True Blood Season 4 Spoilers – New Casting Call

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Episode 2: “You Smell Like Dinner”

True Blood Season 3 PosterFilming for Season 4 of HBO‘s hit show True Blood begins this week and we have more news!  The title of the second episode will be “You Smell Like Dinner“.  Could Sookie be on the menu again? 

In addition, a casting call has been sent out for the following characters in this episode. 

[CALLUM] British bartender seen in flashback to London in 1982. He bartends in a punk underground nightclub…

[MALE PROTESTOR #1] This male protestor, 5’8″ tall at most, pickets Fangtasia and starts a physical fight with a “fangbanger”…

[MALE PROTESTOR #2] Another male protestor picketing Fangtasia, he captures a confrontation on his smart phone…

[LUTHER] An older, backwoods, inbred man at the compound, he is Timbo’s uncle…

Its hard to believe we still have 7 more months to wait until the show starts up again!  Let us know what you think – whose flashback will it be, is Sookie the aforementioned “dinner”?

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  • jaxx

    OMG, I must have missed this post earlier. Been busy with the upcoming holidays, haven’t been around much.

    Too funny. I also hope this is a flashback sequence with Eric and Pam and maybe even Bill in a punk bar in the 80’s. I can see Eric with the “Billy Idol” look and Pam with the classic 80’s Madonna look. LOL. I’m laughing and smiling just thinking about it. If I remember correctly, wasn’t Stephen in a band when he was younger at one time? That would be hysterical. Bill as a Rick Springfield type. OMG, I’m killing myself laughing here.

    Sounds amusing as usual. Wonder who’s for dinner????

  • pbt

    Hey all. Waving and blowing some kisses. OMG. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I think the aforementioned spoiler is a flashback to spur Eric’s memory. Pam is telling the story and trying to spark some sort of reaction from Eric.

    I am so hoping that the flashback involves Pam and Eric owning the bar in London. SM Punk bar please. OK, not likely. Just had to throw that in there. How about Viking in black spandex or better yet just really tight black leather please? Enter Bill Compton in his Dockers and Henley shirt. Sorry but that would be way too funny. But as Talbot said, he is way too square.

    Let’s hope its epic and funny. Pam/Kristin and Eric/Alex are just way too humorous together not to use in this scene.

    The title you Smell Like Dinner sounds like a place keeper title. Several times last year, titles were changed for the season. Remember Pack of Wolves changed to Bad Blood. The line is from last season when Sookie enters Lou Pines and Hollis greets her. “You smell like dinner.” The only music by this title is Super 8 Cum Shot which has very explicit lyrics.

    Possible I suppose. 🙂

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi pbt,

      I was excited to see this and I thought the same thing. Maybe Eric owned that bar and Biil and Pam are in the flashback. Maybe that was where Bill met Eric. Pam had to have already been a vamp at that point. I remember someone on this site mentioning how they envisioned Eric in a punk club. The flashback would have to be connected to one of them. I remember Bill saying to Sookie once “You smell like dinner.” I think that was when they went to Fangtasia. Your right this oould just be a temp title. Also, the title could indicate the Eric amnesia storyline because when he meets Sookie he might think of her as dinner. So many possiblities.

      P.S. I would just love to see a flashback of Pam and Eric in the 70’s as hippies. With the blonde hair and sense of humor they would have fit right in. Plus glammering people would have been unessesary because people were so high. Wonder what Bill was like to?

      • Lizzie1701


        Bill never said that Sookie smelt like dinner – that was a Were at Lou Pines. Bill said that Sookie looked like Vampire Bait (in the car as he reckoned she looked really sexy).

        Yes, all these teasers sound really great and I can’t wait!!