True Blood Season Finale And Season 3 Spoilers With Alan Ball

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Alan BallNow that Season Two of True Blood has ended, there are a lots of unanswered questions. Will Hoyt and Jessica get back together? Where was Eric the whole time this was going on? What is Sookie? And most importantly, who took Bill Compton? Michael Ausiello from had the opportunity to speak with Alan Ball the day after the finale aired to see what is in store for next season and perhaps get some insight to all of our unanswered questions.

Many viewers were surprised that the Maryann storyline ended within the first 30 minutes? Alan Ball provided a  good explanation as to why she ended when she did.

“I try to look at the show as basically almost like it’s a novel, and each episode is a chapter. I guess I’m influenced by the fact that when I watch TV shows, I watch the [DVD] boxed sets. Ultimately, it’s just organically the way it worked out. And the season finale last year was very similar.”

Viewers voiced that the storyline was stretched out a bit too much and were glad to see the character finally gone. However, is she really? Alan confirms i by stating that the folks in Bon Temps destroyed her and she will never rise again. Alan loves Michelle and mentions how much fun she was to work with and hated to kill her, but it had to be done.

In the regards to the killing of Godric the character was very well received, but Alan has no regret in killing him off. The story was very powerful and just so happened to be Alan‘s favorite thing about the second book. He said that they can always go back in history. Godric and Eric had a relationship for a thousand year so don’t worry Godric fans.  Alan said we can always go back and see him again. Let’s cross our fingers in hopes that it will happen in the next season.

As to why there was a lack of Eric in the finale, Alan mentioned that there is a reason why we didn’t get to see the viking. However he couldn’t explain why though, he’d be giving too much away. Rest assured Eric fans, he’ll be prominent next season. Alan said that he has many seasons planned for Eric so we’ll have something to look forward to. Micheal did ask him at this if he is surprised at how passionate the Sookie/Eric fans are to which Alan responded by saying:

“Yes. I try not to get involved in that because it just sort of — it’s too confusing. I don’t want it to influence what the show is. Personally, I’m like, yes, Eric’s hot, but beyond that he’s dangerous, and I don’t know if he’d love anybody besides himself. What’s the appeal there? The bad boy? The danger?”

Michael went on to ask Alan about the Queen’s Yahtzee obsession? Alan laughed and said, “You’re 400 years old. What are you going to do? It’s something we came up with in the room and we thought it was funny.” As far as the fans complaining that Evan Rachel Wood, the actress who plays the Queen, isn’t playing her role scary enough, Alan gave some reassurance. He pointed out that you don’t want to introduce a character you’re going to see later on and show all of her in the first meeting. He loves that fans are so into the TV show to make judgment calls on whether they like an actress playing a certain character.  However, he wants people to keep an open mind and states “all I can say is keep watching. It will make sense”. The Queen will be in the next season but not as a regular character. Also we will meet the Vampire King of Mississippi (The Vampire King Has Been Cast!) and there’ll be some interesting things happening between the two of them.

There were lots of other hints that Alan Ball mentioned to EW about what we can expect to see in the third season.

For instance, some viewers are wondering why Jason fell under Maryann’s influence but Sookie didn’t. Alan explained by stating:

“They have the same parents. We will find out what Sookie is [next season]. There are such things as dominant and recessive genes. Maybe Jason is fundamentally human but he has a trace of some non-human stuff. He’s kind of a ridiculously perfect [human being]. He’s athletic and has that charisma thing, so maybe he had some help in that regard. [Laughs] Ultimately, if you look at percentages, he’s mostly human. Sookie has a stronger genetic predisposition in another direction. People who have read the books know exactly what I’m talking about. People who haven’t, it will be revealed.”

Speaking of parents, we have a good chance of meeting Sam’s biological parents as Sam in Season Three as well.

When Alan was asked how closely he will follow the third book in season 3 Alan said:

“We take the gist of the books, [but] we will depart whenever we feel like it makes better television as opposed to reading. We continue to use the books as templates. But now that I’ve read all nine books there are things that are revealed in later books that we are moving up so that they’ll probably happen in the show earlier than they do in the books.”

So what does that include? Alcide, the werewolf will be introduced, who has yet to be cast. We also meet Franklin Mott, the super bad vampire, Debbie Pelt, the ex-girlfriend of the guy helping Sookie find Bill well as the introduction of the people who live in Hotshot.

Also don’t get too comfortable, we haven’t seen the last of the Fellowship of the Sun. Alan explained that just because Rev. Steve Newlin was  humiliated, it doesn’t mean he’s done with vampires. He’s angrier than ever.

