True Blood Season 4 Spoiler News: Who is Coming Back

February 16, 2010 by  

Joe Manganiello True Blood Alcide HerveauxThe season finale is set to air on Sunday, September 12, 2010 on HBO and already there is talk about who we will see coming back for Season 4 of True Blood. E! gives us a rundown on which new characters will be returning for season four.


First there is Joe Manganiello, which we already knew since it was announced awhile back that he will be a regular for season four.  However, the following may surprise some fans and wonder what is going to happen next season.

Denis O’Hare, Marshall Allman, Kevin Alejandro and Lauren Bowles will all be returning for season four of True Blood!

According to E!

“Denis is set to return to the HBO hit next year, according to sources, but don’t expect to see Russell too early in the year. We have it on good authority (Alan Ball‘s) that initially witches will reign supreme, but I’m told the plan is for Russell to reappear later in the season.”

Nelsan Ellis confirms that Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) will be back and will be his partner in crime.  As he states: “We’re partners in crime now, my boy toy, so he will be back.” Adds Kevin with a knowing grin: “I’m hearing rumors about that, too. I’ve never been a part of anything this big before.”

As for Marshall Allman he wasn’t as forthright when asked if he will be coming back for season four only to say that yes he is as so will be Lauren Bowles as wiccan Holly Cleary.

Now with this information it is definitely going to be interesting to see what happens in the season finale and with the fate of Russell Edgington.

SOURCE: E! – True Blood Spoiler Alert: Find Out Who’ll Be Back for Season Four!

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)