True Blood’s Stephen Moyer Lands 2 New Film Roles

June 8, 2010 by  

Stephen Moyer will be adding two new film credits on his resume in the near future! Both are starring roles, and both films sound incredibly interesting and different from everything currently being released in theatres.

The first new role for Stephen is in the movie The Double, which was written by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas. (Brandt will also be directing.) The Hyde Park release also stars Richard Gere and Topher Grace, and has Stephen playing a Russian spy.

The other new role is going to be in the movie The Big Valley, which is based on an ABC series from the 1960’s. In The Big Valley, Stephen will be playing Jarrod Barkley, a lawyer who represents a family of ranchers in order to help them keep their land out of the hands of railroad companies in 19th century California. The Big Valley also stars Jessica Lange.

Both projects sound really interesting, and we can’t wait to see them in theatres! Congratulations on the success, Stephen!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)

  • lizzie

    Well done Stephen! I can’t wait to see Stephen with a Russian Accent – have heard him with a Polish one! Knowing Stephen, he will do OK!

    Now, Stephen in cowboy boots and hopefully hat (remind anyone of Stan?) will be a sight to behold! I remember The Big Valley when I was a youngster, and mainly remember a very young Lee Majors, I think?? Anyhow, the lead role is the one Stephen will play. More Stephen movies to add to my viewing pleasure!

    Thanks for posting this great news, Isis!