True Blood Season 3 Video: Behind the Scenes

May 18, 2010 by  

HBO has released a True Blood Season 3 video of the behind the scene look at the filming of one of the most anticipated TV shows to return to the small screen.  In the video Alan Ball and the cast are interviewed to present their perspective as to what is going to be happening for season 3.  A great video that you do not want to miss.

  • Meli

    Wait… Did Nelson just say “Were not in any of …” What? I coulda swore I saw him in a clip…. Huh.

  • Antonio

    I really enjoy these! Why these pieces are Not included on the dvd box set…i dont know. Real wolves,huh? CGI wolves would be more flexible to do stunts and facial expressions,No?
    I suppose using real wolves is better than showing a “wolf-man” transformation? Wouldnt showing something akin to the Were transformation in the “howling” where Weres stood up on 2 feet and were very tall and muscular …Oh well its AB’s Show and he can envision it how he likes. Wolves are animals Weres are Supes..Ok Ok I guess we will just have to see How it goes here
    I’ve always thought Werewolves were cool! There was a film called Cursed by Wes Craven in which there were teen weres!
    A Cool film! The weres in there were really cool Of Course they were CGI wolves but still cool!

  • missyella

    I love it, love, love it…..I cannot wait June 13th is way too far!!!!

  • Sean

    I can’t wait for more scenes with Eric Northman.

  • lizzie

    Thanks Adore Bill! This is great!!!! I love all the Bill bits and wasn’t it wonderful to hear another Aussie accent on the set ie Grant Bowler!!

    I am going to love it, except for the tissue box scenes with Bill!!!!

    Go True Blood!

  • Vam

    Yes…Jason..this is a big tease…can’t wait 😀

  • I am Lovin It!!!! and working with real wolves is an amazing opportunity they are truly beautiful.