True Blood’s Stephen Moyer’s Emmy Picks

June 11, 2010 by  

It’s time for the Emmy campaigning to get really crazy, and True Blood is aiming for a few statues this year. Of course, the competition will be tough, as always, and we all want True Blood to take home the gold. However, True Blood won’t be nominated for every statue, so Stephen Moyer told Zap2It about his preferences for other Emmy winners besides True Blood.

Stephen likes a lot of shows, but his current favorite is Breaking Bad. He loves the way the show is shot and he wants Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to both get Best Actor nominations.

Stephen also has some love for True Blood‘s competition, Mad Men. He’s a fan of John Slattery and Jon Hamm and thinks that season 3 of their show was fantastic.

It gets better. Stephen admitted that he and Anna watch GLEE together! (I’m sure the fact that both shows have used some of the same actors, and that Anna‘s friend Dianna Agron is one of the stars has nothing to do with it…) Stephen described Glee by saying:

“[Glee] is so much more complex and interesting than I thought it would be, and I think in the world of television that we are living in now I should have expected it to be. I thought it was going to be one thing and it really isn’t. It’s absolutely brilliant, complex and dark and twisted and funny, as well as being a musical.”

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that all the aforementioned shows have brilliant people at the helm, which allows for more creativity in the final product, which we all seem to have fallen in love with (especially when it comes to True Blood). Hopefully the trend for smart, fun shows will continue to inspire other new shows to be more creative and less cookie-cutter!


(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)