True Blood Season 6: Newest Naked Love Interest for Sookie

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A New Faerie Comes Packing Muscle:

Rob Kazinsky stars as Ben Flynn in HBO's True Blood Season 6

29, English and ginger actor Rob Kazinsky will join the ranks of the hot and nude cast of True Blood as Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) latest fae love for Season 6.

And he’s prepared for it:

“I am 100 percent certain that I am going to be absolutely hated by everyone. Team Eric’s going to hate me, Team Bill’s going to hate me, Team Alcide — they’re all going to absolutely loathe this guy just because he’s not them.”

Kazinsky also added that his fae character Ben is ‘honest,’ ‘accessible’, and will provide a unique kind of happiness for Sookie.

His exposure, however, is a little different from the rest of the cast’s:

“I was told that I’m most naked character they’ve had over the course of one season.”

When it comes to his physique, however, his answer stunned us:

“I really wish I could say [I work out] a lot, [but] on your first day when you come to set and you got Joe Manganiello and you got Ryan Kwanten, you just realize that no matter how much you work out, genetics do everything. There’s no point in trying too hard.”

Oh, to be so naturally hot…

Even with his great genetics, the actor certainly put on an effort for director Guillermo Del Toro‘s upcoming action film Pacific Rim by gaining 40 pounds in muscle through eating 12,000 calories for four months every day and working out five hours a day six days a week.

Talk about effort! Kazinsky gushed:

“It’s really really really hard. And we did it because in the original script there were a lot of topless scenes but then when we got up there after putting all that effort in, just [actor] Charlie Hunnam’s getting naked.”

The American way of doing things after working in England on British soap opera Eastenders was also a significant change for the actor. He admitted:

“The biggest difference to me is always craft services. Having free food on set is just the best thing that’s ever happened to anybody ever. For the BBC there’s no such thing as crafty or free food. At Eastenders there wasn’t, anyway. So having doughnuts on set? Wonderful. Fresh fruit all the time? Having a coffee machine instead of having to pay three pounds for your coffee every time you want one? Oh my God, it’s great.”

He seems to be enjoying his time on the True Blood set, and we’re sure we’ll enjoy his time too!

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(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)