True Blood Spoiler News: Season 2 Episode 4

January 27, 2009 by  

billsookietogetherMore spoiler news came out today from Spoiler TV regarding Alan Ball’s successful HBO TV series “True Blood”.  Word has come out that Episode 4 of “True Blood” will be entitled “Let’s Take A Trip Together”.  In this episode Jason becomes a soldier for the Fellowship of the Sun church but soon realizes there are strings attached.  WhileBill, Sookie and Jessica are in Dallas, Sookie finds out that she is not the only person who can read minds.  For people who have read Book 2, you probably have a very good idea as to who they are referring to.

In addition to the information regarding the plot for episode 4, more casting calls have been sent out.  The following characters are required for upcoming episodes in Season 2. 

This character is approximately 30 to 45 who seems to be quite aggressive and has been sent by Fellowship of the Sun to kidnap Sookie when she arrives at the airport. However, Bill and Jessica are able to intervene and glamor the driver causing him to experience  a wide range of emotions and outbursts, from fear, to relief, to embarrassment as Bill and Jessica control his will and his behavior. Eventually he is released and returns to his superiors and tell them that Sookie “never showed up” (which is what he now believes).

This character is a sleek, female, European desk clerk at a Texas hotel who gets a room ready for Sookie, Jessica and Bill according to their needs.

This character is a  uniformed, 19-year-old bellboy at a Texas hotel who sends Sookie and Jessica room service (a handsome guy to feed off of). Sookie is surprised to realize that Barry the Bellboy, can read her mind and he becomes more freaked out as they communicate silently.

This character man approximately 50ish who is very handsome, well-groomed and surprisingly country and he  picks up Jessica and Bill’s travel coffins to take to the airport.

This character is a 21 years old male who is very handsome and dressed in a hotel bathrobe who comes to Jessica as her polite, barely legal “room service” meal (B negative blood).

SOURCE : Spoiler TV

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