True Blood Season 5 Poster – Bill!

May 11, 2012 by  

Less Than 30 Days to True Blood Season 5!

True Blood Vampire Bill played by Stephen Moyer

The posters are out for the HBO True Blood stars for season five! There will be one for each actor and we at have decided to present one per post in order to give each its own top billing. As we all know, vampire Bill, the latest king of Louisiana, is played by the smolderingly sexy Stephen Moyer. Vampire Bill was Sookie’s first love and he spared Eric Northman in the hopes that it would make Sookie happy. Will he win Sookie‘s heart back this season? Will he move up in vampire politics now that he and Eric have teamed up to kill off American Vampire League spokeswoman Nan Flanagan? Will they take over the vampire world or will Russell Edgington have something to say about that?

Photo credit: HBO