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sookie-stackhouseExploring Characters from the HBO Southern Vampire Mystery Series.

True Blood Season Two premiered in June 2009. Here is a look at the main characters who make up Alan Ball‘s hit series based on Charlaine Harris‘ vampire books.

Sookie Stackhouse (played by Canadian born Anna Paquin) is the lead female character who appears in the HBO Series True Blood. True Blood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Sookie makes her first appearance in the True Blood episode Strange Love.  She is called many names by the locals and calls her telepathic gift a disability, acknowledging that the towns folk think she is crazy.  

Sookie Stackhouse’s Family History in True Blood.

Sookie lived in her family home with her grandmother Adele Stackhouse until Adele was killed by the Bon Temps serial killer.  Sookie also has a brother Jason Stackhouse who is somewhat promiscuous and coincidentally slept with two of the women killed prior to the death of their grandmother

One additional family member is Bartlett Hale, Sookie’s great uncle who is killed not long after the death of Adele Stackhouse.  It is revealed that Bill Compton had killed Bartlett not long after Sookie tells him that her great uncle had molested her when she was a child. Both of Sookie’s parents died in a flash flood when she was 7.

Sookie Stackhouse’s Living Arrangements in True Blood (Season One):

When Adele Stackhouse is killed, Sookie learns that the house was left to her in her grandmothers will. In order to make ends meet Sookie works at the local bar called Merlotte’s (owned by Sam Merlotte) where she first encountered Vampire Bill Compton. Her house is close to Bill Compton’s and the local grave yard situated between the properties divides their land. Sookie’s parents, grandparents and ancestors are all interred in this cemetery.

Sookie Stackhouse’s Romantic Involvement with Bill Compton:

While working at Merlotte’s one night Sookie meets Bill and is attracted to him for two reasons – he is a real Vampire and she cannot read his mind. During this first meeting Sookie uses her gift to save Bill’s life and the two strike up an unlikely and sometimes clumsy romance. Sookie admits that she, at 25 is still a virgin and that this is her first romantic relationship with another. One of the reasons she sites for taking so long to get involved with another is that her telepathy usually messes things up as she can hear the impure intentions of any potential suitor. This, to Sookie, is a big turn off.

Relationship Dynamics Explored in True Blood (Season One):

Although 25, Sookie acts like a teenager in love, dealing with numerous adolescent feelings and emotions. As she has never experienced a relationship before Sookie learn to master her jealousy and manage her response to the sexual overtones Bill’s vampire friends display.  Sookie brings an air of naivety and innocence to the interactions between her and Bill sometimes leading to many tense moments. On one occasion Sookie indignantly tells Bill that she will not call him again, as he has not courted her and she has done all the chasing up to that point.

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