True Blood Season 4 Spoilers and Speculations

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Where True Blood Left Off:

As we know from the True Blood Season 3 finale, lots has happened in Bon Temps. Tara left town for a new start, Sam went after Tommy and may or may not have shot him, Sookie has rescinded the invitations of all vampires to her house, Eric was saved from being trapped within concrete, and Bill‘s secrets have been revealed. Of course, that’s only part of what we saw.

When we left off, Bill was fighting Sophie-Anne to the death at his home, Eric was gloating to Pam about having forced Bill to reveal the truth to Sookie, and Sookie went to another realm with Claudine.

Where Season 4 Can Go

In the ‘Thank You, Fans’ video that played after the season finale ended, Alan Ball said that we’ll have new supernatural beings to deal with besides the vampires, shifters, werewolves, and witches. It sounds like Season 4 will be filled to the brim with new plot lines as well as continued ones from Season 3. In addition, we already know that the role of Hallow is being cast, so there will definitely be something wicked coming our way.

Something else we’ll be seeing is a shift in vampire politics. While we don’t quite know what that means, it’s probably going to be a bit messy for our favorite characters.

As for other news about True Blood’s upcoming fourth season? Well, as always, will post the info as we get it. The end of the season of True Blood doesn’t mean our work is done. After all, now that we have Season 4 to look forward to, there will be information about new characters, casting, etc. that will be released in the not-too-distant future.

  • angel_juliet

    does anyone know when season 4 is bein aired? Β i m addicted πŸ™‚ Β  Β Β 
    i hope sookie forgives bill πŸ™ even tho he lied. i <3 billΒ 

  • Hi vamp addicts! I am new to this site but def not new to True Blood! I have watched the 3 seasons and workin on the books now. I have to say that I am totally engossed in this series. Season 1 & 2 were my fav by far..season 3 went a lil crazy and a lil 2 gory for me..but then again I love most anything that has vamp, warewolves, witches and sex all rolled into one. I love the character of Sookie, but I would b thrilled if she was given more powers. It seems like in every series (Twilight, Vampire Diaries, ect) the main character is a girl w/ very lil or no powers surrounded by all these supernatural beings with enormous power. Why cant they give her more than just some mind reading? lol, but all in all I am totally hooked!! I cannot wait to c what happens in S4! Threre is sooo much going on w/ so many characters, I dont c how it could b boring. Even tho I love the main characters, I am excited to c what will happen with Tara, Sam,Β Arlene (and the evil baby she is carrying, wow)Β Hoyt and Jessica..oh yea and most of all…:Lafiette! I dont have a clue where that one is headed. I think while i am waiting on season 4 I will start reading the books more. I have only read the1st one and it was really good too, so to cure my craving for some more TB until S4 comes on, I will read and watch the last few episodes of S3..and of course come and talk to the awesome ppl on this site. Ok, I am new and have a lot of opinions, Β ( i know, lol) so dont b too hard on me, lol. Plz feel free to comment or disagree for that matter. I love to hear other ppl’s opinions and views as well..until next time..or next season!!

    • Diana Edwards

      Hi Jennifer, and welcome to the site! I would definitely recommend you finish the first 4 books before the premiere, that way you might understand this season a bit more. I for one LOVED the 4th book! I love Lafayette too, he totally makes the show. Happy reading!

  • Nick Colosimo

    A Season 4 Story Idea that will blow your mind completely?Β 

    ….what does Bill “REALLY” want with Sookie? What really happened to Bill’s family? What if he gets a smack in the face from his secret agenda?…. wouldn’t want to SPOIL it if this is in any way correct so look away right NOW….

    … if your curious then read on….

    The fairy warned Sookie not to let Bill “steal” her light and Vampires are “darkness” right? So, if the “light” can cancel out the darkness in a Vampire then what does that make a Vampire with no light? Answer: A Human.Β 

    This might explain why the Vampires have a limited ability to walk in the sunlight after taking Sookie’s blood and why Bill has recovered some of his humanity.

    In other words, might Bill want Sookie’s light in order regain his humanity by becoming FULLY human again?Β 

    But, there’s more to it than that….

    What is the one thing that Bill loves more or wants more than Sookie? Answer: His family. His original family know… wife and two kids from the civil war.Β 

    What? WTF? But their dead right? Well, Bill “could” be re-united with them by visiting the “pool” in fairyland! WTF! I hear you say again? Remember the girl who came out of the pool and Sookie said “where did she come from”. Well, what if the pool allows the fairies (or anyone else for that matter) to travel in time? Bill has been to fairyland once already. He just needs to get into to the pool and return through time to find his family to be re-united and as a human after taking all of Sookie’s light. Is this Bill’s secret agenda?

    Now what if Bill returns in time as a human but to find that they’ve been “turned”. He’s now a human and no way of getting back with a vampire family! Yikes!

    So does Bill steal Sookie’s light (by killing Sookie) or does she give it to him, giving up her powers, and possibly her life, in the process? Choices choices choices.

    Good, ok, terrible idea, or should they employ me as a writer! πŸ™‚ ?I think it might be a fun twist if Bill’s family had been turned and is in some way included in Season 4. That’d be cool.

  • Mark David

    Gosh finally I have waiting for this.

  • Anonymous

    i am new to watching True Blood. i just watched the first 3 seasons over the last week and I am totally hooked. I can’t wait til season 4 starts. does anyone have any clues as to what is in store for season 4?
    i really hope they give more time to Jessica and hoyt. baby vampires are awesome

  • OK……ive read every book and biting my nails here waiting for the next one lol also watched all the seasons and am waiting to see what happens lafayette n jesus *dead* haha not to mention jessica n hoyt! *dead again*
    *sigh* waiting really DOES suck……..

