True Blood Season Finale Spoiler Clip: Sookie’s Run

September 8, 2010 by  

In this new spoiler clip for the Season 3 finale of True Blood, we see Sookie running through the forest, only to discover something very odd… How is this going to affect the season finale and is there a deeper meaning behind what she sees? Watch and enjoy, then let us know what you think of the clip in the comments.

Ep. 36: Clip – Sookie runs through the forest
  • Christine

    Damn, I wanted Eric’s blood to bring her back!!

  • winsome

    reference to aliens? (in the last postmortem AB talked about fairies being the same thing as aliens – that light fixture looked a lot like a saucer!)

  • lizzie1701

    Whilst Sookie drained, she goes to FairyLand but in the meantime, Bill is released from his silver chains and feeds her and then she comes back??

    • ~ Caitlin

      That’s what I think will happen or the fairies will give her some magical water to save her. Maybe she can heal from the water but it takes time. I don’t understand what the chandelier has to do with anything. The scene looks interesting.

      • lizzie1701

        I think the chandelier is her power/light source. Does look a little like a mini UFO or the mother vessel in ET!

        I think she was being drawn towards the light maybe forever when Bill (hopefully) revives her and breaks the connection! She is then boosted with energy and goes out to finish the job with KRE and Eric.

  • truebloodfans

    omg is very cool i love it ya lo quiero ver