True Blood Season 7: Put Your Best Foot Forward!

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Shoe Artist Molly M. Colliers Shoes to Appear on True Blood:

Pam's (kristin bauer van straten) pumps HBO True BloodNow we all remember that fabulous conversation between Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and her maker, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) about her ruined pumps, but could you imagine something as dear to you as Pam’s shoes were to her, becoming a part of HBO’s True Blood Season 7? Well, for shoe designer Molly M. Collier, this wish certainly did come true!

Molly was already a huge fan of True Blood and, as a result, last year she tried to get her shoes on the hit show. Alas for her though filming had already been completed for Season 6, so she had to sit on her hands and wait it out until True Blood Season 7:

I love the show and I already had done some shoes inspired by ‘True Blood‘ for a local (fashion) show.

Once more, she was turned away due to filming and costuming already organised. Considering this was to be True Blood’s final year, she thought that would be it for her desire to have her shoes featured on the show. And yet, not long after that final turn down, HBO contacted Molly with the news that they were in the process of adding some new scenes – and the rest, as they so famously say, is history!

While Molly cannot disclose exactly when her shoes will appear in True Blood Season 7, she did have this to say:

They told me I can’t disclose what episode the shoes are going to be in, but I’d pay close attention toward the end of the season.

Molly’s shoes are based on St. Louis designers Luichiny’s double-platform, stiletto-heeled shoes, with her own particular splash of inspiration: red painted slashes and ruby rhinestones.

Molly M. Collier Shoes

What one precious item of yours would you like to see in the final season of HBO’s True Blood? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: St. Louis Today – Local shoe artist adds sole to ‘True Blood’ final season

(Photo Credits: HBO Inc./St. Louis Today/Molly M. Collier)