True Blood Season 4 Spoiler: Casting Call for New Character

October 21, 2010 by  

New True Blood Character Being Cast

According to, True Blood is currently casting a new series regular. Her name is Marnie, and she’s going to be taken over by a witch, which could lead to some interesting new plot twists in the upcoming Season 4. Though very little is currently known about Marnie, it seems as though she’ll be a new original character for True Blood.

What do you think of this new information? How might Marnie be important to Season 4? Let us know what you think in the comments.

UPDATE: Thanks to the help of some lovely commenters, we’ve realized that Marnie is most likely Marnie Stonebrook, better known to Southern Vampire Mystery readers as Hallow.

SOURCE: — True Blood – Season 4 – New Series Regular

(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)

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  • Can’t wait for season 4. Im super exited! I love reading but I don’t want to read the books because I want to wait for the season to come out. My brother’s GF read all the books and she said they go more into detail than the series. So I don’t know what to do? Hahaha


  • Cherie DeSange

    I trust Alan Ball and his writing staff to thrill us yet once again in Season Four. New charaters? Bring them on.

  • pbt

    Waving hello to TBnet. Been very busy with the little minions at school. Always great to get back into the swing of things. A little something to add to the conversation.

    Casting call for Hallow/Marnie:

    True Blood Season 4: Casting call!!!

    First True Blood Season 4?s casting call went out is for the role of Marnie. In the books, Marnie Stonebrook was the real name of Hallow, the witch who cursed Eric. It looks like the character is being tweeked a bit for the show:

    Location: L.A.
    Start Date: 11/30

    [MARNIE] Late 20?s to early 30?s. A storefront medium and palm reader. Mousy, timid and secretly self loathing until she is taken over by the spirit of a powerful witch. This is a great part. Series Regular.

    Looking forward to Alan Ball “version’ of the story. It should be interesting to see how he will be “weaving” the stories together this season.

    I can’t believe they begin shooting in a little over 30 days for Season 4. Wohooo.


    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi pbt,

      The witches sound scarier in the show than in the books. Especially, if they can control the dead. I guess Yvetta won’t be Hallow after all. Season four sounds interesting all ready. I can hardly wait.

      • pbt

        Caitlyn: Yvetta might not be Hallow/Marnie but perhaps she will still be involved with magic. Yvetta has some business with the Viking yet. Well at least I suspect a “woman scorned” will be back at the Viking with vengeance on her mind.

        • pbt

          Much like Lorena was back for Bill Compton in Season Three. The parallels are there.

    • jaxx

      What’s the countdown to S4 pbt?? We always count on you with the numbers. lol.

      It’s funny how we all wanted Hallow to be Yvetta, but I think you are right, Yvetta will be back for the viking. Maybe she has a connection to Russell?? He has a Celtic background and is also involved with the dark ages and black magic. I still think the witches will get Russell out of the concrete grave, maybe even Yvetta will have a hand in it.

      I’m glad we’re back to speculating about S4.

      • pbt

        I believe we are at day 221 until the premiere of TB not that I am counting or anything. LOL

        Waving hi to my Jaxx. Good to see you girlie.

        Yes, season 4 promises to be even better than season 3 and that is a tall order to fulfill for sure. I like the idea of the witches raising Russell from his cement grave. Good idea and if Yvetta is involved with the witches I guess none of us would be surprised at all. Yes, so much to speculate about in the upcoming months. Yeah. Viking or telepath amnesia? Which do you think it will be?

        • jaxx

          Hi pbt!! While I’m hoping it is our viking who has amnesia, I wouldn’t put it past AB to throw us a curve and write Sookie with amnesia. That would for sure be a different twist in the storyline, it might also be fun depending on how it’s written.

          Please writers, give Sam, Tara and Jason better storylines in S4. Sometimes these characters’ stories are hard to watch or get into.

          • ~ Caitlin

            Hi Ladies,

            I still do think Yvetta might come back next season even though she is not Hallow. Otherwise I think her story would have been kind of a waist. I didn’t even think of Sookie getting amnesia. I really hope it is Eric who gets amnesia because I liked that storyline even though it was odd. Plus, I think it would feel as though Eric is taking advantage of Sookie if she has amnesia and they hook up. I understand the show is different from the books but it is okay to leave some thinks the same. Not everything has to be complelety change. I don’t think it will be Sookie though. Bill would try to get back together with her if she had amnesia. I still think Eric will be the one to have amnesia.

            The witches could be some of Russell’s Nazi weres. Someone will get Russell out of the cement that is for sure. It was not the smartest idea to put him in there in the first place. Eric and Bill knew he would get out eventually and be even more po’d. They only have themselves to blame when Russell is released. I’m glad Denis will be back though.

            I hope the Hotshot storyline gets better because I’m sick of it. Also, I hope Tara gets a break nexts season how much more can the poor girl take. Let her be the one to take care of someone else. Lala is going to need support. I hope Tara does not join the FOTS next season. I don’t think Sam killed Tommy but I have no idea where that storyline is headed. Maybe Sookie will show up in Bon Temps a couple weeks later.

    • Dear pbt,

      Would you happen to know if they are casting for Naomi any time soon? Would you happen to know where I can try out for the casting call? 🙂 I would greatly appreciate this information! Thanks a bunch. Regards, Lisa Nguyen

  • lele

    Do you have any info on the casting company or who to contact?

  • lizzie1701

    To be truthful, not looking forward to any witch scenes. Never was a witch lover in any form. We’ll see, I guess.

  • Dee

    I think Tudors/Lost Girl’s Kris Holden-Ried needs to be cast as part of Alcide’s pack – the guy is as tall and as hot as Joe Manganiello and is already playing a werewolf. He just needs a good TV series to show off his abs.

    Please, please!?

  • jaxx

    Great news, casting calls already. YAY!!!! I loved Hallow in the books. Will be interesting to see how she translates on screen. I am so excited for S4. Can’t wait for more casting calls and spoiler news.

    • And we’ll get them up for you as soon as we find them! 😀 (LOL, as if we weren’t dying to know ourselves… I’m still hoping Claude will be cast!)

  • Jeanna

    Yes Marnie Stonebrook is the real name of Hallow the were-witch that curses Eric with memory loss and is then on the hunt for him she has a brother Mark wonder if he will be in the show too?

  • michelle

    Hey create a character for ADAM Lambert, he is already homoerotic hot and your ratings would quadruple!!! at least.

  • sarah

    I think it’s Hallow’s real name (the v drinkin were-witch)

    • Great point! It’s been quite a while since I’ve read the books, so I didn’t even consider that.