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Sam Trammell True Blood Sam Merlotte in troubleAs fans anxiously wait for the season finale of True Blood set it air on Sunday, September 12, 2010 on HBO, spoiler news is being filtered out not only about the season finale but what we can expect to see for Season 4. Here are some spoiler scoop from various sources as they try to answer some fan questions. First from E!Online:

Benedict in New Orleans: True Blood please! Finale scoop!
I’m starting to get very frightened for our dear Sook (Anna Paquin). Something tells me Denis O’Hare’s promise that he’ll be “weeping tears of joy” may have to do with him walking in sunlight, and I’m also hearing Russell probably won’t be offed. Danger, danger, danger.

Jalya in Kahala, Hawaii: Aw! I cannot believe the way Sam’s acting on True Blood. Tell me it isn’t permanent, please!
Sorry kiddies, but Sam Trammell tells me Sam’s not-so-pleasant adventures are just beginning and will extend far into True Blood’s fourth season. “I know one thing that’s going to happen with Sam [next year], which is taking it to a new level. It’s very cool.” The gang doesn’t even start shooting until November, so get ready for a long and painful off season. Sigh!

TV Guide Magazine gives us so more information regarding what we are going to see for Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello), Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), Holly Cleary (Lauren Bowles), and Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) in the season finale and a glimpse into season 4.

“Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) told TV Guide Magazine, saying we’ll find out why he and Jesus are so “spiritually connected.” Joe Manganiello promised, “Alcide will be back before the season’s up to take care of some unfinished business,” and Kristin Bauer said that vampire Pam will “do anything to save her maker [Eric].”

Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) says “somebody in Sam’s camp is in big trouble,” but wouldn’t specify if that someone is little brother Tommy. “This season leaves everyone with a bunch of cliffhangers, especially with my storyline. There’s something very serious, very hardcore that happens.”

Joe states that “[Creator] Alan [Ball] and the writers are busy writing Season 4 right now, so I’m dying to find out what happens,” he said. And Lauren Bowles (wiccan Holly) promised, “You will be seeing me a lot next season. As Alan has announced, next year is the year of the witch.”

“What they’ve written, there’s a lot of sparks going on,” says Kevin Alejandro. “Whatever happens next season should be pretty explosive.”


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  • Anonymous

    It is almost here. I am also addicted to True Blood. It is truly in my blood!

    I am a lover of Bill in the show and the books. Anything or one that comes between him and Sookie only taints their realtionship. Sookie felt that in the books after Bill saved her from the fae.
    And as far as this last book is concerned, Bill has shown again that he has always been there for Sookie, a lover, but mostly a true friend. That is the solid foundation for a relationship. Not someone who manipulates and controls you and everything around you.

    Season 4 will be really good. We need more drama and the separation of Bill and Sookie for a while. 

  • Hello, My name is Christina Sampson. I myself am a IMDb credited actor out of New York. I have to comment on True Blood because I am completly addicted! I love all the trials and tribulations that each character goes through. The extreme difference in personalities that they each have. I would love to audition. Does anyone know if and where they are holding auditions? Thank you! 😉

  • Shelly

    Ok so I am really rooting for Alcide the werewolf. Seriously Joe Manganillo is the hottest man I have ever, and quite possibly will ever see. Sookie really should go for the good/hot man and get away from the vamps a little. Oh and what about Jessica and Hoyt. I want to know what was up with the creepy doll in that house. And I am really hoping his crazy mother doesn’t accidently shoot Hoyt too cause they are my favorite couple on True Blood. They are the ones with the most honesty between them.

  • hi, i’ve heard that bill and sookie don’t get back together in the books but does anyone know if they will in the tv series? How closely do the episodes follow the books?

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi Laura,

      ***** BOOK SPOILER****

      No Sookie and Bill do not get back together in the books. However, there are still a couple more books to go so you never know. It’s highly unlikely though that they will end up together by the end of the books. The first season is close to the first book. In some ways the show really deviates from the books like Lala died in the books,Jessica did not exist, Erics maker is not Godric but in other ways the show is similar. Who knows if Bill and Sookie will get back together in the show. That is up to AB and his writing team. I think it will be very difficult for Sookie to forgive Bill for the Rattray situation but anything is possible. You can’t rule anything out with AB. Personally, I would prefer them not to get back together because I like Eric. AB did say at Comic Con that he thinks Bill and Sookie are “Soulmates”. Who knows?

    • Baby Vamp Tay

      —-BOOK SPOILER—–

      Personally Eric and Bill are both A-holes in the book, I am still team Bill! Eric is soooo overrated! But I digress, my absolute fave in the book series is the weretiger Quinn!!! Now if AB would work him into the series that would be better than eric and bill, he was beyond yummy mmmmm….

      • money_jane

        for some reason i keep thinking the rock as quinn but even if not it was pitiful in the book that she let him go. stupid move. he was amazing. purrrrrr. but i am so excited about amelia and BOB OMG BOB! HELLO BOOKERS!!!! U KNOW WHAT I MEAN!! BUT MOST OF ALL……………………………………..WHERE IS BUBBA? only readers will know what i’m getting at hehhehe :0

        • Bubba has been discussed many times in the past. Alan Ball has repeatedly commented that Bubba will not be on True Blood because of how corny it’ll be, as well as other issues, including fiscal ones, that come up when using a famous person’s likeness without their permission or the permission of their estate.

  • natalie

    If they continue the plot of the books in any general way, Eric will be back. Sookie finds Eric in a road w/ total amnesia ( via witches spell) and a very different type of eric will stay at sookies housemost of the season. Their relationship changes in big ways.

  • Chica

    I can’t wait to see who will be playing Amelia and especially Quinn (those who have read the books know who I am talking about). 9 months is extremely TOO long to wait for a new season of TB!!! I read all the books and my husband used to make fun of me cuz I couldn’t put them down.. well with TB.. he can’t wait for Sundays to come so he can watch it! Love that they kept Lafayette alive in the show.. his character was gone all too soon in the books!! I will be going back and re-reading ALL of the books during the 9 month hiatus!!

  • jaxx

    Thanks Ollie. Can’t believe we’re almost done with S3. Such a long wait for S4.

    Don’t worry Debra. Eric will be back. He was a big part of book 4, so I’m sure he’ll be around for S4 in a big way. I’m glad RE will be back. I really like his character. Not caring too much for Sam’s dark side right now, but it’s part of who he is, so I’ll deal with it. I just hope the writer’s write in a good girlfriend for Sam. He really needs one after all of this.

  • I would like to know if Eric is returning to Season 4. He is a great asset to the show. even if he is somewhat rotten at times. I think his character is great. I also think he adds a great deal of character to the show.

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi Debra,

      Definitely, Eric will be in season 4. He is a big focus in the fourth book (Dead to the World). In the season of the witches, I am sure Eric will have his share of trials and tribulations though.

  • loleaf

    They are soooo mean!! They are only giving us enough to drive us totally insane… it will be an extremely long 9 months before season 4!!!! Arrg!! lol 🙂

  • ~ Caitlin

    Thank you so much Ollie for the spoilers!

    I find Sam’s dark storyline interesting. However, I like nice Sam. Maybe something is going to happen to Tommy. I could see Tommy trashing Merlottes.

    I can’t wait for the witches! I’d love to see Russell next season. All though, that would be dangerous for Sookie, Eric, Bill etc…