True Blood Season Two: Shake and Fingerpop

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Bill and Sookie head to Dallas dragging along Jessica to carry out Eric’s mission only to be stopped at the airport. Sookie, stepping off the plane in a stunning yellow sundress, encounters a kidnapping attempt by a not so smooth limo driver. Turns out, not only Eric but also the Light of Day has a plan for Sookie.

Jason Stackhouse in True Blood

Jason Stackhouse in True Blood

At the Light of Day Institute, Jason falls for a practical joke, where he walks in to find all his cabin mates killed by a Vampire. Jason ends up on top when the Newlins chose him for a higher calling.

Bon Temps celebrates Tara’s birthday with yet another summertime Bacchanalian when Maryann throws a bash that would make the great God Pan blush. Once again viewers are assaulted with grotesque gyrating geriatric genitals as all the guests (whom Tara doesn’t seem to know) fall under Maryann’s spell – yet again.

Sam postpones his departure from town to deliver a present from Tara’s mother. On turning up to Tara’s birthday party, Sam gets heavy with Daphne suggesting that there may be a future for them both in up coming episodes. This interaction suggests a more prominent story line for Daphne.

Lafayette finds himself back on Eric’s radar after escaping Fangtasia with a gunshot wound. Eric supplies Lafayette with his blood healing Lafayette in a semi homo-erotic scene. Lafayette may now owe Eric, time will see.

Top 5 of “Shake and Fingerpop”

5. Roommate“One thing you can count on … God will make sure evil gets punished!”

Jason“Then explain Europe!”

4. Maryann’s less than healthy obsession with Tara. She seems to want Tara and Eggs consummate their physical relationship for some undisclosed reason, and when Tara moves in with Sookie, Maryann turns up throwing a party and regaining control of the situation.

3. The sexualization of Vampire teeth

Jessica: I can’t help it if my teeth come out when I’m turned on. (She then hides her teeth remembering that they are showing.)

2. Vampire Porn on the Video Demand. With titles like “His First Fang Bang”, product placements on True Blood are helping with the believability of not only the characters but the True Blood Universe.

1. Sookie finding another telepathically inclined human, by accident.

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