True Blood Season 3 Viral Ad Poster #3 – Get Your Fill

April 7, 2010 by  

HBO has released its third viral ad poster to promote season 3 of True Blood and this time they are focusing on how everybody likes to hang around the water cooler the next day after True Blood has aired.  HBO is making sure to include the vampire population in their ads by showing two “water” cooler, one for humans and one for vampires with the headline “Get Your Fill“.  Whether that be of fluids or of True Blood is a cute play of words. Definitely for fans they can never get their fill of True Blood as we all anxiously wait for season 3 to return on Sunday, June 13, 2010 on HBO.  So what do you think of the latest poster?  Is it a hit or a miss?  Love to hear your comments below.

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  • jaxx

    Love it. Wish we had one in our office. LOL. Posters have been good this year so far.

    • missyella

      Hi Jaxx,

      I am right with you here…….