True Blood Season 4, Episode 3 “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?” – Review

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Alcide is Back and Eric is “Gone”:

Skarsgård as Eric Northman (ep. 39)“I know what I am, Snooki.”

Whew. After his initial monologuing, Amnesia Eric was a delightful surprise. Finding Debbie in Alcide‘s pretty new house? Horrible surprise. But more on that later…

I’ve seen/heard a few complaints that this season “isn’t as good” or “it’s gotten weird.” Let me just say – #1, We’re 3 episodes in, haters! Don’t judge a season so quickly. And #2, I just have to plain disagree. Season 4, so far, has been at least on par with previous seasons. And I’ll tell you why.

True Blood has been loved from the very beginning for its soapy-meets-campy tone. Fluffy meta moments lighten up the drippy drama of a faerie living in a vampire hierarchy. Hence, Sookie reading a Charlaine Harris novel. Look, whenever a series throws in new characters, or changes characters drastically – either temporarily or permanently – fans are always quick to turn on their favorite show. All I’m saying is give it time before you start trolling comment threads. You can’t judge a whole season until it’s over. And I don’t know about you, but I’m in no rush.

Rant over. On to the good stuff —

Eric’s newly innocent state has proven to be the most adorable thing ever. I know I said that last time about his wooing Sookie with appliances, but I mean it even more this week. Between his apologies (“sorry”) and the ever-so-sincere tone when he asked Sookie “Would you like to be mine?”- sigh. Alexander Skarsgård did an outstanding job making Eric vulnerable without being too ridiculous.

Pam was quick to panic when she learned the news, and now she’s all uber-suspicious of Bill. Is it really possible that Bill would set up Eric like that? True, he already tried once. And yes, Sookie did ask Bill for help with Eric’s home-owning situation. But Bill’s angry voicemail makes me think otherwise.

Jessica and Hoyt are having relationship issues, yes. And while it was nice to see Jess reunite with her maker, the scene felt a little awkward. Seeking relationship advice, Bill and Jessica’s talk didn’t feel “father-daughter” “brother-sister” or “best friends.” It just felt weird. Although it did garner one of my favorite quotes from the episode: “Vamp up.”

What about that doll? It freaked me out the first time we saw it on the floor of Jess & Hoyt’s new place, then seeing Hoyt holding it was a whole other level of creepy. At least Baby Mikey seems to be enjoying it.

So Tommy wants to steal from the woman who has taken him in. Charming. I liked Tommy best when he worked at Merlotte’s – he had great chemistry with Jessica and he could be involved without some contrived storyline. Now, Tommy’s character just seems lost.

Bill and Portia, huh? Like her or not, you got to respect Portia’s bluntness. Girl knows how to get to the point.

I’m not sure why, but I just can’t get into Lafayette and Jesus. I’m bored when their wiccan ways are discussed. Sure, Marnie is fascinating and I’m curious to see if the spirit will accept her sacrifice. But otherwise, eh.

Poor Jason! For real, that boy just can’t win. His entire storyline was disturbing this week. That scene with all the girls watching? Yikes. I hope Jason gets to spend an episode not tied to a bed soon.

Finally, Alcide. I was so happy to see him. He and Sookie are all cute and then who walks in, but former V-addict/Russell Edgington dog Debbie. Blindsided by that one. Clearly, Sookie wasn’t thrilled, either. Totally ruined her plans. Where will that relationship go?

Sam and Tara had a cute moment. It’s nice that they’re still friends. That’s really all I have to say on the matter.

So Eric drained Claudine, huh? I was a little confused – did Eric appear because he heard Sookie yell at Claudine or just because he smelled her or something?

This was a good episode for certain characters while others stalled out in the background. But with only 55 minutes or so, we can’t always see everybody.

What’d you all think?

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  • Anonymous

    Anyone else notice that the song the episode was named after was not played during the credits, but in the middle of the episode?  Wonder what that means…

    • I did!  I was listening intently, searching for the words in the title, but heard “season of the witch” instead.  Kinda threw me for a loop.  Oh, and Jaxx, the whole Debbie thing threw me for a loop, too.  😉

      • Anonymous

        The song the show was named after was palyed during an Eric/Sookie scene…  That is why I wondered if it had any meaning… That is an AB trademark they are messing with! 🙂

  • I agree Jaxx, I love this Eric, it’s gonna make for a wonderful show.  I didn’t even think about the look on Eric’s face, and that really does make a person wonder, and I think it’s gonna be great!

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry – AE and Snookie – meh!

    Loved how Bill and Portia made love – yum!

    Rest OK.  Disappointed how AB wrote this dribble.  Hope it is not Sunday.

  • Jaxx

    I agree.  We are only 3 episodes in.  Last season started a little disjointed and slow too but then ended with a bang.  I’ve always been an Eric lover and so far he’s not proving me wrong.  I love the way Alex plays the innocent, almost adolescent Eric.  Asking Sookie to be his was just endearing for me.  And Snooki so made me laugh.

    The Alcide/Debbie-stepford wife thing just threw me for a loop.  This won’t last long with Debbie especially when Alcide helps Sookie find Eric. 

    I was hoping for better with Tommy but can see you can’t change the spots on a leopard.

    I hope Jess and Hoyt can get it together. Something very bad is coming their way.

    Don’t know what to think about Arlene’s baby yet.  Evil or just in her mind??

    I like the witch storyline and am thinking Marnie is channeling Hallow from the past, which I’m guessing Eric had something to do with in his youth or during the Inquisition.  He actually seemed to know who she was and was frightened of her.  This will hopefully prove to be an interesting storyline.  This will tie in Jesus, Laf and Tara too.

    Bill and Portia did hook up in the book but that was before **SPOILER** Bill knew of the family tie.  Will be interesting to see if AB goes that route as well.

    Dragging out Jason story a little.  Let’s see him turn already.

    Have to admit I was surprised about Claudine’s early demise.  In the books, there were triplets, Claude/Claudine and Claudia.  I’m wondering if AB will go that route too.  Maybe Claudia was killed instead??? 

    We will see.  Is it Sunday yet???

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi jaxx,

      I wonder where Eric was at before he killed Claudine? Where was he all that time that Sookie was waiting?

      I think AE is the cutest thing. It was adorable when he tiptoed around the rug and said that he was ticklish.

      It does seem like Eric might know Hallow since he was around during the Inquisition. Maybe he will be in one of the Hallow flashback. I can’t wait to see flashback between Godric and Eric. Godric and Eric were together during the Inquisition.

      I don’t know about Arlene’s baby. I am thinking that be might not be evil and some of this might just be in Arlene’s head and that could be the true source of the problem. Mikey is a cute baby. On the other hand, there could be something off about him. I think creepy doll is going to cause weird things to start happening at Arlene’s place. I one of the waiting sucks clips something was written on the wall.  Arlene will think her baby did this stuff when really it will be because of the doll. Why on earth would Arlene even let her baby play with that nasty doll. It looks like a biohazard.

      I think Jess and Hoyts relationship is doomed after the glammering. This is a major betrayl since Hoyt even protested to the glammer. It’s lying to him and saying it is to protect him is just an excuse.


      Jess and Jason might start some type of relationship this season. I think she could be the one to find Jason on the side of the road after he escapes HotShot.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if AB did go that route with the lineage. I think he will.