True Blood Season Finale Spoiler Clip: Hoyt’s Intervention

September 8, 2010 by  

HBO has done it again with yet another True Blood Season 3 finale clip! It looks like Hoyt‘s mother is very desperate to see him get back together with Summer! (I can’t believe she even brought the high school guidance counselor with her to Hoyt’s work site!)

Will Hoyt give in to his mother’s demands, or is his love for Jessica strong enough to survive this latest attack from Mrs. Fortenberry?

Ep. 36: Clip – Hoyt arrives at work
  • I totally agree with Jessica on this one. I also live in the south and it’s very real even now how some mother’s try to steer their children into marrying the “good girls”. They may as well take us back to the times when children were promised at birth. I do have to say the lady that plays Mrs. Fortenberry is brilliant in her potrayal.

  • Cal

    Seriously, Do? Maxine and Summer have a death wish? Am I the only one who remembers what happened the last time? Maxine went toe toe with Jessica? She won’t be so lucky again if she don’t back off cause there’s no menad magic to to use as an excuse this time!

  • @caitlin I totally agree they should turn Hoyt into a Vamp.

  • Jessica

    Ok, I really don’t like Mrs. Fortenberry bc she reminds me of a lot of people like her down here in the South but the lady who plays her is a genius. I look forward to her every time she’s going to be on because she is sooo convincing in that role.

  • ~ Caitlin

    I’ll be so upset if Hoyt dies. If he gets turned into a vampire that would be okay. Wow! Summers dated Hoyt for what two days, now she acts like she is his fiance or something. Summer and Maxine have lost it. Maxine doesn’t want Hoyt to be with anyone.