True Blood Season 5 Poster – Jason!

May 19, 2012 by  

HBO's True Blood's Jason Stackhouse played by Ryan Kwanten posterLess Than 30 Days to True Blood Season 5!

The posters are out for the HBO True Blood stars for season five! There will be one for each actor and we at have decided to present one per post in order to give each it’s own top billing. When it comes to ripped and sexy Jason Stackhouse, played by the talented Aussie Ryan Kwanten, bows to no one, not even Alcides. Jason is like sex in a bottle, oh wait, that’s V. Speaking of sex, Jason has a new love interest, his best bud’s vampire girlfriend Jessica. Oh yeah, that’s going to be a very interesting season with Jason and Hoyt trying to work that out. Will Hoyt go to the Church of the Sun side? Will Jason restore his bromance with Hoyt? Will Jessica make him dress up like a cowboy? Or… the imagination boggles!

Photo Credit: HBO