True Blood Sinks Its Teeth Into The Marketing World

August 16, 2009 by  

Digitaria’s Reena Leone recently wrote about how HBO has successfully used an integrated marketing campaign to promote “True Blood“.  HBO‘s campaign began last year at Comic Con and centered around the synthetic blood drink, TruBlood.  Posters soon started popping up on buildings and ads started appearing in magazines.  Reena Leone states:

“Instead of a traditional marketing plan, True Blood creates an “in world” perspective. This is done through a wide array of social media, digital, and traditional advertising techniques”.


One of the first sites to appear on the web was, and HBO didn’t stop there.  There are also sites for The Fellowship of the Sun ( and the American Vampire League (  The Fellowship of the Sun site features words of wisdom and sermons, while the AVL site features Public Service Announcements and news.  There is also a vampire blog called Blood Copy (  I even discovered a Human/Vampire dating service site at (  You can also get your fix on Twitter by following BonTempsGossip.  The tweets are in first-person and offer the town’s gossip, leaks, and teasers.  HBO has recently taken their marketing back to where it began with the marketing of the TruBlood beverage.  It is now available for pre-order at the HBO True Blood shop.

Of course HBO was looking to top the Season 1 advertising campaign, so they challenged Digital Kitchen to make it happen.  Digital Kitchen’s website states:

“We created and executed a campaign to disrupt reality and people’s perceptions of what an advertisement really is”.

The campaign followed the perception that vampires are real and living among us, and Digital Kitchen decided to make them the target audience.  Real brands agreed to be a part of True Blood‘s Season 2 marketing campaign.  Digital Kitchen says:

“When we started we were hopeful to get 2-3 brands to sign on, however in a matter of weeks we were able to secure six brands: Geico, Monster, Mini, Harley-Davidson, Gillette, and Mark Ecko”.

Their campaign proved to be exceptionally successful.  According to HBOTrue Blood’s Season 2 opened with 3.7 million viewers, a 157% over last year’s Season 1 premiere.

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