True Blood Stars at the SAG Awards Tonight

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Tonight is the SAG Awards and the cast of True Blood will be in attendance as True Blood has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award for “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series”. In addition, Anna Paquin has been given the honor to be a presenter at the 16th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards which will be simulcast live nationally on TNT and TBS on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, 7 p.m. CT, and 6 p.m. MT from the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center. Here is a reminder of all the cast member named for the award and their competition:


  • CHRIS BAUER / Andy Bellefleur
  • ANNA CAMP / Sarah Newlin
  • NELSAN ELLIS / Lafayette Reynolds
  • MICHELLE FORBES / Maryann Forrester
  • RYAN KWANTEN / Jason Stackhouse
  • TODD LOWE / Terry Bellefleur
  • MICHAEL McMILLIAN / Steve Newlin
  • STEPHEN MOYER / Bill Compton
  • ANNA PAQUIN / Sookie Stackhouse
  • JIM PARRACK / Hoyt Fortenberry
  • CARRIE PRESTON / Arlene Fowler
  • WILLIAM SANDERSON / Bud Dearborne
  • SAM TRAMMELL / Sam Merlotte
  • RUTINA WESLEY / Tara Thornton
  • DEBORAH ANN WOLL / Jessica Hamby

True Blood will be competing against: The Closer (TNT), Dexter (Showtime), The Good Wife (CBS) and Mad Men (AMC).

The LATimes presents a panoramic view of where the stars will be sitting at tonight’s awards ceremony and as you will see in the picture True Blood will be represented by Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Carrie Preston, Mariana, Klaveno, Ryan Kwanten, Nelsan Ellis, Michelle Forbes and Chris Bauer to name the few that can be seen in the photo. If you look closely Stephen and Anna are sitting in front of table #49, while Nelsan and Ryan can be seen at what appears to be table #40 and Chris and Mariana at table #34.

To see the panoramic view click here and let us know who you see and where they are sitting.

The Screen Actors Guild Post-Awards Gala benefiting the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, will be hosted for the 14th consecutive year by People Magazine and by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF).

Don’t forget to watch the awards tonight as we will be able to see many of the True Blood cast members in the audience.

Congratulations to the entire cast for the well deserved recognition and good luck!


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  • Antonio

    After checking out a list of winners at Both the golden globe awards And the sag awards, I’d like to say True Blood was Not Only Robbed but all but Snubbed at Both of these “shows”!! 🙁
    The screen actor’s guild awards are supposedly given to recognize talent and achievement in screen acting performance.
    Was there No one There who could recognize that there are Many fans of HBO’s Hit Show True Blood and its talented cast and crew?? Have they been living under a rock over the past year and a half?? Our TB team was obviously Robbed!! Well,This Is Precisely Why I do Not watch award showss like this that much anymore! I appreciate the photos and the coverage of All the TB actors and I know that many photographers and Public Relations people worked hard on covering these events! The pics and the interviews were great! TB Deserved to win!!
    I just do not get it! I’d like to say that the cast and crew of TB do great work and that the show,though sometimes graphic and gritty, Is a very good show nonetheless! The writing is crisp and provocative and the acting is good..the character development is engaging as well!
    Steph,Anna,Alex,Sam Ryan and Rutina and Todd and Nelsan You are All Winners In Our Book!!!
    To Mr.Ball, I guess They are Not ready for something that makes you think as well as entertain!
    Thank You for permitting me to express my feeling on this

  • Antonio

    I liked seeing the photos of all the cast members there. Steph and Anna looked great together! Alex,Ryan and Sam All looked good! It was nice to see photos of them and other cast members such as Rutina and Todd. From what I could have seen online at other TB sites, It looked like the fans were really stoked about TB winning an award! I saw an interview with Sam and Ryan I really enjoyed it, Where the interviewer lady said “Its not a question of If you win but When according to a lot of fans here!” Ryan said that he would like to thank All the fans because he said he knows that they will stick with us(the cast and crew at TB) through thick and thin! Sam also said Hi to the fans and they both gave a friendly wave.
    I just do not understand why These award shows are not rrecognizing True Blood Or the Cast and Crew Or Alan Ball!!
    Its disappointing as well as frustrating! I,like many of you, happen to think that TB is the best show out there on Tv now!
    I’m sure that Mad Men and some of these other shows are good But TB is the Best I think Bar None!! The writing aand the acting are just So good very involving! What’s Wrong With These Award Shows?! Can’t They See That?! Well, No matter They are All winners in My book!!

    • savannahpink

      You told it like it is, Antonio. True Blood is the gutsiest show (eeeek no pun intended), smartest, funniest show on TV. Looking forward to the return. WHEN is it coming back?

      • Antonio

        The new season will premiere in sometime in June. They are filming episodes now! I believe they are filming sequences for the 3rd episode of S3! As I have said, Now is the time for them to give interviews and talk about whats up and coming(as much as they are permitted to anyway) There have already been pics of Sam walking about on set and Steph and Anna out and about having lunch at a restuarant somewhere and going for a walk. I do not know when S2 will be released on dvd i’d prolly guess around April or May seeing how thats when S1 was released. hope that helps

  • Danielle

    stupid mad men who cares about mafia when you have vampires!

    • Val