True Blood Season 4 Spoilers and Speculations

September 13, 2010 by  

Where True Blood Left Off:

As we know from the True Blood Season 3 finale, lots has happened in Bon Temps. Tara left town for a new start, Sam went after Tommy and may or may not have shot him, Sookie has rescinded the invitations of all vampires to her house, Eric was saved from being trapped within concrete, and Bill‘s secrets have been revealed. Of course, that’s only part of what we saw.

When we left off, Bill was fighting Sophie-Anne to the death at his home, Eric was gloating to Pam about having forced Bill to reveal the truth to Sookie, and Sookie went to another realm with Claudine.

Where Season 4 Can Go

In the ‘Thank You, Fans’ video that played after the season finale ended, Alan Ball said that we’ll have new supernatural beings to deal with besides the vampires, shifters, werewolves, and witches. It sounds like Season 4 will be filled to the brim with new plot lines as well as continued ones from Season 3. In addition, we already know that the role of Hallow is being cast, so there will definitely be something wicked coming our way.

Something else we’ll be seeing is a shift in vampire politics. While we don’t quite know what that means, it’s probably going to be a bit messy for our favorite characters.

As for other news about True Blood’s upcoming fourth season? Well, as always, will post the info as we get it. The end of the season of True Blood doesn’t mean our work is done. After all, now that we have Season 4 to look forward to, there will be information about new characters, casting, etc. that will be released in the not-too-distant future.