True Blood Season 4 Spoiler: More Casting Call News

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Four New Cast Members

True Blood Season 3 PosterWith Season 4 of True Blood due to begin filming in a few short weeks news is starting to trickle in about possible new cast members and spoilers for the new season. It is a long wait for the show to be start in June anticipation is building. We previously reported on the casting call for Marnie, a palm reader who is taken over by a witch. Speculation is high that this Marnie is likely Marnie Stonebrook, who fans of Charlaine Harris’ books know as Hallow. Here is a breakdown of the new casting calls that have gone out.

PortiaAndy Bellefleur’s sister Portia will be debuting in Season 4. She is being listed as easy on the eyes and sharp in the courtroom. The women auditioning for the role have to be comfortable with nudity so it is likely we will be seeing a lot of Portia!

Naomi – The casting calls lists Naomi as an Asian American cage fighter who is going going to be involved with one of her female competitors.

Queen Mab– This character is listed is an elegant beauty with a fiery temper who presides over a fantasy land. Perhaps the land where Sookie disappeared to last season?

Suzanne lists this character as “a Real Housewives type who throws a hootenanny to bond with her kind.”

Sookie in Fairy Land

Premiere Title

The title for the Season 4 premiere has been released.  ‘She’s Not Here’  is set to air in June 2011.  An exact air date has not been set.

Tell us what you think of these characters in the comment section. Any ideas on who would be good in these roles?

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  • elizabeth escobar

    True Blood is my ultimate favorite show. Every week I would count down till it was on. I can’t wait for Season 4. How do you audition for one of the new parts?

  • pbt

    Hmmm. Episode One. She’s Not Here.

    Love the title and it has so many connotations on this show. Who is the she that the title refers to? Of course, Sookie comes to mind immediately. Last seen leaving Bon Temps with her fae godmother, Claudine. Well we will see if that is true.

    It could also refer to a bevy of characters that will be possibly missing next season. Let’s compile a list of the possibilities:

    Tara was last season hightailing it out of Bon Temps in her convertible with no map and no idea where she was heading.

    Debbie Pelt is missing since her fight with Sookie. She has a blood tie to Russell Edgington. Anyone taking bets that she might release the King from his cement grave?

    Arlene who is possessed (oops). I mean pregnant with her demon Renee baby. Who knows what she might do?

    Crystal is missing since her finacee/brother cousin are last seen leaving the vacation hot spot of Hot Shot.

    Summer is missing now that Hoyt has broken up with her and what about that crazy baby doll in their new apartment?

    Mrs. Foytenberry. The new gun toting mama can not be a good thing. Let’s hope she didn’t take lessons from Jason. Actually let’s hope that she is missing. Give our Hoyt and Jessica a chance at love.

    Perhaps the Queen will end up missing too. Now two monarchs are missing. Oh my, what is the Authority to do? Will Nan Flanagan become the new magister?

    Too many possibilities. And so much time to speculate. For those who have missed this.

    194 days until the premiere of True Blood Season 4 🙂

  • Would anybody know how to connect to the casting department? I would love to try out for Naomi! 🙂 I’d greatly appreciate it!

  • ~ Caitlin

    I also hope there are less storylines going on next season. I do think there was a little to much going on this seeason. That lead me to lose interest in some of the storylines like Jason’s. I think they should have more Jessica next season. It seemed like she wasn’t used enough. Jessica could have done more in Merllottes. Also, I hope she gets to be more involved in the vampire world next season. She seems to be left in the dark a lot. Also, Kristin was supposed to be a regular this season but it felt like she was not on enough either. I thought there were some really good episodes this season though like Beautifully Broken, 9 Crimes, Trouble, and I Got a Right to Sing the Blues. Who could forget that lovely light blue sweater that Eric wore so well.

  • Cal

    Ok I can tell next season is going to be as over stuffed as the previous one. Come on HBO it’s really simple. A witch coven wants to take over Bon Temps and only the vampires,werewolf pack, and that bitchy telepathic fairy can stop them.
    Keep it simple stupid!

    • roman

      I agree, but we can’t be sure that all these characters are going to be play big roles this season. For all we know some of these characters could only be in an episode or two.

  • Corri

    I agree with everyone so far…I just hope they do not push the fairies too much. I think if they do it gradually it won’t feel so forced. Last season the fairy thing felt a bit forced. And, of course, I do not want anything to take away from the Eric and Sookie situation!! I think it would be real fun to see Alex playing different, unknowing Eric!

    • jaxx

      I agree Corri, it would be fun to see Alex play Eric differently. I’d like to see that side of him come out.

  • val

    Well if these fairies are anything like the bookk fairies,they wont be ANYTHING like Tinkerbell.They will be tough and ofttimes cruel.I sure hope though,that its Eric who gets amnesia! Anyone else would be such a disappointment!

    • jaxx

      LOL Val, yes nothing like Tinkerbell at all. I hope they show this side of the fae and I hope we meet Niall this season too.

      • val

        I wonder who they could get to play Niall! I have LOTS of ideas!!

        • jaxx

          I’ve heard David Bowie tossed around a lot, which I think would be great, that is, if he’d like to do an HBO show. He may be too big a star for television series shows. What are your ideas Val?

          • val

            Actually Jaxx I hadn’t thought of David Bowie,but when you mentioned him I thought WOW wouldn’t he just rock!!??(excuse the expression!)

  • Yuri

    I just hope, they can come with more engaging and wittier storylines next season. The problem with the show is not the acting nor the directing but the inconsistent and incoherent writing.

  • I hope they don’t emphasize the fairies to take away from the story of the witch putting a spell on Eric. And Portia (a very unlikeable person fromt the books) I suppose she will be the person who will take up most of Season 2 instead of the regular stars we really want to see. I am being skeptical I know. I just want to hear about Eric/Sookie being thrown together when he forgets who he is. LOL

  • jaxx

    I’ll trust AB, but I’m not too sure where he’s going with all of this. I just don’t want Fairyland to become hokey. Portia is the only character I recognize besides Marnie. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

    • roman

      I agree about fairyland. Even though the fairies haven’t drawn my interest yet, I’m loving the concept of Queen Mab for some reason. I remember AB saying that these fairies aren’t going to be the typical “Tinkerbell” fairies that we think they are.

      • ~ Caitlin


        I also agree about the fairies. I hope they do not come off as cheesy. I don’t think they will though. Possibly, they will slowly reveal the darker side of the fae. In some ways they can be just as if not more frightening than the vampires. The cage fighting was mentioned so maybe there will be a battle for packmaster but with Alcide. Maybe, Quinn will appear this season. I wonder if they will delve into Bill’s lineage this season? I guess they got the idea for Queen Mab from Shakespeare? I agree with val that I would be disappointed if Eric isn’t the one to have amnesia. I guess Sookie will be in Faeland for the first episode or two.