we have 0 input into the casting of the show. If we did don’t you think we would have been on it by now. 🙂