True Blood Season Finale Premieres Evil Is Going On Song

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Jace Everett True Blood SongwriterTrue Blood Season Finale Premieres Jace Everett’s Evil Is Going On:

After three seasons, the opening song for True Blood, Bad Things by Jace Everett has not gotten old. Instead it’s the cue to get ready for a great night of vampire drama. Fans love the deep voice that comes with tuning into HBO at 9:00pm on Sunday nights.

When the series came to him to use his song, Jace‘s career was ready for that kind of exposure. He’d previously been picked up by Sony, but was dropped from the label after a year and one album. The country crooner noted,

“So really what was going on with me before [‘True Blood’] was not a whole damn lot…I was working really hard and making very little money.”

That’s all changed now. With the success of True Blood, Jace has experienced a new jolt in his career. During the season finale, not only will fans here the familiar opening tune, but they will also hear Jace’s collaborative efforts with C.C. Adcock twice in the song Evil (Is Going On). The song will make its appearance during a memorable moment in the show as well as the end credits. The song is remake of the Howlin’ Wolf classic. Jace said,

“It was just a great song…It’s just a blues song but it’s got this menace to it that really has a heavy vibe. So, we just tried to emulate that and hopefully amplify that and bring it to the 21st century and hopefully Wolf wouldn’t be to mad at us.”

The Story Behind Bad Things

Jace’s success started with one song, which started off with one perspective and change into another. At first it began with letting go of the anger he felt for a guy who owed him money and soon it changed into something much more sensual and sexy.

The song’s sexual tension is amplified when in connection with the flashing images True Blood opens with. When Jace had to rerecord the song to meet the minute and half intro, he was blown away and became an HBO convert. He noted,

“Second season we finally decided we can splurge and get HBO, so we watch [‘True Blood’]…It’s kind of like trash TV with a brain and heart and I love it. I think it’s funny and sexy and spooky and it’s just really cool to be associated with people who are firing on all cylinders.”

Evil (Is Going On) is on the True Blood Soundtrack Volume Two, and carries some big names including Beck, Lucinda Williams, and Elvis Costello. There’s one guy though, Jace is proud to be on the album with and that’s Bob Dylan. For Jace, love him or hate him (he loves him), Dylan is a legend.

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