True Blood Season Four Spoilers: E!’s Kristin Gets the Scoop on Someone’s New Love Interest

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Overheard at the Grove

true-blood-castMondays are spoiler days on the internet and this freshly published set does not disappoint!  Every week, I make a point of asking Kristin from E! if she has any True Blood tidbits to share and this week I was fortunate to have my request answered with one of three pieces of scoop concerning the show. Kristin’s crew was fortunate to have a few moments with Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton), and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby) at the All Together Now signing this past Saturday.

By far the most interesting revelation to come out of these conversations was a revelation given by Sam Trammell about what his character will be up to this season. We already know from previous spoilers released that Sam will find his own little community of shifters but that’s not all he finds according to Trammell:

“Sam’s [also] got a new love interest that’s going to happen this year for him. I don’t have really good luck with the ladies, they usually die—so hopefully she’ll survive.”

A new love interest huh? Well it’ll be interesting to see if this mystery woman is new to Sam or to the show as well.

Brave New Woman

Speaking of new things, Tara will be a new person according to her portrayer Rutina Wesley. As fans may recall she left town at the end of last season and apparently only Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) knows where she went. Of the change in her character, Rutina says:

“It’s a new Tara, and I think the fans are going to like it. She’s not duct-taped, she’s not tied up, she’s got this personal strength and I think it’s really awesome to see her. Sookie (Anna Paquin) and I will have some stuff this season—she’s my best friend, so we’re always going to have little moments. And we’re going to get back to how I felt about Sam Merlotte”

I for one cannot wait to see how Sam and Tara’s relationship plays out now that he’s revealed he’s a shapeshifter!

What about Jessica?

Jessica’s journey over the past three seasons has been anything but easy. However, at the end of last year it would seem that she finally found a little bit of happiness with Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack). But the show being what it is, that probably won’t last for long.  Deborah still has some positive things to look forward to with regards to her character’s growth. Especially in her relationship with Bill (Stephen Moyer):

“I think we’re definitely also in a healing stage where he’s finally accepting that he has a progeny, that he has a daughter vampire, and he needs to give me tools to actually survive. So he’s definitely more cooperative and participatory in my growing up.”

Aww! Just hearing that makes me smile! Not to mention, it gives fans of the Southern gentleman vampire hope that Bill has not become as dark as he may seem.

That’s all the True Blood scoop I have for now Truebies! But you can rest easy now knowing that we here at TBN will bring you the latest True Blood news as it is released. Fans interested in reading the chat in its entirety can click the source link below.

What did you think of these spoilers? Did anything shock you? Did anything intrigue you? Tell me in the comments below!

Source: E! Online– “Who’s Getting a New Love Interest on True Blood?”

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