Inside True Blood Speaks to Alan Ball’s Writer’s Assistant

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HBO’s Benjamin Haynes Talks

Benjamin HaynesSo you would like to be a writer on True Blood? Recently Inside True Blood spoke to Benjamin Haynes, the person who takes notes for Alan Ball, to help give us some insight on what goes on behind the scenes.  Here is what he had to say:

With the writers breaking and outlining episode 8, I’ve been in the room taking copious notes and keeping them on track.  In short, I document everything the writers say, orders the chaos, and act as the True Blood dictionary whenever a question comes up in the writer’s room.

But not everything is so clear cut.  He shared that the weirdest thing he had to do was attempt to do a voice over as several Southern people — with male AND female voices.

So, what would Haynes be if he didn’t already have his dream job?

I think in an alternate universe I’m probably working as an Emergency Room physician.  But if we’re talking no-limit fantasy jobs, then I’d pick Benevolent Dictator of some place like Barcelona, if Barcelona were a city-state.

Well, we’re glad he’s happiest in the job he already has. Keep up the great work Benjamin!

Source: Inside True Blood Blog – The Guy Who Takes Notes For Alan Ball

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