  • Stackhouse

    Thanks lulu πŸ™‚ Feels good to know there are others like me πŸ˜›

    Hope they bring up Bubba πŸ™‚ read on couple sites where they say its almost impossible to add “the king” to the show but I’m not giving up hope.

    Drunk Sam foreva

  • lulu

    hello stackhouse and welcome to our world.xxxxxxxxxx

  • sarah

    Hey haven’t commented in a while but nobody has mentioned Arlene? She is proof that season 4 will skip ahead a little bit. Cause if you think about it season 1-3 have lasted about a month their time, so it will take a couple of years and seasons for Arlene to give birth to the devil child. They will probally skip ahead so that we can see what her ‘evil’ unborn child will add to the story, unless she miscarries or sucessfully abort it. But abortion didn’t work last time when Holly helped her. So I’m feeling she will carry it to full term and give birth.

  • Stackhouse

    welcome to the club Alexxa πŸ˜€ season 4 mmmmmm…5 months to go πŸ˜› glad to see we’ve got another Trubie πŸ™‚

  • Alexxa

    BEST TV Series with Vamps ever!!!!LOVE IT!!!I can’t wait for season 4!!!!hope Sookie remains with Bill!! sorry for writhing mistakes but like stackhouse english is not my language!!!:D

  • Stackhouse

    Alcide ye…not the biggest fan of him….I want more love for Sam πŸ˜€ Was glad they brought his brother and as a bonus he’s a shifter too but after I while Tommy began to be annoying πŸ˜› Last episodes of season 3 Sam finally kicked some ass πŸ˜€ Sam and Tara,Sam and some waitress but come on more love for Sam πŸ˜€ Just realized who’s my favourite character πŸ˜›

  • Stackhouse

    amg amg someone actually replied πŸ˜€ I sort of “discovered” True Blood while watching some award show on tv.TB kept winning and I got curious.Hook it up online and the reviews were outstanding.After I learned the show is a adaption of books and ofc I tried to find them online since I’m not able to buy them in my country.After few days I gave up the search and decided to start watching TB without reading it first.I needed couple episodes to get used to it and maybe around the fifth episode I couldn’t stop thinking about “what’s gonna happen next???” Second season was the best at least for me.Ofc one of the main reasons I say that is because Godric -RIP- I read a lot comments and mostly complains for killing off Godric but for me that was a perfect ending for such unusal and special vampire like him.They haven’t “drained” his character dry but instead made a unforgottable and one of the best moments in entire show.Forgive me my mistakes πŸ™‚ English isn’t the language I use 24/7.Another reason why I like this show so much is beacause it has not that “happy ending” after each episode like most or every single show out there has.There’s always kinda a “cliffhanger”,reason to tune in next time. What can I say more…..I wanna do bad things with you -.-

    • jaxx

      Not sure if you’ve watched season 3 yet, but it blows away season 2. The character Russell Edgington steals the show many times and at one point just left me with my mouth wide open. Keep watching and enjoy. What country are you from, if you don’t mind me asking? You can always buy the books at if you really want to start reading them.

      • Stackhouse

        Hey again πŸ™‚ ye I’ve seen third season and ofc russell was mind blowing.The best antagonist so far.”now time for the weather,Tiffany” πŸ˜€ I’m surprised that I never heared of Dennis O’Hare before…..that scene where he talks to the audience on the news was probably my favourite of season 3.I’m living in a small country with the name Bosnia.I’m not sure if you ever heared of it but orderding something online here is preety much impossible.I just have to look more online and think I’ll find it.You know when season 4 is going to start?

        • Yes, I know of Bosnia, and even where it is on a map! πŸ˜€

          As for Season 4, it’ll start next summer in the United States, most likely in June.

          Denis O’Hare has done a lot. If you can, see the movie The Proposal, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Denis has a part in it as well, and he’s very funny in it! πŸ˜€

          • Stackhouse

            Thanks for the info Isis πŸ™‚ Summer πŸ™ so far…..:P well guess I’ll have time to read the books soon as I have them.Another surprise was Ana Paquin.After I’ve seen her in X-men and started with TB took me a while to notice “ohhh thats Rouge”.But again between xmen and TB are some years.True Blood hasnt only given us great entertainment but brought two wonderful people together.Dont know if you know it but I assume as die hard fans you gotta do πŸ˜› Ana and Stephen are married.I’ve seen a video with charlaine harris and she mentioned that she’s going to continue writing True Blood but it wont make it to Tv.Hope I understood that wrong,at least the part where it isnt going to be on TV πŸ˜€

          • Yes, Charlaine has a contract to write a few more Sookie books, and there’s already so much detail in the books that I’m not sure Alan would be able to put all of it into True Blood. πŸ™‚

            As for me, I still love Anna in X-Men, and I hope to see Sookie and Alcide hook up, just so that I can at least fulfill my “Rogue/Wolverine” ‘shipping, LOL. Even though it’s not as perfect as the real Wolverine/Rogue, but still… I’ll take it. πŸ˜€

  • Stackhouse

    Hello girls and Antonio πŸ™‚ I’m a guy aswell and I adore,love and can’t get enough of True Blood.Recently I finished watching third season and couple hours later I was online and searching for any hints or spoilers for the upcoming season.

    That was my short introduction πŸ™‚

    Cya soon ^^

    • Welcome to TrueBloodNet! Glad to have you here, and looking forward to hearing your insights about our favorite show!

    • jaxx

      Hello Stackhouse and welcome. It’s always nice to hear a guy’s point of view. πŸ™‚