True Blood Season 5 Poster – Tara!

May 18, 2012 by  

HBO's True Blood's Tara Thornton played by Rutina Wesley posterLess Than 30 Days to True Blood Season 5!

The posters are out for the HBO True Blood stars for season five! There will be one for each actor and we at have decided to present one per post in order to give each it’s own top billing. Poor Tara has been terrorized, vampirized, and now her brains are spattered all over Gran’s floor. What will happen to Sookie’s best friend, played by the beautiful Rutina Wesley, now that Alcide’s crazy girlfriend Debbie has blown her head off while trying to kill Sookie. Sookie took revenge on her by returning the favor but how can Tara survive without her brains? Will she die and just be seen in flashbacks? Will she become a zombie? Will one of the vampires in the neighborhood run in and ‘save’ her by making her into the thing she’s hated most? Honestly, if Tara becomes a vampire, won’t it be ironic and sad that Franklin Mott is gone? Really, with both of them as vampires that could have been one crazy ride. What has happened to Tara!? #WaitingSucks