True Blood Spoiler News: Sam Trammell Talks About Season 3

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A lot of True Blood fans are very excited to see where season 3 will take our lovable, furry shapeshifter, Sam Merlotte. From the word we have been getting from Sam Trammell, who plays our awesome, shapeshifting bartender, it looks like there might be quite a bit in store. We have already caught wind from Alan Ball that there will be some sort of erotic connection between Sam and Bill due to the fact that Sam drank quite a bit of Bill’s blood at the end of season 2. We also know that Sam is on a hunt to find his biological parents and to have some questions about his past answered. caught up with Sam on the red carpet at the 2010 Golden Globes and was able to get a little more information on what fans can expect for season 3.

“Well, my character is going to find his biological parents, which is definitely going to end up in some bad stuff for me. They’re very sketchy. Sort of, uh… I’ll just say, trailer trash. That’s what I come from, so I can just say that.”

We also know that several new faces will be visiting Bon Temps this season.

“There’s a werewolf, another vampire. I think there’s another shapeshifter or two in there.”

Wait a minute, we know that J. Smith Cameron is going to be playing Sam’s biological mother and that she is a shapeshifter, so who is the other one that Sam is talking about? Hmmmmm….

Fans can also look forward to the action heating up right from the starting line. Sam promises that the first episode will have some jaw-dropping moments.

“There’s going to be some shocking stuff. I can promise you in the first episode there’s going to be a shocking scene.”

WOW! I am so ready for season 3 now! Fans everywhere can hardly contain their excitement!

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  • Antonio

    I think that this is all really cool! 1 thing that never fails to impress me is that Sam…and many of the other cast members, Seem to really enjoy their work on the show! They are passionate and committed professionals and always speak highly about working together on the show,the writers and working with Alan Ball. I like reading or seeing interviews with Sam…He always seems so happy to talk about the show and his career! It seems like he really loves what he does and that enthusiasm always comes through in his interviews! Sam seems like a great guy and what’s cool about him is that he seems to bbe just as excited to see what happens as we are!! I like the fact that he is usually the one who dishes out most about plotpoints on the show!
    Way To Go,Sammy!!! 🙂

    • Nia

      Hi Antonio,
      Yes I adore our resident scruffy haired sweet shifter as well.
      I can see Sam getting into all sorts of drama with the revelations into his newfound family. Should make for a great story line. Perhaps he will find a cute little shifter…a poodle maybe…LOL. But seriously I hope for all good things for Sam.
      My only concern is the strong bond he now has with Bill. Erotic dreams……can my heart take it??? I am sure I will muddle through. I do hope that this connection will not scare Sam from perhaps being a good friend to Bill later in the series. Bill may need all the help he can get. Then again the connection may scare Sam away and he will avoid anything to do with Bill. We shall have to wait and see what Alan Ball has up his sleeve.
      How many days till S3??????????
      Still to many.

      Team True Blood!