True Blood Spoilers From the First 3 Episodes of Season 3

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Recently, at, a post was made concerning the first three episodes of the new season of the HBO series:  True Blood.  TV Addict was allowed to have a special sneak preview of the first three episodes, and then allowed patrons of the site to ask questions.  Answers were given, but only in a very ambiguous nature.  If you are not a fan of being teased, you might want to stop reading.  But if you are a hardcore True Blood fan, who knows that waiting sucks, then please read on.  As a note, in the interest of time, and sinking our fangs right to the “meaty bits,” these questions and answers have been summarized and are not direct quotes.

Question the first:  Waiting sucks, so please give me the scoop on Season 3 of True Blood.

Answer the first:  Apparently the circumstances that surround Eric and Sookie’s first ever alone face-to-face moment are quite unexpected.  During the hiatus, it would appear as if Alan Ball wrote one of the scenes for the season premiere word for word from some “wishful” fan fiction. Again, we stress the phrase, “it would appear.”

Question the second:  Which team’s fans will be happier after the season premiere?  Team Bill or Team Eric?

Answer the second:  Both teams will find that they are in for a lot of fun surprises.  Also, if you are a fan of seeing the two star vampires naked, then you are on the winning team.

Question the third:  Please just give us one more little tidbit of information?

Answer the third:  This one is interesting folks.  It would seem that The TV Addict is hinting that one of the couples who participated in Maryanne’s orgies last year didn’t think to play it safe.  But can you blame them?  I mean, it’s not like they were under the control of an ancient Demi-god or anything.

Question the fourth:  How big a factor will werewolves be in season 3?

Answer the fourth:  Big enough of a factor that even Bill Compton didn’t see them coming in the season premiere.

So thanks to The TV Addict for these wonderful little bits that will hopefully hold us over for one more week.  Don’t forget that the season 3 premiere of True Blood is Sunday June 13, only on HBO.

Source:  The TV Addict

Photo Credit:  HBO Inc.

  • D. Reilly

    TRUE BLOOD Cast and Crew: It is my deepest desire that you take home AWARDS this year !!! and for years to come.. I also would very much like the season to have MORE episodes!! I would like the show to reach even broader audience…it will if you can expand (the way you are now, actually) BUT ,you need MORE than 12 episodes…18..(or 20..) Because 40 weeks is way too long…and “hype” dies down..and you gfotta strike while the iron is hot, etc. keep it goin’… Aside from all that: the “anticipation” , has me at a fever pitch ! but,,I’ve read all the Harris novels, and have HBO on demand..( plus the DVDs) I follow on Facebook etc. and I’m a rabid SCARSGARD fan !! I’m also a big fan of HBO and MR. Alan Ball. (loved Six Feet Under)
    In conclusion: SUCCESS TRUE BLOOD !!! BRING IT !! ALL THE WAY !!!

  • Louisianagirl29

    We all know that Arlene is pregnant. What some people don’t realize is that only two months have passed since season 1. The baby could be for RENE!!!

  • lizzie

    The Arlene thing is no surprise as it has already been leaked. Too much speculation on Eric being naked – can’t wait for Bill! It has been a while since we have seen his gorgeous body.
    How sad that we are to see E/S time. All I can think of is how sad Bill will be. May have to ff those moments.

    Not long now. Hope I will be able to see it, otherwise I will have to rely on everyone’s comments!

    Thanks Cory.

  • Loleaf

    Looks like we will all be happy the first episodes… sorry but I couldn’t get past the seeing the two star vampires naked answer… 😉 Oh well even with the “wishful” and “it would appear” aspects whether being imagined or otherwise, I’m sure that we will eventually have our Eric/Sookie time!!! It is inevitable!!!