Could True Blood’s Stephen Moyer be The Dark Tower’s Roland?

September 11, 2010 by  

Stephen Moyer, True Blood, Bill ComptonStephen Moyer Possible Choice for Dark Tower Movie:

As many Stephen King fans know, The Dark Tower series is being made into a live-action movie. There is also going to be a tv series accompanying the movie. As this goes on, there also has to be an actor cast as Roland, and that actor has to have the time to be the gunslinger for a few years.

Casting Roland could be very difficult because he’s such a complex character with serious antihero characteristics. Though no official casting has started yet, MTV Splash Page suggested a few actors who could possibly fill the role and be a great Roland.

Among the names suggested is True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer. While portraying Bill Compton on True Blood, Stephen has definitely shown a lot of the qualities that Roland needs to have. However, he would need to take the characteristics of the dark, brooding vampire and push them even farther into darkness should he end up as Roland. Stephen would also have to give Roland a much harder exterior attitude than Bill has.

Other names that were mentioned by MTV Splash Page include Josh Holloway, Viggo Mortensen, Daniel Craig, and Daniel Day-Lewis.

What do you think? Do any other names come to mind for you as someone who could play Roland? Let us know what you think in the comments.

SOURCE: MTV Splash Page — SECRET IDENTITY: Casting Roland in “The Dark Tower”

(Image Credit: HBO Inc, screenshot by Isis Nocturne)

  • maggiemay

    Without a doubt I think Kyle Schmid should be considered for the role. I definitely think he could do justice to the role. If he could make all of us believe he was a 450 year vampire when he was only 22 (when Blood Ties was filmed), he could certainly take on this role and make it his.

  • Leelu

    Wow this is great! My husband is a huge Dark Towers fan and he thinks that Stephen would fit the part really well. Roland is described as lanky and with “steel blue bombadier eyes”. Stephen has the most beautiful piercing eyes, plus he is a hell of an actor who can do any accent. He would do the Dark Tower saga proud.

  • i think kyle schmid should play as roland

    • val

      Hey good choice Lemor! He was so GOOD in BloodTies-I would love to see him do some more great work!

  • Sean

    I think Viggo would be better suited for the role not that Stephen isn’t a good actor.

  • txophelia

    I’m so thrilled to see him recognized for the great actor he really is. They’ve put him into a category with some amazing & talented actors.
    The man could do anything!

    • lizzie1701

      Completely agree, tx!! Stephen has shown us he can play a wide variety of complex personalities and he will have to be suitably employed once TB has finished it’s course! Just imagine – more years of seeing our Stephen on our screens!

      Maybe it is a good thing that AB has made Bill such a dark character this season!

      Thanks Isis. I could think of no better actor to do the job!

      • Nia

        Yes ladies, how wonderful that Stephen is being considered for this next great role with so many fine actors.
        The Dark Tower series may become as big as the Lord of the Rings in terms of scope and possibilities.
        I would love to see Stephen in such a role, after seeing almost all of his films/tv I know he is more than capable to play this character of Roland.
        Good luck Stephen