Now that Eggs is gone, it opens the possible scenario to bring back the Jason/Tara love story. Jason is going to be consumed with guilt for having killed the man Tara loved. Jason will want to make her feel better after thinking he ruined her life. Alan said that at this point Tara had given up on her obsession to Jason but at such a vulnerable part of her life, she might be susceptible to his charms.

What is in store for Lafayette? There are plans for him to get a boyfriend. Alan wasn’t able to give too many details but he said we will get to see more and more of the lovable character. He’ll get very vulnerable in the next season and not just being afraid of Eric.

Quickly becoming one of the most favorite couples on the show was Jessica and Hoyt, a lot of people wondering will they stay together in season threeAlan explained that they still love each other but there will be problems – as most of us can guess after watching the finale.

EW asked Alan how long will fans to wait for season three and he said it will probably premiere around the same time as last season. He said they will shoot one episode before Christmas but he doesn’t know if HBO will bring the show on earlier but knows it won’t happen later. That is good news for all of us True Blood fans, and now that we have stuff to look forward to I can imagine we will all be counting down the days.

As A final tease Michael asked Alan if there was something he was forgetting to ask him to which Alan responded that he was surprised that he didn’t asked who took Bill?  So who did take Bill?  It was Hoyt‘s mother.  Now we will have to sit and ponder for 9 months whether Alan was joking or not.

SOURCE:  Entertainment Weekly

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  • Emma

    I hope Alan Ball drags the Sookie Eric thing out something chronic, and that Eric gets some action in the meantime.

    Hopefully when they get together it doesn’t turn boring… hard/fine line to balance. But I can’t see Alan dissapointing Bill fans which means maybe no one will win. Typical

    • Emma

      With Flirting, its the funnest thing to watch.

      Eric/Sookie flirting… yes please.

  • Jenny

    I don’t like how Alan portrays Eric or Bill on the show. Eric is not as bad in the books as he is on the show which makes it easier to understand why Sookie decideds to have a relationship with him. It makes me wonder if Ball will make the Eric/Sookie relationship happen on the show. I hope so because it’s the best part and important part in the books. Also Bill’s not exactly a good guy in the books, I hate Bill, lol! Oh and when will we see Quinn?

    • Well maybe in the books but this is True Blood so Alan Ball technically can go wherever he wants with the story line and stay true to the “spirit” of the books because this is his TV show. Personally I love Bill throughout the book series. 🙂

    • txophelia

      Jenny, I TOTALLY agree with you!

      I’m wondering where Alan Ball will find Sookie’s motivation to be angry at Bill and be charmed by Eric & Alcide. I reeeeeeally hope he doesn’t make Eric the one who took Bill. Eric’s a stinker in the books, but he never does anything as extreme as this.
      I think the HBO writers are making Eric out to be this selfish villian who simply wants to “conquer” Sookie, not fall in love with her.
      Another important note: The Sookie we know in the books and the show would NEVER just start “having thoughts” about other men. I think the whole storyline is so jumbled up. Let’s hope they fix it so it’s SOMEWHAT logical.

  • txophelia

    I found Alcide!
    Alan Ball……..are you listening?

    Was on ABC’s Men In Trees. Is 6’3″, looks IDENTICAL to Charlaine Harris’s description of Alcide in the books, and is a HUNK! I don’t think many actors could go head-to-head with Skarsgard and outshine Stephen Moyer, but this guy is HOT!

    My two cents……..

  • Alena

    I think that there is a good possibility that Sophie Anne (vampire queen) had something to do with Bill being taken. I can recall when she was talking to Eric about “Bill’s inquisitiveness.” Just a thought…

    • Loleaf

      I agree Alena, if you rewatch the “Hard Hearted Hannah” episode you will see that Lorena has the same gloves as the person who took Bill!!!

  • TMSmaestra

    The writers have created so much new content, and flipped enough of the book content around that viewers cannot know for certain how any particular event is going to play out. What will the people of Bon Temps be saying when a large number of women turn out to be pregnant? -yeah, I doubt that the Maryann controlled (and drug and alcohol influenced) orgies would have seen safe sex practices. Will there be a Public Service announcement of some kind in response to all the new STD cases?
    The writers have sick imaginations. Whatever comes next, you know it will be deliciously depraved.

  • Lynn

    I know we aren’t supposed to bring up the books, but I just had a brilliance moment….can anyone else see Vin Diesel as Quinn??? OMG, PERFECT!!!

  • Jaxx

    I can’t wait for Season 3. I hope a lot of us will be happy, especially with Eric’s character. I will try to be patient and wait until then.

    • Loleaf

      I hear ya Jaxx, If patience is a virtue I don’t think I was blessed with that one. LOL!!!

  • Meisha



  • Happy about the Jessica/Hoyt thing…

    …pretty much happy about everything, now i can relax now for the next 9 months.