True Blood Season Finale Prediction and Speculations

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True Blood Season 3 PosterTrue Blood Season Finale Predictions:

We are always so proud of all our writers who take the time write up all these news posts to keep True Blood fans up to date with the latest news.  Some of our writers are being recognized by other websites and are being asked to write for them as guest blogger, such as our very own Janie Logan. Here is Janie’s latest blog for as she gives her insight into the season finale of True Blood airing this Sunday night, September 12, 2010 on HBO.

As the season three finale of True Blood approaches, LocateTV contacted True Blood super-fan Janie from to ask what she thinks we will happen in the eagerly anticipated finale. Here’s what Janie had to say:

Among the many indications that True Blood’s third season will end ominously, the greatest is the title of the last episode: Evil Is Going On. Not that this is anything new–the finales for seasons 1 and 2 were entitled You’ll Be the Death of Me and Beyond Here Lies Nothin’, respectively. Executive producer Alan Ball just doesn’t seem to find happy endings very interesting.

And while plenty of surprises will be in store in this Sunday’s finale, and in seasons to come, here are a few ideas about what we might see:

Jason Stackhouse and Crystal Norris

When the fighting breaks out between the drug authorities and the violent, inbreeding werepanthers of Hot Shot, Jason is going to learn that there’s no turning back. If he and Crystal insist on being together, he must become one of them. I think Calvin or Felton will turn him into a werepanther.

Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica Hamby

Hoyt and Jessica are just going to be minding their own business, enjoying young love, but Maxine Fortenberry won’t stand idly by and let that happen. She already considers Jessica to be dead, so I wouldn’t put it past the old broad to try to send her to the true death.

Eric Northman and Russell Edgington

With Eric and Russell lying out in the sun awaiting death, Godric is going to appear to his progeny as a spirit of sorts. He’ll say something very wise, I’m sure. Meanwhile, inside Fangtasia, Pam can’t stand to watch her Maker die. She’s going to run outside, risking herself, to get Eric to safety. Since Russell is handcuffed to him, she has to save them both. Eric heals once they get to cover, and they think the King is dead. I’m betting that’s not true and that he survives to carryout his master plan another day.

Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse

Because of all the blood she’s lost, Sookie‘s going to return to faerie land. Hopefully Claudine will tell her more about her light. When she wakes up, she’s going to start pushing Bill away. She doesn’t trust him anymore, and she’s sick and tired of the drama. She was fascinated by vampires to begin with, and stayed in their world for love, but she needs a break from it all. Sookie is going to rescind both Bill’s and Eric’s invitations into her house and shut the door to them for a while.

We’ll finally learn some of the secrets Bill has been keeping. If Sookie doesn’t want to be with him anymore, he has no reason to keep his true motives hidden. Queen Sophie-Anne comes to visit him. He pretends like he’s been her good little servant all along, getting close to Sookie to let her know about the Fae, but he’s actually working for someone else…the American Vampire League. He attacks the Queen to hand her over to Nan Flanagan so that she can be brought to justice for all her crimes.

Sookie Stackhouse and Alcide Herveaux

Sookie’s good friend Alcide will come back to Bon Temps, probably to check on her after hearing that she was attacked by Debbie. He will reiterate that she’s too good for a fanger, that she should try someone a little more hot-blooded for once, perhaps a fine werewolf such as himself (or maybe that’s just me dreaming). Soon, we’ll see Sookie embracing the normal, returning to work at Merlotte’s, until disaster strikes again and she can’t NOT get involved. This disaster will be caused…by witches.

Big thanks to Janie at for taking the time to write for LocateTV. To see if Janie’s predictions are correct, make sure you watch the True Blood season finale this Sunday on HBO.

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