True Blood Season Finale Viewing Party Hosted by HBO and Time Warner Cable

September 7, 2010 by  

True Blood Season 3 Cast PosterThe True Blood season finale is fast approaching and what would make seeing it even better is if we could see it with the cast. Impossible? Not if you’re HBO and Time Warner, who have come together to host a season finale party that promises to be a toothy time!

The invitation-only viewing party will be held in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Carolina Theatre (310 South Greene Street, Greensboro, NC) for Time Warner customers as part of the company’s customer appreciation day and where ratings for True Blood are #1 in the nation.

Cast members who will be joining the festivities will be announced on Friday September 10th, but the program is as scheduled: the party will be held on Sunday September 12th where the theatre doors will open at 7:15pm, followed by cast introductions at 8:15pm, then HBO‘s LIVE countdown at 8:40pm and finally the True Blood Season finale at 900pm.

For those who can’t join the party live, Time Warner Cable will be updating their Facebook and Twitter page throughout the night with details of the event, but if you’re in the area and are a Truebie, make the season finale memorable by scoring some tickets to the biggest finale on HBO for September 12! Just a reminder fans attending the finale event to should check Time Warner Cable’s Facebook and Twitter pages before and after the event for updates.

Source: — HBO And Time Warner Cable To Host True Blood Season 3 Finale Event At Carolina Theatre on Sunday

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)

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  • Dee

    Where can I get tickets?!!!

  • D.Reilly

    Does anyone think “Erics” character has meet the ” final death” like Godrick ? by going into the sun? He’s an old vampire. and Russell is even older. Russell should ‘burn’ faster than Eric. True they ‘drank’ Sookie’s blood, but being so much older should make Russell weaker in the sun.(Eric ‘planed’ this..should have some “back-up” ??) AB cannot kill off the BEST character, and protagonist that Sookie (& Bill) have in this storyline !! ERIC must COME BACK….and..end up with SOOKIE!!

    • ~ Caitlin


      Eric will not die at the end of this season. He’ll probably have a near death expiernece though. It looks like Sookie will save Eric. Maybe Alcide will happen to drop by and get Eric inside. I think Pam or Sookie might give him blood to heal. By some miracle maybe Godric will help. He is supposed to appear in the finale. That’s just my guess. Most likely, Eric will play a big part next season with the witches. The witches are supposed to be “necromancers”. I looked it up on Wiki. Apparently, they can control the dead and raise up the dead. Eric will live. Who knows what will happen at the end of the series though. I’m not so sure that Russell will meet the final death either.

      • Oh wow Caitlin I just had a thought. You said they raise up the dead. What if in the season finale is looks like Eric is dying or dies and the witches raise him from the dead yet he has no memory. Hmmm, possible. Would tie in the amnesia story.

        • ~ Caitlin

          Good theory Ollie. My guess is that Sookie will save Eric from the sun. These witches sound creepy to have that kind of power. I like AB’s concept it makes the withces seem more horrifying. I still think Eric will be the one to have amnesia next season. The question is how will he get it? Why would the witches want to raise him from the dead? Maybe the wicthes will control him. He’ll be like a voodoo doll for them. That would be interesting. If they can raise the dead maybe some old charaters will return. I wonder if the withces can raise vampires who have met the final death (If they have their remain like Talbot?)? Also, on wiki it said that when necromancy was first practiced it was related to shamonism. Probably, Jesus is some type of warlock. I still wonder if Jesus is playing Lala or he is really a nice guy. At the end of the finale, I think something might happen to Eric. I’m not so sure Eric will even stay at Sookies house. As an Eric/Sookie fan I hope he does. However, on the show they never mentioned anything about a “hidy-hole” at Sookie house. Where would Eric stay at her house? The one thing I’m sure of, is that Sookie will rescind Bill and Eric’s invitaions. I want it to be Sunday!!! Sorry I went off on a tangent.