True Blood Season 7: Sarah Newlin is the New Antidote – ‘Here for the Good of Mankind’

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Could Sarah Newlin Turn From Resident Baddie to Ridding the World of Hep-V?

Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) gets a new religion and a new haircolour in HBO's True Blood Season 7 Episode 3 Fire in the HoleOn the one hand, in Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood, Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) played a large part in developing the Hep-V virus that is now ravaging Season 7. On the other hand, in Episode 5 (entitled Karma) of this season we discovered that there was a Hep-V antidote – and that Sarah drank it! Effectively she is now a living breathing Hep-V antidote – but will she use her ‘gift’ for good or bad?

According to Anna Camp (who spoke to Vulture recently), her character is bordering on the edge of becoming full-blown crazy. And, added to that, her latest ‘religion’, Buddhism now has given her the notion she is absolved from all her previous sins:

I think when she goes to the retreat, she realizes these things, and then she starts to believe that God has this master plan for her, because ultimately, she still believes that God or the Buddha or whoever, this higher power, has called on her. She believes someone made her drink it. God gave her the idea to drink it, so now she’s this vessel of love and light. She thinks she’s here to save her sister and humankind, just like Jesus Christ. It’s really messed up! [Laughs.] She’s completely psychotic. She’s lost her mind for Jesus. In this world, I am the new Messiah. She believes she’s been sent to save both the vampire race and the human race. I’m not trying to destroy them anymore. She completely believes this was all meant to be and this all happened for a reason, and she’s just so desperate to get out. She’s a very desperate woman, and I think she’s about to get her comeuppance.

While she may view herself as a messiah, there are still countless threats on her life; Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), the Yakuza, Mr. Gus (Will Yun Lee) and all the Hep-V infected vampires left in the world. Anna sees Eric and Pam, however, as Sarah’s biggest threat. After all, their vendetta is more personal than most. They saw just how evil Sarah Newlin can be after they witnessed her brutal torture at Vamp Camp in Season 6.

So will Sarah be able to talk her way out of her current sticky situation or will True Blood Season 7 claim her life?

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Source: Vulture – Anna Camp on True Blood, Mad Men, and Why Sarah Newlin Would Be Bored With Don Draper

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